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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    hehehe, sorry for creating new doubts.

    i might be kind of obsessive, dunno; i'll try to sell many of the cables i purchased to test, soon
  2. KimChee
    Ordered my S16 cable today lol...I’d prob order H16, but I don’t care for hybrid cables usually
  3. fokta
    my 130 has arrived... almost 1 week after order....


    below is compare to my Abnormalz.... 130 is thinner and less stiffer...
    Break in it first before impression

    earlier in the morning I tried Horus. Only can said. .. this is really big boy toys....
  4. Richsvt
    The S16 is a huge cable. I have them on my TFZ Queen at the moment. Don't know how they'll go when walking around, we'll see. Still, just a beautiful cable. I'll post some shots of it later. Trying to get over the smell of the packaging. It was the foam insert holding the connectors. Letting it air by the window to see if that helps. Initial reaction is that I'm happy so far.
  5. Richsvt
    Here is the S16 next to an 8-core copper that I had for some time.
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  6. KimChee
    Huge cable...looks really well built. I get my C16 on Monday...looks like a garden hose

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  7. fokta
    my short impression, of cable 130.
    break in for around 10 hours (inc. demo and comparing). Effect after break in is only get tighter in Low and mid, IMO.

    DAP Cayin N5iiS.
    IEM Solaris
    flac songs (Whoa, Dacoit Duel, bury a friend etc)
    Adapter 4.4 to 2.5.
    song volume in 15-18 with High Gain
    The cables :
    SLitz SE, 130 and my Abnormalz...

    after 2 hours in the morning with good coffee, reseting my ear by listening using Slitz SE then in sequence I go with Abnormalz then 130.
    in Summary,
    I find 130 is neutral tends to warm. And I dont like it but I loved it.... at last not a warm cable in 4.4 in my cable collection.....

    The following Comparison is just between 130 with Abnormalz.
    All are seen from 130 perspective:

    more puncy, a bit Boomy and less detail rumble.
    Overall the bass and sub bass is very good.

    a bit recess, still detail, not to good separation between lo Mid and Bass.
    Overall, can be challenging for mid centric lover.

    More detail and layered High, more sparking but can be troublesome with Hi Mid.

    Dynamic : with volume 16, is more dynamic than Abnormalz.

    Soundstage : I heard a bit wider, this is can be because the high freq is more..

    Highlights song :
    Dacoit duel by Rahman, Hi Mid get better detail.
    Jeenge by Infected mushroom & no Surprises by radiohead, Very detail and layer High. Mid a bit recess
    Bury a friend by Billie Eilish, Puncy bass but less detail rumble. bass tights (no Boomy).

    20190407_064224.jpg 20190407_064236.jpg 20190407_064248.jpg
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  8. ForceMajeure
    ah nevermind, that store is banned
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  9. battosai
  10. Slater
  11. battosai
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  12. Slater
    I forget what they call that type of wire.


    The conductors are twisted together differently vs most regular cable (that’s not foil shielding, it’s actually the conductors).

    I don’t know if it’s any better for conductivity (or has some other advantage), but it sure looks good.
  13. hakuzen
    it's like cable 115. internal insulated layer, and external shielding layer.
    an external shielding layer should be connected to the plugs mass, and have lower resistance than internal signal conductor, to help reducing EMI. not critical for a 1.2m cable, though.
    but this cable uses that external layer to carry signal (cold, negative signal?) when balanced. not ideal, because positive and negative signals should travel through identical wires.
    guess it's not critical either. both layers show same resistance
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  14. KimChee
    I received my ISN C16 today. I’ve never owned an IEM cable this thick...bout to burn this thing in...I figure it will be a better match with the TF10 to tame down the treble a bit and bring out the bottom end...I’m hoping the S16 will match up well with the Roxanne, though I love the Triton 8.

    What amazes me is just 3-4 years ago you couldn’t get a Twag for less than $350 or so and an 8 conductor cable forget it $500 at least. Now you can get 8 and 16 conductor cables for around $50. I like the budget cables however I’d like to try a high end gold plated silver 8 conductor cable for my Roxanne though I know I’d be spending about $400 used...

    Roxanne with Triton Audio Triton 8 OCC Silver, TF10 Custom with Penon Audio 8 Conductor Copper Cable, ISN C16

    ISN C16, 8 conductor Copper, Triton 8 OCC Silver
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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