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Troublesome CA Atlas, IEM help needed

  1. Medikill
    I need some help, i really like the atlas sound signature but it's so volatile, and the only way i ever get a good seal is with pushing them in. I've tried symbio wide bore, spiral dots, even over ear, tried silicone over ear sheaths everything .... the only thing that gave a good seal was the comply foam but it just subtracts so much bass :/ makes them sound like ****ty apple ear buds. At this point, seems i have wasted $1899 AUD.
    So my question

    What IEM is similar to the atlas but fits a lot easier?

    I've been thinking of the following.
    1. Sennheiser IE800
    2. 64 Audio U8
    3. Sony MDR EX1000

    Any advice would be very appreciated.
  2. novastar
    Try the new Spin Fit CP500 tips. They are shorter nozzles and wider bore. The key with silicone is to get 99% seal, so that you get good isolation and have the least impact on the sound.
  3. PaganDL

    Hi @Medikill,

    Just curious before I offer some suggestions, did you actually demo the Atlas first & if so, for how long?
    By the way, this is not a dig, just fit issues could have been avoided with proper seal testing & does take a while to get right.
    I have demo the Altas with COMPLY TIPS, seal & bass were more than fine.
    Personally & subjectively, while this IEM is not for me as it has a bit too much enhanced bass, the overall sound is decent, just not for that price...
    Not to mention, AUD is pretty sad against USD at present.
    If there was an issue with seal & fit in the first place, this could easily have been resolved with with no sound playing to see how they feel in your ears.

    Also, the following may help :
    - You may need different sizes in either ear canal instead of both tips being the same size
    - Perhaps smaller or larger size tips (not IEM bore size) than what you may usually find or used to may work.
    - Everyone's mileage is different, more often than not, poor seal & fit is the bane of many IEMs

    Perhaps something to consider in the future.

    Unfortunately, subjectively & personally, the three other IEMs you are interested in will not fit any easier if the wrong tips are used, even more so, as they are perhaps messier to fit well if you're not sure in the first place regarding fit.
    So honestly, see if you can get better seal first, other tips which may work for you & provide better seal are Crystalline Audio, Periodic Audio Hydrogen tips and maybe even the Sony proprietary tips which come with their IER Series.
    Spin Fits have limited success but do work reasonably too.

    Hope this works for you.

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