1. crz

    Looking for durable, on ear, under $50

    That don't fall off. I'm using them for sprinting and will be throwing them in my backpack often so durability is a must. I don't like iems. What are my options?
  2. slair76116

    Quick Question on using the Senn ie80 for workouts

    Will the moisture damage the ie80's if I take them to the gym ?   Will I better off buying a Koss PortaPro or KCS75 for my workouts?   Please feel free to recommend another headset if you think the two Koss models are outdated.   Thanks.
  3. shorty920

    Recommend Me a Headphone with a good Mic for about... $50

    My mom likes to sing songs on her iphone and record herself. She's using the earbuds with mic that came with the iphone 5, but she wants something over the ear and better. The budget I've set a budget of about $50, but if it's really worth the extra money to upgrade, we can go over. We like...
  4. Doorbell

    How do the Koss Portapros compare to Grado SR60i?

    I'm looking for something portable that sounds great for Metal/Thrash/Punk Rock. The SR60i's sound absolutely amazing but are kind of annoying to take out because of the long cord. I was thinking of the Portapros because they are cheap and supposedly sound good. Are the mids as forward as they...
  5. Dutchy18

    KOSS portaPro or sannheiser hd 201/202/205

    Hey. Im looking for headphones for work (im a programmer). looking for some thing which will prevent as much distraction from the outside as possible. And, i need to be able to wear it for hours with as much comfort.   Music i hear : country, classic rock, classical. i dont hear any hip-hop...
  6. h8uthemost

    Portapros or Senn PX-100

    Both are in about the same price range at the big A, so these are the two I'm looking at. I'm just looking for a portable, comfortable, and good sounding pair of headphones(that I'll be using with either my Android, Sansa Clip, or Cowan D2) for work. I listen to mostly jazz and blues, but i do...
  7. Tabinhu

    Gym usage - around 50$

    What would be the best option for gym usage? I need something practical, not very expensive
  8. Smugsie

    Bulk buying headphones as a christmas gift

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to ship a a few friends as set of headphones that are across the world. Does anyone know a decent headphone that's under ~$40 that I can buy 5 pairs of? They're not audiophiles, but none of them have over ear headphones that sound decent. They're all using skullcandy...
  9. erikzen

    Aiwa XP-500

    I knew it was around here someplace... I just found my old portable CD player. It's an Aiwa XP-500 manufactured in June 1995. I quickly listened to it from the headphone jack and from the line out using my Super Mini V4, my PX200s and my PortaPros. It sounds pretty good but I don't have time...
  10. h8uthemost

    Koss portapro 25th anniversary edition

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of these at a decent price? I've always wanted a pair of portapros, so i think I'm going to go with the black ones instead of the originals, if i can... I mean I'm sure I could open a thread in the market here and someone will have a pair to sell, but i want...
  11. audiomonkey

    Do the KOSS Portapros have the same cushioning as the Sportapros?

    I've had a pair of Sportapros for the past 4 years and my main gripe about them is they start to hurt my ears after an hour or so.   I purchased some Bose AE (I know they are hated here) because they are very comfortable.  Problem with these is after an hour or so, my ears start to sweat.      ...

    Recabling KOSS PortaPros for headphone/microphone cell phone use..

    Hey Everyone!!   I'm a complete novice when it comes to phones and solder.. but I've been wanting to turn my KOSS PortaPros into a headphone/microphone combo for my cellphone. I dont neccesarily want to attach a boom mic.. I'd much rather it be the hanging mic that's part of the wire.   Any...
  13. Heyyoudvd

    Best upgrade from KSC75s in the sub-$150 price range?

    Hi, I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've been stricken with a case of upgradeitis, so I thought I'd ask for advice. I'm looking for a new pair of everyday headphones to use on the bus/subway. Here are a few details:     1. My current portable setup consists of the Koss KSC75 (which...
  14. cameron262

    Portable Earphones Under £70

    Hello,   I'm looking for some portable (probably in-ear) headphones for around £70 (GBP).   I listen to a range of music, mostly folk, rock, and some rap and electronic music. Treble is probably slightly higher priority than bass but obviously ideally I'd like good bass too!   My main pair...
  15. Sha

    Question about Koss PortaPros - buzzing?

    Hi, I purchased a pair of Koss PortaPros a month or so ago, and for the most part I've been really happy with them. However, I've noticed that every once in a while for songs with heavy, sustained bass, I get a little buzzing in (I think) just the right earphone. I use them with a...
  16. NewbNewb

    Koss Sportapro vs Portapro

    Well, personally even though portapro is NOT meant for sports they work just fine since I use them for jogging. However, their 'sturdy' built quality "cough" broke when I tripped. So I got my sportapro and tried em on to see if there is any kind of difference.     Built Quality and...
  17. AzraelDarkangel

    A review/comparison of the inexpensive Audio-Technica ATH-M2X

    For comparison, I have previously owned; Sony MDR-V6, Koss PortaPro, Grado SR60 and SR80. All without any dedicated amplification usually straight out of my Optimus CD3400 cd player (raved about in Stereophile 15yrs back). Primarily listening to industrial and metal. Anything from Metallica to...
  18. dilshant

    Which one of these headphones would match my requirement? :)

    Hi everyone!   I am a newbie and basically my requirement is: - Headphones under $50 - Good bass with decent highs and mids - Listen to pop, rock, gospel, hip-hop, rap - Should be comfortable to have on - Should work without needing an external amp - Source of music is a Creative...
  19. 3lfl0rd

    upgrade from portapros?

    so i have owned the koss porta pros for about one year and i would like to upgrade headphones. i have a budget of ~$100. the reason why i want new headphones is: -better sound quality -less sound leakage -some more sound isolation if it is possible at this price range -i would prefer...
  20. sulachhan

    Do Koss portapro and sony mdr xb500 has same sound signature?? Which one is best??

    I am absoulutely beginner in this area and i have owned koss portapro and sony mdr xb500 and my question is that i do not find any difference in sound between these two headphones??What should be the next upgrade from these headphones??
  21. darinf

    San Diego Head-Fi Meet: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

    ***Update*** Date has been changed to Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. Sorry about that.   OK, here it is, finally!   ***Update*** I have confirmed a location and time for the meeting:   The meet will be from 11:00am until 4:30pm on Saturday, November 3rd.   The meet will be held...
  22. Doc-holliday

    OVER-PERFORMING, OVER-ACHIEVING Headphones/IEMs for their price range. Top cost effective cans/IEMS

    NOTE: I have been keeping this updated periodically. I am hoping it is helpful to someone. IF SO please post something even if it is brief so I know people are using it. Thanks. Useful links: Tyll's wall of fame Joker'ss 260+ IEM Review. Joker's 100+ Portable Headphone reviews The reason I am...
  23. pastuch

    Joggers: V-Moda M-80 Crossfade vs Sennheiser HD25-IIs

    I regularly run with my headphones. IEMs are horribly uncomfortable for me. I sweat a lot. I had the HD-25s for over a year and they were great but they were recently stolen. I really enjoyed the clarity of them but found the soundstage a little lacking and I wanted a bit more bass.    Would...
  24. Stommager

    Thoughts on sound stage and listener's concentration level.

    Hi!   I would like to share with You my recent thoughts regarding headphone's sound stage.   I like to distinguish two types of listening to music based on level of attention I pay. For each type I have a different gear with specific sound properties. First case is when I sit and listen...
  25. Namyekins

    Looking for sturdy Porta-Pro replacers

    Hey, I could use some advice regarding portable headphones. I did some searching on my own, but I didn't really spot anything that really fits my particular needs.   I've been a long time user of the Koss Porta Pros as my go-to portable headphones. Sound-wise, they've worked perfectly for my...