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Sub €200 IEM recommendations

  1. Sindenization
    Hi guys,

    I know this is another thread asking the same thing, but I have searched around and having a difficult time finding the information I need.

    I currently own the original M6 Pro from MEE Audio, but I'm looking for something that has a bit more to it. I am not too familiar with terms but I find the M6 lacking something. Along with that, I have very small ears, though my ear canals appear to be normal, and I find tee M6 Pro hurt the step up on the ear, the upper antihelix.

    Some background, I wear IEMs over ear, and often when working out. I do need a detachable cable, because despite how well built they are and me using a case, they always seem to break. I don't need a microphone but am not bothered by its addition. I generally use the the smallest tips, usually double or triple flange, and like a deeper insertion. The better isolation the better, but average is fine. Finally I listen to a lot of different types of music, mainly Jazz classics, 70/80s Rock and Psytrance.
    Bass is nice to have a little more of, but I'm open to experimenting with different sound signatures for now. I just know I like clear audio in highs, mids and lows, but other than that I'm open to most.

    Some IEMs I've been looking into are:
    Oriveti Basic
    Westone UM1
    FiiO F9 Pro
    IBasso IT01
    Pioneer SE-CH9T
    Campfire Comet

    The Campfire seem to be recommended a lot around here, but they are a bit hard for me to buy and I'm worried about the weight in my small ears.
    They need to be easily available in Europe as family are looking to get them for me, and I don't want to cause hassle in importing, ebay and the likes.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. yong_shun
    Campfire Audio Comet is a good choice. The sound signature is pretty close to Westone UMPro Series - Colder and Darker. The separations and imaging is very accurate.
    For Pioneer CH-9T, it would be suitable for those who has good tolerance towards sparkle. The treble is a little too sharp for me. Very clean and airy sound signature.
    Fiio F9 Pro is very balance and neutral. I am thinking to sell my Campfire Audio Nova and grab this beast now.
    Westone UM1 is cold and dark. Laid back. Lack of some micro details for me and the presentation is a little boring.
  3. Colors
    Looking at your list and music genres, you probably would be ok with Westone UM1, FiiO F9 Pro and Campfire Comets.

    FiiO F9 Pro probably has the best fit (comfort) + full range of sound with them (triple drivers). Comets are actually super comfortable over the ear and have a nice balanced sound signature + some Campfire Audio tuning (need to listen to understand, it's really nice. Some sparkly highs). I haven't listened the Westone UM1 before but I hear they're very neutral, isolate amazing and are super comfortable.
  4. serman005
    Don't short-change the IT01--it punches way above its pricepoint in performance.
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  5. Sindenization
    You said the FiiO would likely be comfortable, but looking at pictures I feel the housing looks quite large, do you definitely think they would be comfortable for small ears?
  6. Sindenization
    The IT01 do look good, but like I said with the FiiO, the housing looks quite large, I don't know if this would be comfortable in my small ears. Do you think they would be okay?
  7. yong_shun
    Fiio housing is smaller as compared to IT01. The F9 and F9 pro have a similar housing as Shure's.
  8. Colors
    From what I read, it’s comfortable because it’s “bean-shaped” and fits into the ear really smoothly.
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  9. serman005
    They are very lightweight and seem to fit fine in my smallish ears. I suspect they would probably work for you.
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  10. harry501501
    Yeah, you're right there. I have slightly smaller ears too and have problems with deep fit and that's what made me sell the it01 after 6 weeks. It sounds great but i had problems reinserting it a lot.
  11. harry501501
    Maybe check out the Brainwavz B200 v2. Quite a flat signature but with decent bass quantity. Mids are forward but not fatiguing and treble has nice bite without ever getting close to bright.
  12. Sindenization

    Thanks guys, I don't want to risk the bigger housing so will drop the IT01. I don't mind deep insertion, but housing size if definitely an issue.
  13. Sindenization
    Looking at reviews of the f9 Pro and the B200, I think the f9 might be more fitting for me. My only worry with the B200 is the bass, which seems to have conflicting information, but generally appears that it won't be great for Psytrance.

    The size of the housing does look very small though.
  14. PaganDL
    Hi Sindenization,

    Regardless of what IEM you choose, proper tip selection is important as while ear shape plays a part to a certain extent how an IEM will fit, it is more the ear canal which throws most people which is why good tip selection is important.
    IEM housing shape generally makes very little difference though there are a few exceptions, eg Ostry KC 09 being one where the weight makes it almost impossible to wear personally but I digress.

    Something like the IT 01 is among the lightest IEMs on the market so if someone complains of not fitting small ears, that is a load of bollocks as that has more to do with improper tip selection than actual IEM weight.

    Best thing I can suggest for whatever you decide is to demo as much as possible then you can decide for yourself instead of simply going by reviews though it is understandable something like the IT 01 may be hard to demo in your location.

    Just my two cents.
  15. Sindenization
    Thanks for the reply. You're right, there's no where I can demo any of these IEMs, which is what makes choosing the right one more crucial for me. Returning stuff is also often a pain in Ireland.

    While I agree about tip selection, I think ear size does have an impact. The M6 Pro aren't heavy, and aren't massive, but I have tried them with 8-10 tips, two foam, others various sizes and flanges. But no matter what, when it is in my ear, it is pushing against the hard bit of my ear.

    Different tips will not change the distance from my tragus to my antihelix, or the distance from the front to the back of the IEM. I don't see hww tips can help with a large casing.

    I am leaning towards the FiiO F9 Pro at the moment, mainly from what I have been told the sound is like, but still looking into a few options. There's so much out there, it is hard to choose.

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