Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. notyourtree
    Gorgeous! I was diagnosed today with a mild ear infection (perhaps related to the rare use of an evil Q-Tip), so I can't stick anything in my ears for a week. :frowning:
    USPS says my CIEMs will arrive tomorrow from China, but the status says they were just released today by the clearing office. If I do get them tomorrow, or sometime before next Tuesday I'm going to feel them taunting my ears for being weak.:smirk:
  2. QueueCumber
    Sorry to hear about the ear infection.

    It’s not uncommon for overseas packages to disappear from tracking for long periods of time when in between two continents, IME. You’ll probably still get them tomorrow. Hopefully mine will arrive as well, or I’ll have to settle for using the Shure 846s on my trip...
  3. chengsta
    been a few days now and I just gotta say, the encores are the best damn sounding things I've ever heard out of all my ear toys. Worth the cash I'd say. I can confidently say I've hit endgame.
  4. y2jdmbfan
  5. Stranger Than Fiction
    Sweeeet! A Noble headphone suitable for running and the gym. (Not that I’ve got that far yet haha).

    And funnily enough I listened to “Fade Into You” the other day. That and “Albatross.” Endgame indeed!
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  6. FullCircle

    john oliver popcorn.gif
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  7. NickL33

    Nice! I just order mine...

    I am really excited as i find velvet is amazing but need to have bit more table spark!

    Now with this bell just announced.. man cant wait for mine to arrived
  8. FullCircle
    I'm thrilled with the Bell as well. As i listened to it this morning, my "favorites" song list expanded.
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  9. hemtmaker
    Has the winner of the sage giveaway been posted yet? Or I have completely missed it?
  10. H T T
    Initial impressions: excellent soundstage, handles jpop, classical, and classic rock impeccably. (I haven’t had the time to give them a more general listening. I might take my time with a general listening as they are doing so well with Alina Ibragimova).

    Bass is detailed and present without annoying “impact”. Treble is non-fatiguing and articulate with a touch of roll-off. (Edit: after a few hours, the treble is opening up. I don’t see this as brain-burn as I just put them on after 90 minutes of the Bells being out of my ears, but playing while I was away). Mids are heavenly! These earphones are exquisitely balanced and capable.

    I really like the cable. No static from fleece and/or Columbia Omni-Heat! I was able to get a perfect fit frim the get-go. Right and left markings are a bit difficult to see that is the only quibble I have...

    If I don’t answer back, please be patient as I want to take my time enjoying the Bell. :wink:

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  11. QueueCumber
    Darn. Shipment delayed out of HK due to severe weather. Guess I’ll have to bring the 846s or Utopias to Mexico. :triportsad:
  12. FullCircle
    I Roger that

    Thing is, the marking were originally white and stood out like a BEE sting on the nose. I knew that if I went with white I'd get grief about that and if I went with black I'd get grief as well.... So I went with black as at least black kept it impeccably beautiful.

    Folks, the reflective nature of the housing the black marks are like trying to read something written with a pencil on a mirror.

    That being.said.....

    "These earphones are exquisitely balanced ......"

    I'll take that as a positive Nod.

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  13. FullCircle
    Well the positive is, if u lose them on your trip.... not so painful.
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  14. notyourtree
    Same here. I checked the weather in HK, and I didn't see anything local however there are some natural shenanigans in between that could be causing the problem. The weird thing is that the tracker says that I should get them only 1 day later (tomorrow). Sorry that you won't get them in time for your trip.
  15. H T T

    Super cute!

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