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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. NickL33
    How about the layering and resolution?
  2. Stranger Than Fiction
    Interesting point re left and right markings. Although I’m talking the K10s here I’m somewhat relieved that I can tell easily by feel which is which (more easily than the 846s). This is a small but significant win as my low vision makes it difficult seeing said markings.
  3. ryanjsoo
    Just received Noble's new Gold X Silver cable. It's thinner than I had imagined, slightly thinner than the stock cable, but with a 6-wire braid vs 4. As a result, it's a lot lighter than most aftermarket cables, I also appreciate the pre-formed ear guides. It's not the softest cable, a little stiff and springy, but it feels well-constructed and looks great.

    First impressions suggest pleasing synergy with Noble's flagships, especially the Katana. I feel the cable either attenuates the high-end, lifts the lower-midrange or a combination of both, as it produces a slightly smoother, fuller and more detailed sound. As a disclaimer, this is my subjective impression and I do not have a measurement system capable of objectively quantifying any changes. Still, for those that enjoy cables this is a nice option and I'll have a full review out soon.

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  4. FullCircle
    All I can say is, that photo is jus WOW

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    Stranger Than Fiction likes this.
  5. ryanjsoo
    Thanks! Easy to take nice pics of a photogenic subject :wink:
  6. Stranger Than Fiction
    Want, no, need!

    But the thought of being mugged for it scares me slightly. :p
  7. Rowethren
    Just ordered a Linum SuperBax G2 for my K10s should be pretty good judging by the reviews. I wonder how it would compare to the new gold Noble cable. I am predicting that the Linum will be a fair bit thinner and more flexible. I was starting to find my Toxic Cables Silver Widow 22 a bit thick and cumbersome so the Linum should be a big contrast to that...
  8. jacc
    Obviously Linum does not have memory wire. It does have good synergy with ME though
  9. Rowethren
    That is a plus for me, memory wire is awful with glasses IME.
    davidcotton likes this.
  10. Fr_eak
    I am very interested to hear your feedback on the sonic difference between the Linum and your SW22. I am using SW22 too and find it having great synergy with my Katana (which is a bit of surprise as I initially thought it would be too bright, but it's not!)
  11. jacc
    Indeed. As far as I remember K10 can pair well with most types of cable. Imho cable built and ergonomics are more important factor
  12. Rowethren
    My experience is that the Silver Widow is actually a bassy cable at least that is what my brain tells me lol... Bare in mind I have the K10 not the Katana so it is already a very different sound but I will let you know how I find it :)
  13. Fr_eak
    I actually have the K10 too and have tried the SW22 on it but I use the Katana a lot more.

    Yes I also think the SW22 is indeed more bassy than other cables I have tried!
  14. Everlance
    I am currently pairing my encores with the null audio lune mkiv silver cable and they sound pretty awesome. Price wise is also great value for money. you guys should check it out if possible. I'll try to post a picture but i am currently still finding out how to do so. =)
    Kenneth Galang likes this.
  15. Stranger Than Fiction
    Very much eyeing off the ALO Ref8 but now I’m doing the Cicerone exam it’s been bumped down the priorities list a bit.

    The stock cable is good in spite of its penchant for finding its way between the straps of my backpack while it’s on my lap. :D

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