Most under-rated headphones...
Feb 8, 2018 at 2:59 PM Post #361 of 362
Beyer Amiron Home ! Even within their family brand the DT 1990 gets more praise.
Feb 9, 2018 at 7:48 AM Post #362 of 362
I read this entire thread and can't believe there was only 1 mention of the Beyerdynamic T70. The T70 is unique because it really can compete with the best of the best imo. I like the neutralish/bright sound signature, however I swapped the stock earpads on my T70 for T5P one's and now the sound is completely neutral..more neutral than even the Sennheiser HD600..there's not even a hint of coloration to the sound.
A few other headphones I consider underrated;
Meze 88 Classics; Natural, well balanced sound with an impressive soundstage.
Pioneer SE-A1000; One of the most musical headphones I ever heard.
Panasonic RP-HTF600E; Has powerful 50mm drivers that produce deep but accurate sub-bass, clear mid's and clear high's.
JVC Esnsy; Possibly the best $30 - $50 headphone I ever heard. Powerful but accurate sub-bass, warm mid's and clear high's. Realistic 3d soundstage due to having angled drivers.

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