campfire audio atlas
  1. Campfire Audio Atlas

    Campfire Audio Atlas

  2. yiannis.zach


  3. cantsleep

    Sold: CA ATLAS

    got them a few weeks ago Like the sound but moving on to try different stuff Asking $old Shipping is included conus Pp gift or you cover half of pp fee
  4. AverageDude

    Campfire Audio Atlas

    I am selling my Campfire Audio Atlas in their original box, with all of their included tips and accessories. They are in excellent condition and are still under warranty. I am not interested in trade.
  5. supervisor

    Campfire Audio Atlas [SOLD]

    I've just recently received my Campfire Audio Equinox so I no longer am needing Atlas. Comes with the CA pouch and I will include the assortment of tips, minus the ones I used. $1,000 USD OBO
  6. jaker782

    **TRADED** Campfire Audio Atlas

    I am selling my CA Atlas iem, which is in pristine condition with no visible scratches or blemishes. I am the 2nd owner, but have only had them for two weeks and only auditioned them indoors in a smoke-free home. The original owner (fellow Head-Fier with great seller feedback) purchased them...
  7. Libr4

    [SOLD] campfire Andromeda S (FS)

    I am selling a very good condition bass tuned variant of the CFA Andromeda. - shipping included
  8. zmhaha

    FS: Sold

    Campfire Audio Atlas includes all accessories, original cable (pure silver) and original box. second owner. About 100-150 hrs. 9.8/10 condition. Since these housing is stainless steel, it is impossible to keep it 100% flawless unless you don't use it at all, and I can't get all the dust out of...
  9. deafmutelame

    Shure SE846 vs. Campfire Audio Vega vs. Campfire Audio Atlas

    These 3, while different in their own particular way, have a similar sound signature, so I think we could benefit from this little survey. If you have heard at least 2 of them, please explain why you prefer one over the others in the comments. Shure SE846 - $999 -...
  10. fogsound

    [SOLD]: Campfire Audio Atlas

    Back up for sale. Purchased on May 15th from authorized dealer. Great condition, other than some light (not deep) scratching from normal wear. Love them, but just clearing inventory for a camera purchase. Includes everything pictured, so original leather case/box/accessories and all of the tips...
  11. KB

    NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

    New from Campfire Audio - Full metal jacket x 2! Two new stellar IEMs! Campfire Audio is proud and excited to push the limits of sound and form in our new Atlas and Comet IEMs. Our new dynamic driver flagship offering, the new Atlas pushes the boundaries of sonics and opens your imagination of...