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JH Audio JH-3A

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  1. nc8000 Contributor
    I think the latest estimate is that they might ship in time for Christmas
  2. sling5s
    the seven week estimate from jaime makes it second week of december. 
  3. Kunlun

    Hmmm, an excellent time to enjoy a smoothie.

  4. singh
    Yeah , Christmas would be a fine occasion for the 3A to launch,
    BTW , are not they worried about reviews , i mean should not the reviewers receive it already.(as its under production now)
  5. singh
    BTW I was thinking, why is every one recommending digital input for the 3A, i mean sure digital input is better than giving line out from portable players. but what if i have a $2500 DAC thats surely better than the 3a's internal dac Right ...or am i missing some thing here?
    also the lets consider the HM801, it has digital coax out put as well as a very good DAC( thats said to rival the lineouts of pritty good DACs.
    So it might be the case that the HM801's DAC is better than 3A.,
    NOTE: sorry if this has been discussed earlier
  6. Bina
    HM 801 doesnt have digital output.
    If you are feeding Jh-3a with analog signal, it must go over A/D convertion to Jh-3a DAC, because signal must go over DSP. So everytime, jh-3a dac is used, digital input is simply the best solution.
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  7. singh
    SO thats the deal , thankyou for your quick, precise and complete response .
    ( and sorry for the assumption that HM that HM801 has a coax output)
  8. Anaxilus
    I think its not quite agreed that the 801 DAC is that special.  Some feel the 602 has a better DAC.
  9. singh
    Really, its said that HM801's DAC rivals some of the best stand alone DACs and povides wide and good soundstage.!
  10. Trogdor
    Does anyone have ANY update?  Is beginning of December an attainable target now?
  11. dallan Contributor


  12. sling5s
    Yes, I would love an updated estimated from JH. They should have a more accurate projection. 

  13. blessingx Contributor

    Called a week ago about possibly upgrading my JH13s instead of having both (well, JH13 and JH3A+JH16), and was told if I did they didn't need the JH13s until 'late this month' so as an early order I assume early December is still on.
  14. Jimmyz
    I am guessing that the 3A uses a proprietary cable, meaning that I can't later upgrade (or am I wrong). And if so, is the cable supplied the same cable that comes with the standard JH 16s or something different/"better"?
  15. nc8000 Contributor
    Yes the cable is special but Craig from Whiplash will offer a TWag cable also for JH-3A
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