1. bthall

    Most Comfortable full sized Headphones

    It would be interesting for everyone to list their THREE most comfortable cans they've ever worn.... BarryT
  2. kramer5150

    Sony MDR-SA3000 -Versus- MDR-MA900 ?

    Has anyone had prior experience with both?...  Looking for general feedback, comments and preferences.   Do they offer anything, or is there anything they do that the K701/702 can't.  I have an old, well used K701 (bass-shy serial number era, although I personally don't find it bass shy at...
  3. DAnMaN15726

    What is the perfect reference card for headphones?

    I am a starting audiophile, and the only good headphones that i have that have a certain prestige is the: Audio Techniqua: Ath-M30 (Getting it friday) Ath-ANC23     some day i might get the Ath-m50 I think the ANC23 is very good, but it seems to be lacking in my taste of opinion...
  4. zum

    Replace or fixing the cord for Sony MDR-SA3000 - how hard is it?

    My pair of MDR-SA3000 has started to lose channels depending on how I hold the cord, so I suspect that the cord has a connection problem near the cord-headphone connection. The drivers seem fine when the cord is in the right position though, and I'd like to try to fix the cord. My repair...
  5. kirr45

    Sony MDR-SA3000

    What do you guys think about Sony headphones? I'm lookin for new headphones since I broke my Bose Triports. Any suggestions? I was looking at this sony mode and don't know what to make of it. What do you think of Shure SRH550DJ? Does it have a good frequency range? I might get that depending on...
  6. XenatR

    AKG 702 vs AT AD700X for fps gaming?

    hi all,   i currently own the Sony MDR-SA3000 headphones, which give nice spatial sound, but wanted to upgrade to something better   ive narrowed down my choices to the AKG 702 and Audio Technica AD700X   i understand these are probably the best for fps gaming give their wide sound stage...
  7. g3333t

    recabling sony mdr sa-3000. driver tag / joint / connection fell off

    hello, head fi! first post here, been lingering for months. great website! it's been my go to for gear reviews / advice. after lots of reading and looking through boner worthy pictures in the diy gallery, I finally decided to mod a cable myself. my brother had bought a refurbished Sony mdr...
  8. Steely Dan

    Would the Sony SA3000 be an upgrade from the AT AD700?

    Pretty straight forward, I have the AD700 now and use them at home on my PC for a combination of listening to music and watching movies/TV shows.  I like that they're open, comfortable and pretty good for a lot of the stuff I listen to with clean instrumentals and female vocals.  Eventually I...
  9. tER299

    Which sub 400,- (preferably) open headphone should I buy?

    Hello everybody,   I've wanted to get some good open over-ear headphones for a while, but I'm having a hard time to figure out which one I should buy. I have an Objective 2 amp which I use to power my Hifiman RE-262's and seek to find a more analytical and neutral sound. The most important...
  10. cloud9

    Which Fiio amp for Sony NDR-SA3000 ?

    Hi everyone . I am new here on the forum . I need a little help with headphone amps .I am going to get a Sony NDR-sa3000 and don't have a lot of money to spend . What brand of Fiio amp works well with this headphone . I thing they are 70 oms .
  11. AbsoluteZero

    Upgrade from M-50 and Introduction of New Member Here!

    Greetings Headfi-ers!   I'm a newbie here after sticking around looking at reviews and comments in the forum and also relatively new to the world of high end equipments (about three months). I've always been itching to ask questions here but due to the lack of experience in the audio field...
  12. obobskivich

    Most under-rated headphones...

    Whats up! So after seeing the "most over-rated headphone" thread, and the "whats the worst headphone you ever heard" thread, and similar threads in that vein, I had an idea: what about a thread that encourages people to list headphones they feel are under-rated/unknown/real dark horses that...
  13. mtkversion

    Which Mid-Fi phones pair well with a Fiio E10?

    Music : Pop, rock, jazz.   Budget : $150 range, less is better, more is ok.   I really enjoyed AKG 701's when I had them and am thinking about revisiting them, how would they do with the E10?   My listening tastes have gone toward female vocals lately so something to work well with...
  14. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-SA3000 Super Audio Headphones Unboxing Video with Comparison to MDR-SA5000

    Just got these and up on YouTube.  Hope you guys like it.  
  15. astroid

    Qualia 010 . SA5000 and SA3000 comparison pics!

      Not my pics but i found them interesting, i take it these all have the same transducer?             qualia driver   5000     3000          
  16. staxxx

    MDR-SA3000 / MDR-SA5000? (looking for headphones with extreme detail)

    One thing that interests me about high-end headphones is that they produce detail in old recordings that are not visible on many lower-end headphones. I've heard this in the HD800 and the D7000. Now, I can't afford any flagship priced headphone atm, but I read some opinions that the MDR-SA5000...
  17. K2e2vin

    Softer cushions for ATH-M50(than the Beyers and possibly the Shures)

    I've seen SRH840 and DT250 pads on the M50, but I'm looking for something softer.  I have DT250 pads on my MDR-V6 and those are pretty comfortable but the stock Sony leather/pleather cushions seemed softer(the DT250 cushions also seem to be more "cushiony" than the DT990s I had).  The SRH840...
  18. ls2gto

    Sony sa5000 and sa3000 pads swappable?

    I'm picking up a set of sa5ks but after listening to the hd600 and 650 with velour pads, I'd like to be able to get a set of velour pads for these. Are there any velour pads I can swap out? Do the sa3k pads fit sa5s?
  19. judgeschreber

    busted driver on a Sony R10 - what to do??

    I lucked into a pair of Sony R10's for an amazing price, but of course there was a reason - one of the drivers is totally shot (completely beyond repair - it looks like the previous owner tried to have it repaired or repaired it himself, and the diaphragm's torn, the coil leads are gone, etc). ...
  20. donunus

    The Sony SA3000 appreciation thread

    This is the second appreciation thread Ive started, the first one being for the Audio Technica AD900 which I still love. Now lets talk about these Sa3ks... Let me first say that these are awesome! I can't believe why these aren't more popular than they are. I was more interested in trying...
  21. pockits

    Sony MDR-SA3000 v/s MDR-SA5000

    hELLO gUYS: This is my very first post. I am in Chile by the way. I was looking on the internet about this headphones, and i did buy both of them waiting for the package to arrive. But... Can anyone tell me if they are a good pair of cans?. I do have in my small collection AKG 701, SH HD650...
  22. WGkeon

    Headphones most suitable for kpop?

    Hi a newbie here, i was searching through the forum but i cant find anything i want. So i just wanna ask, which headphones would be suitable for listening to kpop? I want something that can really bring out the music in kpop. I was thinking of srh440? not sure if its a good choice, any...
  23. derrrp

    help save my MDR-SA3000, right channel 0 ohms?

    I've got a pair of MDR-SA3000's that the right channel stopped working on last night. I recently replaced the jack (broke it) and suspected that i had messed up somewhere, but after pulling them apart and testing for continuity from the jack to the left and right drivers, everything seemed...
  24. bklj2007

    Recommended Headphones for PC Use ($150ish)

    Hi all,      I stumbled onto this site while I've been looking into getting a new set of headphone to replace the ones I have.  Currently I have sony mdr-xd300 (received as a gift), but several years of heavy use has the foam pads disintegrating and the ear cover falling off so I'm using this...
  25. borrego

    Supersized RE0: Sony MDR-SA3000 (update: driven with Beyerdynamic A1 clone)

    I just received the SA3000 I bought from ebay for $139 this morning. I plugged the brand new headphones to my S:flo2/Arrow amp and listened for 15mins. I would say it worths more than the $139 I paid   I was looking for full size cans for Classical/String listening. Sound stage and detail...