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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. geagle
    @candlejack that's hakuzen's ref number (he numbered them so that we all can uniquely identify what we are speaking about), it's mainly arbitrary (well, they were probably related to chronological order of acquisition, at least at the beginning - anyway, I'm pretty sure they're meaningless from an audio point of view :), they're for reference).

    I'd suggest you have a look at the cables with the lowest resistance numbers in the materials and price range you're looking for, and go from there. Me, I've both his #125 and #053, in copper, and they're both very good (with #125 being better, to my ears, but it's also quite a bit thicker, as you can see from the pics) - you can see some pics of both of them here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/int...ressions-thread.887229/page-150#post-14809407
  2. subwoof3r
    Is this 125 soft and flexible ? maybe this will be my next "high-end" cable :)
  3. geagle
    @subwoof3r yeah, it is soft and flexible... gauge IS big, though, so there's physical limits to HOW much soft and flexible... in my linked post above you can have some ideas from my comments and pics, I think (here it is again, for simplicity : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/int...ressions-thread.887229/page-150#post-14809407).

    It's a very good cable. Only thing, as Hakuzen warned about, there may be variations in manufacturing quality... he got a faulty one at the beginning. I bought 2, myself, one in MMCX which was perfect (and darn pretty, too:)), and the other in 2 pin which had some cosmetic imperfections (I speak about it here : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/int...ressions-thread.887229/page-150#post-14809300), though it is acoustically perfect too, so it's best to order from somebody trustable and that may help in case anything's wrong. If everything is fine, it's a very, very good cable, IMHO.
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  4. subwoof3r
    Many thanks for the infos, appreciated
    This will be officially my next cable then :)
    I will do a compare with my NiceHCK 7N crystal pure copper :thumbsup:
  5. hakuzen
    Thanks. We all try to make valuable contributions in this thread.

    That number is my arbitrary identification of the cable, to refer to them easily.

    Below $30, best built are cables 052, IMO ($22-$27 usually): easy un-screwable spacious jack and plugs in my units (to allow easy reparation, i'm in love with those eidolic styled jacks, good material), progressive long strain reliefs, very flexible, no microphonics, regular (solders) decent conductivity.
    Haven't received cable 155 yet, but it seems to have same or even better built quality (many sellers, cheapest version price is similar to 052's price, but only 3.5mm available; next version is around $50, i already have to confirm they are the same cable -ordered both-)
    Cables 062/063 still in transit, but they also look good build quality, in same price segment.

    Around $50, cables 050 and 051 are also well built (but very heavy and fat). Their 8 cores siblings ($32, IIRC) also look good.
    I have high expectations with cables 160 and 161 (still in transit).

    But you get a noticeable jump in sound quality if you go to around $70, due to better quality conductor used, while keeping good built.
    Cables 130, 140 (lighter, thinner), and 115 (a bit stiff), for example.
    There are also a 2 days offer now (around $70) of some other cables which use to cost >$110. One is a silver plated copper alloy, better built sibling of cable 125 (superb conductivity and sound quality, but not much flexible). Others use higher quality conductor material supposedly (only mmcx termination available, and thinner).
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  6. candlejack
    Thanks for the detailed breakdown. I'm willing to go up to $100, if I can still see an increase in quality, especially in build (durability, comfort). The two cables you mentioned last, how can I find them?

    Edit: Oh, yeah, and I hate poor quality or poorly assembled connectors (even if they work). It's my biggest gripe with the $30 cable I got from China.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  7. subwoof3r
    So, finally, is THIS link the cheapest 125 cable we can find ?
  8. hakuzen
    that's why we appreciate easily repairable plugs. but i'm finding too many glued plugs in chinese cables lately, even in the "expensive" ones. i've not tried yet if heating the glue could help to unscrew the plugs (it will depend of the kind of glue used).

    you can locate the cables at sales i've mentioned by searching "4 cores alloy" (first), and "upocc neotech", "upocc litz" (too thin, imo), and "ofhc" (cheaper, worse conductor quality but thicker) for the others.
    but i've not tried any of them yet. built construction should be ok, but it's not confirmed (iirc, someone commented about a quality issue with the latter cable).

    that isn't cable 125. it's different. i think the the cable from your link uses a cotton braid sleeve
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  9. Chziime
    So would you recommend the H8 or S8 with the DM6, if price wasn't an issue?

    Do you get them balanced or unbalanced? Do you have any opinions on that? (I wouldn't be using an amp)
  10. Palash
    ISN S8 is just perfect for DM6, with S8 cable and soft wide bore tips DM6 worth the hype it created in the market. I don't have 4.4 balanced source and 2 of my 2.5 mm balanced cable (Alliexpress) broke within a very short time, so trying to avoid cheap 2.5 mm cables. Other than S8 , i have purchase Effect audio Origin recently for 50$ after replacing an old cable . The difference between origin and S8 is unnoticeable.
  11. Cevisi
    Where will you post your review
  12. Palash
  13. Chziime
    Thank you! Which tips are soft wide bore? I just bought some JVC Spiral Dot mediums.

    And I guess I meant, is it worth going balanced over unbalanced with the DM6?
  14. perfecious
    Cable 125 is currently going for $69 on a particular banned seller. Just a head up.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
    subwoof3r likes this.
  15. Palash
    I don't think from unbalanced to balanced there would be any drastic improvement. Supe soft wide bor tips means the silicone and the steam of the tip should be soft. But wide bore is must.
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