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Koss Portapro Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fewtch, Oct 15, 2005.
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  1. HiCZoK
    No difference
  2. SHAMuuu
    4real? That is crazy cool. It would pull in many into this world of madness :D
  3. gazzington
    Wow these sound great for the price. Playing some metal through fiio x5iii with these. Wow
  4. Saoshyant
    Just received the Massdrop Porta Pro X. Very initial impressions felt a little veiled using iDSD Black Label, but I've also been listening to Cypherus Audio's Campfred 2 a lot lately, so I can see where I'd get that impression.
  5. lixoke
  6. dorino
    My chi-fi IEMs broke relatively shortly after purchase, so I went ahead and got some PortaPros. Disappointed that I missed out on the Massdrop deal, because the inline mic and thicker cable/y-joint is definitely preferred. And the sleek all-black look is cool.

    But, Amazon has them on sale for 28 dollars here. So I picked up a pair.
  7. matrigs
  8. ilmothedude
    Koss Porta Pro was my first better headphone, and I was experimenting with them a lot with kramer mod and various earpad mods. I loved the way they sounded, but I eventually bought more expensive and better headphones and forgot porta pros. Last year I interested in porta pros again and I bought black edition from local shop. I did kramer mod and made better earpads aswell, but I were quite underwhelmed how they sounded. I of course thought that I simply had "outgrew" of them because I have listened so much higher end phones. But I definitely remembered they should've sounded better than that. Anyway I put them aside for quite long time, until recently I thought maybe I should apply some proper burn-in, and yesterday night I still wasn't pleased with their sound, and I picked up my beyer dt150 and listened them couple hours´and left portas playing on my desk with over my preferred volume level. After I stopped listening my beyers and was about to go to sleep, I checked out how portas sound now. What a surprise, sound was improved pretty much now. Bass had calmed down, became more precise and mids and treble were a lot better, refined and clear. Soundstage feels more airy. Feels like now my porta pros sound like they did back in my early headphone days! I never ever have noticed such effect in burning-in headphones.
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  9. trellus
    Today, Koss introduced the Koss Porta Pro Wireless! With BT 4.1 and AptX.... :)


    • Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones
    • Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X
    • 12+ Hour Battery Life (recharageable)
    • In-Line Controls (Play/Pause, Start/Stop, Volume, Answer/End, etc.)
    • Integrated Microphone
    • Comfort Zone setting on temporal pad
    • Collapsible design for compact storage

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  10. dafos58
    The Porta Pro never stops to amaze me!!
  11. HiCZoK
    NO WAY !!!!!!
    Holy **** this is exactly what I wanted. Wonder if these would work with PC and Ps4. Any ideas?

    Waiting for proper review. if these sound like real deal then we might have the best headphone ever
  12. Saoshyant
    It's tempting. It's awfully tempting, but something like a Fiio BTR1 would work too, and I already have a couple Porta Pros.
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  13. Fuzziekiwi
    I assume lifetime warranty as well? These are a steal then.

    EDIT: NOPE. One year warranty.
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
  14. HiCZoK
    1 year only it seems. Well they cannot give lifetime. The thing have batteries
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  15. trellus
    I think one year, that's standard for all Koss headphones with a battery -- so that's not really new. I have a pair of Koss BT540i over-ear wireless headphones.
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