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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. cleg
    Now, on to more fair comparison, new and old DD flagships

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  2. MyPants
    Out of curiosity, what pushed you towards Atlas over Andromeda?
  3. Audiophonicalistic
    I have the wm1a. Sounds awesome no complaints. Dont have anything else to compare it too except my phone which cant compete.
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  4. Audiophonicalistic
    Good job. Sometimes its best to cry once, then forever have peace of mind knowing you have TOTL. At least until the new one comes out...
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  5. paul2qute
    Anyone compared the Audio 64 tia fourte against the Campfire Atlas?can't believe the price of the Audio 64
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  6. emptymt
    Never heard the Tia Fourte, but from what I heard people say and other review, it is different sounding as the Atlas is certainly has strong bass.
    Seems like The Fourte is closer to the Andromeda but with nicer overall bass rendition among other technical improvements.

    Since The Atlas is basically a super Vega, you may find this comparison interesting, as is done by Twister6

    "Fourte vs Vega - Fourte has a wider soundstage while Vega has more depth; both have a similar quality of sub-bass rumble, while the quantity is more elevated in Vega, and the same with mid-bass which is a little faster in Vega - it has more impact with a stronger punch. Lower mids in Vega have a little more body, while upper mids are pushed a little back in comparison to a brighter, more revealing, more transparent, and more forward mids of Fourte. Fourte treble is crisper and has more airiness. These have a noticeably different signature with Fourte being a little more mid-forward while in relative comparison Vega is more L-shaped."

    Like you said, it is really expensive, I would never spend that kind of money on a set of IEMs, diminishing returns hits extremely hard at this level and I prefer to spend big on desktop setup with desktop amp/dac, or maybe invest my money elsewhere.

    The Atlas itself is already expensive, however it looks like a great deal compared to the Tia Fourte or even to the Legend X.
  7. emptymt
  8. paul2qute
    I'm gonna spend money on a better dac as I've traded in my hugo 2 for the hugo TT 2 but like you say the more you spend at this level the less the jump in improvement, I would spend over 3 grand on i.e.ms as I'm not going down the route of over head headphones so I want state of the art, the best I can stretch to afford but the comparison with the Vega is interesting and with the Atlas being better again I don't know if the Audio 64 would be an improvement
  9. emptymt
    You meant you traded your TT with Hugo 2 right? I thought The TT is bigger.
    Understandable, I also had thought of going portable summit-fi instead of the full desktop one, but decided against it for now, but sometimes life get busy and it is just easier to enjoy the music using portable gears (DAP -> IEM quick and easy).

    I think the most important thing is the tonality, if that doesn't fit in, everything else will not work albeit being technically excellent.

    The Tia Fourte is so much money though, I was interested in that too along with the EE Legend X, but both not available for demo in Australian audio stores, I just cant go all in with that kind of money without trying it on for an extended amount of time.
    I've also made a commitment to not spend over 2k on audio gears.

    Good luck on the hunt man! hehe
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  10. Apputty
    Oh I have been on the same boat as well. Was really curious about legend X and Tia forte. As you said it's not available for demo with Australian retailers and also if you covert it to AUD, it's way too much money to spend on an iem.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
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  11. emptymt
    I know right! So much money there, and without guerentee!
    To make it worse, it is also difficult to sell it on if you don't like it! It seems that there are not that many of us here in Australia, nobody is interested in audio gear!
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  12. paul2qute
    No mate I meant I traded in my hugo 2 for the hugo TT 2 but got it on pre order,this might seem insane but I don't want portable anymore I want desk top but I want the portable i.e.ms but will only listen to them in the comfort of my lounge, this is why I don't know why extension cables of high quality aren't available for i.e.m's,qed do one but it's hardly high quality compared to the Atlas cable.I.e.m's use to be for convenience but that's not the case anymore
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
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  13. Apputty
    Yeah I dont see much value for resale as well in Australia. I guess most people are happy with the likes of beats.
    I was waiting for release of another iem and accidentally came across this thread. I haven't bought any campfire products before mostly because of the pricing in Australia. I came across comets and was really curious. Placed An order without demoing them because you generally don't find them for demo.
    But I have to say am really happy with comets now. But would yes I might end up trying out atlas soon.
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  14. ExpatinJapan
    Quite different cables.

    I covered them in my review.
    (In the Head-fi review section or via my sig).

    But I am updating the review soon as I removed the memory wire on the SXC-8 and am checking the new fit.
  15. emptymt
    Oooo mann, I need that silver stock cable in 2.5mm.
    I've contacted CA from their website and see what they can do with it, It would be good if we are able to change the termination at purchase.
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