1. efejoao

    [SOLD] IEM Bundle Sale! Campfire Comet + JH Audio Billie Jean + Balanced MMCX Cable + Tips

    I am currently placing these for sale as a bundle as I am cleaning up my inventory and these don't get enough ear time. - JH Audio Billie Jean - Campfire Comet - Balanced MMCX Cable - Ear Tips Price includes standard shipping (North America) and PP fees. Please feel free to ask any questions...
  2. Malcolm Riverside


    Here is a fully upgraded Exogal Comet Dac with the Plus power supply and WyWires umbilical upgrade for a great price. When I got this unit I found it to be a huge upgrade over the mid-fi dacs I owned at the time (RME Adi-2 fs /Schiit Gumby). I didn’t know how digital my music sounded until I...
  3. cr3ativ3

    Campfire Comet

    Selling a pair of Campfire Audio Comet . the iem is in very good condition, boxed . Some tips are missing . PayPal and shipping is included
  4. holytiger

    Selling HD6xx and Campfire Comet

    Both of them bought last year, I am the second owner of the hd6xx which the original owner bought from mass drop last year and the comet which I bought myself at minidisc last year. Both of them, I don't have the full box with, just selling as is pictures shown. I am selling these because I am...
  5. twiceboss

    WTS Campfire Audio Comet

    Selling my Campfire Audio Comet. I just received it today from 8/15/2019. I bought it for fun and decide not to keep it. This is a flawless Comet. Shipping and Paypal Fees included at $180. You literally can save $20 because this is still considered new. p/s: that orange symbio...
  6. viveksaikia22

    [WTB/T] Looking for Audeze iSine 20

    Hi All, I am looking for an Audeze iSine 20 IEM. I can also trade my Campfire Audio Comet + cash from my end for your iSine 20. I prefer seller based in CONUS to avoid huge shipping charges. Please DM me if you have one for sale. Thanks Vivek
  7. ttaazz

    SOLD Campfire Comet

    hello, I put on sale several things, continuing with these excellent intras Campfire Comet SOLD Very good condition, literally like new, complete in the box. I can send everywhere, just plan additional shipping costs. Thank you.
  8. The Judge


    *SOLD* Im the second owner but have only used them for about 3 hours. They are in very good condition with no noticable marks or scratches. They come with case, all accessories/ tips except the small foam tips and the medium silicone tips (b/c they have been used and that would be gross ). I'll...
  9. meetpatel3686

    Campfire Audio India review tour!! - Featuring Andromeda, Atlas, Comet

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited to announce that Campfire Audio is arranging a review tour for Indian audiophiles. All thanks to the generous Ken Bob. I've already talked with him and trust me he's very excited about the tour. I hope everyone is excited as well to participate in the tour. If...
  10. iBo0m

    FS - Campfire Audio Comet, Shanling M0 (both mint)

    Hi, up for sale CA Comet and Shanling M0 in mint condition. CA Comet Condition: Mint, approx. 50 hours of listening. Shipping: within European Union. Price: €160 CA Comet comes with all original accesories, the cable is not original, but works pretty well with these IEMs. Shanling M0...
  11. crezo

    SOLD: Campfire Comets UK

    SOLD Up for a new home are my mint condition Campfire Comets. Comes with all accesories as shown in the picture (is missing the second grey bag and the CA lapel pin as they have gone walk about somewhere). These dont really need any introduction as there are millions of glowing reviews online...
  12. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Campfire Audio Comet

    Great condition. I am the second owner, I’ve used them maybe 2 hours since getting them. These have approx. 40 hours total use. I prefer over the ears and these won’t stay in my ears when I wear them cable down. Includes all original accessories except medium (orange) spinfit tips. Price...
  13. Ziadax

    [WTB]Campfire Audio Comet

    These are on backorder on CFA's site so PM me if you have a set you're willing to let go for up to $180 shipped to PA.
  14. S

    Sub €200 IEM recommendations

    Hi guys, I know this is another thread asking the same thing, but I have searched around and having a difficult time finding the information I need. I currently own the original M6 Pro from MEE Audio, but I'm looking for something that has a bit more to it. I am not too familiar with terms...
  15. CHxJC

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Comet (Paypal fees & Shipping on me)

    New Campfire Audio Comet that arrived yesterday. Has around 20 hours of burn-in. Initially disliked how it sounded, and despite discovering not to use foam tips I still disliked the sound signature of single BA. Asking for $SOLD USD. Price includes shipping (CONUS) and I'll cover Paypal fees...
  16. Campfire Audio Comet

    Campfire Audio Comet

    From Campfire Audio: Really Good Stuff. The Comet simply sounds good. Really good. It has a nicely balanced low-mid fullness with the high frequency extension magic from our 3D modeled Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber sprinkled on top. The weight of new stainless steel body feels great in the...
  17. KB

    NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

    New from Campfire Audio - Full metal jacket x 2! Two new stellar IEMs! Campfire Audio is proud and excited to push the limits of sound and form in our new Atlas and Comet IEMs. Our new dynamic driver flagship offering, the new Atlas pushes the boundaries of sonics and opens your imagination of...