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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. H T T
    I find resolution to be quite good, but I would say the Bell is not an analytical earphone. I find that instruments layer well. Instruments are a cohesive environment, not pop ups in the auditory field. The Bell’s instrument separation is good but not as distinct as some other earphones. I would describe the Bell’s emphasis being euphonic with very pleasing instrument texture and timbre across the frequency range. I hope that helps.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  2. Felicitous
    So essentially, the Bell is musical AF, right?
  3. H T T
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  4. Felicitous
    If only there was a Bell vs Sage comparison...
  5. Kenneth Galang

    I have the same cable with by k10's and definitely agree with you. As bad as the things i've heard about null audio are (customer service mostly, rarely about product quality), I've never found a better substitute for an IEM cable with volume control and a microphone. superbly convenient :3
  6. Felicitous
    Guys don’t judge me but my headphones died yesterday so I plugged in my Katanas. Let’s just say...I heard everything above below behind and next to me and never played better. I can only imagine how crazy my Encores would have been.
  7. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Which headphones? Not your Encores surely?

    I just love how gorgeous the piano sounds through the K10Us, as exemplified here:

  8. Felicitous
    Oh god no! I meant my Philips Fidelio X2. I just happened to leave the Encores at my parents. The X2 just stopped being awesome, I don’t know how but the soundstage has all but disappeared so no no for gaming anymore or anything for that matter. I don’t know where people get the notion that openback headphones make great gaming headsets when my CLOSED earphones give me the best positioning. I’ll try my Encores tonight and I’ll see which one is bettter for gaming.

    Piano on the Katana and Encore are so good. When massdrop drops the K10 again I’m gonna get it.
  9. krismusic Contributor
    Just out of interest, why would you want the K10 when you have the Encore?
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  10. Felicitous
    From what I have read and gathered, I want to hear that lushness and intimacy while still granting me globs of detail. I’m willing to give up some width and air for that to happen. I would consider the Encore as a side grade due to that.
  11. Saraguie
    Having owned and used both. The Encore is a step up from K-10. The description which sold me is: Everything the K-10 is but more! I find it to be true.
  12. krismusic Contributor
    I have had the K10 for several years now and love them but when I heard the Encores I wanted them. I would like to think that the K10's have a magic of their own but I think you would need deep pockets to want to own both.
  13. Stranger Than Fiction
    I didn’t listen to the Encores much - just three tracks - in the end but ultimately I’m happy with my decision to go in for the K10s. The only reason I suppose to upgrade in a few years’ time wouldd be to have all the same features in a neat little package, but with a bit more sub-bass on top (or below). Then again in nine out of 10 tracks I throw at the Kaisers bass gets a resounding (literally) 10 / 10 for me. It really is hard to imagine anything better.
  14. meomap
    I still listen to K10C at work and Encore universal during days off.
    Both use with Sony 1Z 4.4 mm connection = Wonderfully addicted to its own special SQ.
    Also, use AFC and Utopia with 4.4 mm to 1Z = Scary good.
  15. Felicitous
    Gaming test done. Katana for gaming. Encore is...TOO MUCH. I was hearing things that arent even supposed to be in the game and echoes were bouncing everywhere and no. War in real life would be as chaotic. Too much.
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