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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. mixman
    I am trying to figure out which of the better 16 core silver cables have headphone connections for Audeze and newer Hifiman or Focal? Don’t have any IEM’s, so for me I am just looking for the better headphone cables on AliExpress.
  2. KimChee
    I was thinking about getting a SPC16 and trying to take apart the connector and soldering it to my D7000 for example...though it’s already got a pretty good 5N OFC cable...you might be able to get David at Triton Audio to retermimate the end for you?
  3. mixman
    Thought about the retermination option but unfortunately it would raise the cost and about time I get them, ship them out, it would be a while before I would have cables ready to use.
  4. Jstew622
    I ordered a C16 cable from Pennon on Ali on Feb 20th and it still hasnt arrived. Ive contacted them and they say there is a backup at usps. Usps says online that they are preparing to receive the shipment.

    Anyone else had this issue before? I have 9 days to open a dispute.
  5. hakuzen
    added measurements and comments of cables 160 and 161 (acrolink), to my list.
    superb conductivity, clean sound at similar level than top cables of my list (copper version, which i prefer to silver plated version in this case).
    expectations are satisfied.
    they don't have chin slider, but you can add it at your own. i use an o-ring, or a silicon tube:
    (details of cables 160, 161, 125, and 133 copper)
  6. jbr1971
    I ordered 2 cables directly from Penon Audio's website on March 22, and they shipped March 25. I received them yesterday (the 8th).

    When I looked up the shipment tracking they were received and processed by USPS in Chicago on March 30, then it took USPS over a week to get them from Chicago to Michigan. Not impressed with USPS.
  7. Jstew622

    Yeah mine says: Status Pre-Shipment Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.

    Weird thing is that I ordered KZ stars eartips from a seller on ebay and it was shipped with the same carrier. This was ordered after this package and they sent the wrong size. So they sent a replacement of the correct size and those arrived yesterday.
  8. kingdixon
    Ye tell me about it, iam waiting for 4 packages, one has hit 3 month, the rest only 15 days passed .. i feel depressed :D

    I gotta be honest though they reach my country pretty fast, but customs love to keep em in for a couple of month.
  9. HungryPanda
    over the last year I have had three packages never turn up and one that I never ordered arrived
  10. warriorpoet
    Has anyone else tried the Tanchjim Oxygen Upgrade Cable? I just got mine in and WOW what a difference from the stock cable! It's nicely build, relatively inexpensive and, uniquely, cloth covered. That it can also be found at Penon, who ship with lightning quick ferocity is a major plus in my book!

    5N OCC and KILLER looks, too!

    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
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  11. HungryPanda
    no just a small female hiking jacket of rather good quality
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  12. battosai
    Received my new isn S8 today. Great comfort beautiful build quality. I think 8 cores is the sweet spot, 16 cores is overkill
    My most used toys: 20190410_215538.jpg
    Crappy 6 cores top, S8 middle, boa constrictor bottom:
  13. Jstew622
    Do they have the ISN S8 in 3.5mm with mmcx connectors? If so it seems like I may have to wait for that. Seems like my original C16 got lost in the mail so Ill likely get a refund and order S8 for my BGVP DM6.

    Think that will be a good match for this IEM?
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