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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. petrovsky13
    Looking forward, really curious how the Atlas silver cable will alter the Comet's sound sig (plan to use it balanced with Ibasso DX200)
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  2. MyPants
    A few members here who have tried it felt that it pushed comet away from its rather balanced signature, while others have enjoyed the increased clarity and treble extension. The way I see it, even if I don't like the cable's synergy with comet it'll be a nice cable to have in the collection anyway.
  3. petrovsky13
    Yep, reading the thread carefully, still more opinions will never hurt:) I also tried those with stock andro cable and Ibasso CB12. Apart from treble extension somehow the magic is gone - the mids do not sound coherent anymore, the bass is also weaker.
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  4. fuhransahis
    I haven't heard the Comet, so this is just a hypothesis, but the Comet being a single BA IEM, it will need all the help it can get in the bass region, and when it comes to cables, *usually* pure copper well help there, which is why I'm assuming it ships with the pure copper instead of the SPC litz cable. The Atlas being a bass monster, ships with pure silver to balance it out. You can then assume the Comet will be brighter than intended with the silver, so many will not like it and find it imbalanced, unless your preference lies with brighter signatures to begin with.

    tenor (17).gif
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  5. 8481
    Since the talk is about cables, my CB13 is coming back for repairs soon and it's 2 Silver 2 Copper, I'll see if there's any difference compared to the stock cable on the Atlas.
  6. petrovsky13
    Well, pure silver will not change the signature same as SPC litz. As far as I know it sounds more as pure copper, just adds more clarity and extension
  7. fuhransahis
    That's why I asterisked the usually part of my statement. I don't find that to be true at all though IMO and in my experience. Each cable will have its own characteristics based on the geometry, purity, sleeving, and other things outside of my comprehension. In general it seems pure silver accentuates the higher freqeuencies, SPC is in between, and copper accentuates the lower freqeuencies. But some silver cables can accentuate lower frequencies and smoothen highs as well, so general statements do not always apply.
  8. petrovsky13
    Exactly, my experience with silver is limited to a copper like sound, just bringing everything to a different level, while SPC will in most cases will brighten the signature.
    And I’m not adding additional dimensions (like tips) to the whole Comet equation-as those can affect the sound as well. Bottom line: the best way is to listen by myself:)
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  9. fuhransahis
    Indeed! And if it doesn't match with the Comet then keep it for the future as it will eventually pair nicely with another IEM :beerchug:
  10. petrovsky13
    So true! Andromeda is waiting for Ref8 younger brother (or older, not sure yet) :wink:
  11. Colors
    I like the Comets with the stock cable. Pure silver took away what was already the perfect amount of bass.

    Then again, the owner of the store I go to has a lot of high end gear at his finger tips (think $3000 headphones) and he says he says it’s better with pure silver.

    Take it with a grain of salt.
  12. petrovsky13
    Pure silver of CA? (Atlas stock cable)
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  13. Colors
    No a custom pure silver Litz cable built by a local retailer (6 cores? Or something)

    He calls it HFX (name of shop) pure silver:



    It’s really nice. I use it on my EE Bravado and ER4XR to tame their bass.
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  14. tofudog
    Follks-Ive never sold gear on this site, and not sure I did it right trying to post my Vegas for sale. Keeping my Atlas and SXC8 for sure (like the Symbio W with them actually-but have heard others who do not agree) and dont need the Vegas anymore. Question is, what would be a fair price now that Atlas is here, and the new lowered price of the Vegas makes what I paid irrelevant. Any guidance would be helpful!....thx
  15. subguy812
    See if there are any Vegas for sale and use that as your gauge...then you can price the same and wait or go under the others and move them.
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