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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. NewEve
    Why not try for the sake of curiosity, yes, thanks.
    However, I don’t think it is available alone.
    Last but not least, my idea is to keep the cost on the low-end.
    I just want to use the 4.4 balanced output on my Sony ZX300 as it is the one burned-in.
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  2. AnakChan Moderator
    Tried this combo in this afternoon. Performed well -when- I wasn't getting wieless cutouts. I had the NW-WM1Z in a pouch hanging off my hip, and both LDAC and AptXHD codecs were cutting out. If I took the NW-WM1Z out of the pouch it would be fine. Pity I had so much trouble as it did sound good when it was working.

  3. ExpatinJapan
    Seems to be on the ALO Audio store and not the Campfire Audio yet.


    Anyway I will give it a try.

    Usually the stock CA cables are a good choice as they are choosen and matched well.


    Well I did try it....it seems

    the Atlas cable - Silver (The other stock cable the litz is silver plated copper) pictured here with the CA Atlas.
    Quite smooth, dreamy, slight holographic tint, increased clarity but not at the expense of the Comet signature. Intimacy. I love it. Slight drop in the mids perhaps.
    I have been waiting to try the Vega and Andromeda with this cable for when I write the Atlas review, I might have to do it sooner.
    Still the stock cable is more than satisfactory, more a side upgrade for this earphone.”

    Maybe read my Comet and Atlas (it has more cable informtion links too from my earlier tests)either on head-fi or here.

    I did as much mixing and matching as I could to answer most of the probable questions

    Litz, silver, copper, ref 8, sxc-8.....

    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
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  4. emptymt
    How do we get that silver litz cable as 2.5?
    Tried to contact CA to see if we can order the Atlas with 2.5mm of that silver cable, no reply yet.
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  5. ExpatinJapan
    I just posted a link in the post directly above that ALO Audio have it on their website.

    Perhaps email them to confirm.
  6. cleg
    And the last comparison video, Atlas vs Andromeda. Battle of two As

  7. emptymt
    Cool! I also like The Atlas with Extreme Metal music, the bass can gets real strong, but its fun and I keep on thinking about it!
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  8. cleg
    Oh, tastes indeed differ, as for brutal genres I prefer Andromeda, while Atlas is better for Jazz for example… But it's a subjective preferences :)
  9. Colors
    I find the stock cable with the Comets to be very good. Tried a pure silver cable but I feel like it takes away from the bass which was already the perfect amount.
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  10. Returnity
    Thanks for the comparison video. Where did you get the custom tips for Andromeda btw?
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  11. cleg
    Ambient Acoustics Laboratory from Kyiv, Ukraine
    I'll make a short video about them with details
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  12. Returnity

    Definitely interested in those tips! They look super-comfortable!
  13. cleg
    the funniest thing is their price, they cost $50, price of 2 sets of spin fits :)
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  14. davidcotton
    plus impressions and shipping :p
  15. cleg
    sure, actually, shipping in both sides… luckily I can save on both of those :)
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