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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. courierdriver
    Just received my 2.5 mm balanced ISN C16 and an iem case from Penon audio which I bought on Aliexpress on March 29 2019. Shipping info stated it would arrive to me here in Canada between April 27-May 24 2019. Got it today...less than 2 weeks later. Just regular shipping via Hong Kong/Xpress post. They even marked the customs docs as "gift" and put a declared value of $10 USD. No extra fees, just landed safely in my mailbox. I'm very impressed with how quickly this got here. Bought this to use with my Kanas Pro. Here are some pics:
    This is with the stock Lyre 3.5 mm single ended cable. Next is with the C16.
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  2. courierdriver
    20190410_155736.jpg 20190410_170746.jpg
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  3. Zeff
  4. hakuzen
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  5. Kenneth Galang
    are there any cables made to fit QDC iems?
  6. rustyvinyl
    Have been running in my 160 for 3days already.
    I'm not sure if it's due to PCOCC or what....this cable sounded more detail and transparent. I didn't expect a cable to be able do that. Maybe all the while I've been using sub par ones :)
    It's a good match with e4000.
    Only complain is the very stiff heat shield at the mmcx. Can't get a good seal if you're out and about. I removed them.
    Great quality connectors.
    Good buy and thanks for the recommendation hakuzen!
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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  7. Palash
    Yes ISN S8 with 3.5 mm and mmcx available.
  8. hakuzen
    added resistance measurements of cables 060, 061, 062, and 063 to my list. they are budget nicehck cables.
    060 (copper 8 cores) could be the best conductivity and plugs in <$10 price segment (you can get it <$8). acceptable sound.
    061 (spc 8 cores) conductivity is quite worse, but price is also appealing.
    once again, not impressed with 16 cores versions. copper version has even worse conductivity than its 8 cores sibling. but sound is decent.
    all them are very soft and flexible.
    (lists links can be found in my signature)
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  9. Zerohour88
    I ordered the 061 from 27/3 sale, but still have not got it. Pity about the conductivity though.
  10. bk123
    I got no 063 from your list and it is better than my stock cable at least. I thought the blue dot meant +ve pin. I have no measurement tool and was guessing the blue dot as positive pin.
    Thank you for letting us know that the blue dot indicates -ve pin.
    My next target is number 130 from your list.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  11. superuser1
    Actually when it comes to these chi-fi cable makers the blue dot is really a mess. I have come across cable makers who dont follow this rule. It's best to have a small cheap multimeter if you buy a lot of after market cables.
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  12. koven Contributor
    Any 2-pin 0.75mm will fit. Standard is 0.78mm though so you'll need to specify your order. Most cable makers offer the option.
  13. Kenneth Galang
    fair. how about the UE styled connector? with the recessed (or protruded) pin and reversed polarity? can I just request that as well?
  14. hakuzen
    there are few cables terminated with 2pins housing. kz zsn and new kz zs10pro use that kind of termination, so you could search "zsn cable"; but the results are cheap cables (kz, jc ally, xltrade..). you can also search for QDC or anole at lunashops (4 cables available, atm), or at aliexpress.
    you can use any other 2pins termination (0.75mm, or even 0.78mm probably), although the connection won't be as secure as with 2 pins housing, and the result will be longer.
    edit: guess cables for some tfz also works, if the size of the cavity matches with qdc.
    this cable, for example, isn't bad (i've just received it):

    edit2: about polarity, the only way to ensure is using cables where QDC shows in their description. otherwise, look for straight plugs with no ear guides (well, ear guides can be removed or remolded)
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  15. Slater
    I’m sure there will be more cable choices coming with the ZSN style plug. KZ is making more of their IEMs with that style of plug.
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