1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. god alien

    Best headphones (and amp/dac for vocals (pop, ballads) ASAP

    Hello Head-Fi community. I am planning upgrade my current headphones (Sennheiser HD595/no amp), and I am looking to spend no more than $700 (headphones alone). I really enjoy the signature sound of my 595, and I would like to buy something that sounds similar but better of course. I like the...
  3. SchmoopyJr

    Clear, balanced open-back headphones for under $300

    I don't expect headphones of the gods for under $300, but what are the clearest well balanced open-backs I can get for the budget? I suppose I can stretch just a little.
  4. dcorn22

    Looking For Headset/Headphones For Xbox One

    Hi All, brand new member here. I have done a lot of research on here for a good sound solution for Xbox One and really liked the forums, so figured I would join.  Guess I'll start with what I currently use - Turtle Beach X12's with DSS2. Just got Astro A40's with MixAmp as a gift but haven't...
  5. Kinru

    Need some advice (headphones + amp/dac)

    Hey all,   As of right now I am using HD555s with the foam mod and just my motherboard's integrated sound. I bought the Titanium HD the other day (when it was $110 on amazon) and have been playing around with it today. Performed several blind tests with various quality songs (from 120kbps to...
  6. ExoNautic

    reasonable pair of over-ears

    Ok so im not an audiophile guy typically but i really need a good headset as some of the sounds that i hear coming out of my current sets sound worse to me by the day. i want a good pair of over-ears, preferably with a velvet ear cup like the hd 598's have (i believe). and i definitely would...
  7. cjsjyh

    Mind helping me decide betw srh1440 and hd600?

    I tried listening to both devices yesterday. this is the impression i got: - 1440 has brighter sound compared to hd600 - hd600 sounded more lively when listening to piano songs i couldnt hear the very details cuz it was a lil noisy in the shop. so overall, i got better impression with srh1440...
  8. Saoshyant

    Shure SRH144 & SRH145

    Well, it seems Shure had decided to come out with headphones that appear to be competition for headphones similar to Sennheiser's PX100 & PX200. For $40, you can either get the SRH144 which is open or the SRH145 which is closed, the latter having a version with a mic&remote for $50. Anyone have...
  9. softrally

    Shure SRH1440- best choice at $320?

    Hi, I found the Shure SRH1440 for about US$320 in Hong Kong. Is this the best choice for me? I listen to a lot of different genres of music, but mostly alternative and electronic. If I buy the headphones from DMA Audio, will I be able to get them serviced in North America? I apologize for the...
  10. SeFi

    Need Home Headphones, Already have Sennheiser HD 25-II - Rock, Stoner, Metal

    Hey guys,   looks like a great community and full of music passionate ! Sorry for my english I'm French, I'll try to do my best !   So I am looking for a new pair of headphones to use them at Home.   I am already using my Sennheiser HD 25-II when going outside, I ****** love them ...
  11. oopeteroo

    the most comfortable headphones with velour pads ? or Ma900 with velour pads ?

    just wondering what are the most comforable headphones out there with velour pads ?   i really like ma900 but i dont like theirs pads, is there a velour pad for ma900 out there ?
  12. JorgeC

    Shure SRH1440/SRH1840 Pre-Order + Lab Specs Posted at HeadRoom!

    Howdy All,   Just an update that HeadRoom has posted our lab's audio performance measurement specs for the new Shure headphones today. .....And they look purty good!     Check HeadRoom Head-Fi forum pages for more detail and click on our links below for HeadRoom 'Headphone Samurai'...
  13. JorgeC

    New Shure SRH1440 and SRH1840 Shipping Today from HeadRoom

    Hi Gang,   HeadRoom has received our supply of these beauties this morning and all our pending Shure SRH1440 and SRH1840 'Pre-Orders' are shipping today. ....... Come and get 'em!   And don't forget our usual 'no questions asked' HeadRoom 30-day return/exchange policy guarantees you'll...
  14. MoonAudio

    DEMO Shure SRH1440 Headphones Special Price $325.00 Plus Free Shipping

    Shure SRH1440 Demo Regular Price $399.99 SPECIAL PRICE $325.00 Free Shipping in the U.S. Only The SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones provide full-range audio with detailed highs and rich bass in a sleek, attractive design. Made for mastering and critical listening, the premium...
  15. Halimj7

    Shure SRH1440 Appreciation

    From what I have researched these seem like good - great cans, but they seem to get little love from the head-fi community. Why? Can anyone speak on the 1440's mids and highs, and sound stage compared to K701/Q701 and Grado phones and their low level listening experience? Thanks
  16. bassophile

    Get SRH1440, or wait for SRH1840 price to drop?

    Are the SRH1440 and SRH1840 known to be in a bit of a HD600/HD650 or DT880/DT990 situation - where the more expensive of the two is not neccesarily better, but just different? Or is the SRH1840 just plain better than the SRH140 in every aspect?   I have been doing some reading and found, for...
  17. ThePoppyMan

    Shure SRH-1440's - Help?

    Hi everyone,   I just was given Shure SRH-1440's for Christmas. I don't want to sound like a total brat, but I'm a bit dissatisfied. I don't know much about the science behind good headphones, but I do play bass, piano, guitar, and drums, so I know a bit about music. The sound was incredibly...
  18. kudo

    Headphones for watching series

    Hi I currently have DT770/600 which I love, they sound perfect for music in my ears. Had HD555 before these and I thought those were perfect headphones for watching movies/series, the soundstage was amazing. What headphones should I get for movie/series watching? I'm looking at AKG K-701...
  19. MathewM

    Looking for something similar to HD598...

    I previously owned the HD598 but returned them due to comfort issues.  Yes, I know I'm one of the few, but they just felt kind of tight over a period of listening.  I have a big head, a short neck and I wear glasses.  I did like their sound however.  Is there anything else out there that would...
  20. madmurph

    Shure 1440 Low Impedance and Efficient or Inefficient Heaphones. Need DAC or AMP / DAC Suggestion.

    Hi and thank you for looking into this post.  I recently picked up the Shure 1440 and am looking to setup a proper method to amp.  My head is spinning after reading this post and this post...
  21. Xetheon

    Upgrade from Sennheiser HD518. Suggestions / Advice Please.

    I'm looking to upgrade to some new over-ear phones. I love the sound of the 518's but i want more! I've been looking at the Shure 1440 / AKG 701 / HiFiMan HE-400 and a few others. So thats my price range. I could possibly push it out to the HE-500 or the Shure 1840 or an equivalently priced...
  22. jude

    Shure SRH1840 and SRH1440 Unveiled!

    (Click on photo to enlarge.)   The headphone world is brimming with activity, with new product releases happening almost daily nowadays. That barrage of headphone releases is filtered by Head-Fi'ers, with only one in many being of real interest to diehard headphone audiophiles. Here's one...
  23. NicoCat

    New Shure SRH1540 closed-back headphones?

    Some random browsing I found SRH1540 on Shure's website. They're close-backed and share the same design as the 1440/1840. The pads seem to be velour/fabric. Price and release date are still unknown.       Spec: Transducer Type: dynamic, neodymium magnet Driver size: 40 mm...
  24. viralcow

    Best upgrade for me? Coming from K701 and D5000

    Hey Head-fi, just want a quick input on my next upgrade. I'm currently using two main headphones - the Denon D5000 and AKG K701, hooked up to an O2 amp. I don't have enough cash for high-end stuff, but I'm looking at headphones around the $400-700 range.   TBH, this will be my first purchase...
  25. shinndigg

    So far, disappointed with AKG Q701.

    I will, right off the bat, say that I have not given these the appropriate burn in period. They've been used for about 8 hours so far. I'm not a huge believer in significant burn in effects, but if someone thinks my issues will be solved by burn in, that would be great, because I am in love with...