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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. ObeySilva
    I'm currently looking for a replacement for my ATH-CKS77x, I was etching towards the Sony MDR-XB90EX but since they're currently outside of my price range, I was wondering whether you could recommend anything for £100 and under (approx. $134)
  2. ehjie
    It's too bad, haven't auditioned the A5. But i got a pair of W50s, you won't be disappointed.
  3. powerskunk
    Gracias, compra el irm r1
  4. Stfr1908
    I'm looking for bluetooth in ears/earbuds for my gym sessions. Which in ears/buds with deep bass are recommended? Budget max €200,-
  5. pbui44
    Check out the TFZ Exclusive 5 in-ears (careful with these, as the earbud can get detached from the cable and get lost or connector can be broken):


    Add an KZ 2-pin Bluetooth w/ mic cable:


    If buying from Penon Audio, add their free 5yr-anniversary gift (suggestion: add the free case):

  6. dilidani
    Guys, which is the bassiest one from the TFZ portfolio?
    Or, anything around 100-150 dollars max? 2 pin detach cable, and proper noise isolation is an advantage.
  7. mayorblurps
    Can't speak to the TFZ series as I haven't tried them but my recommendation is to find a pair of JVC fx850 woodies. You still get removable cables (mmcx though) and the best warm, bassy sound and fantastic timbre I've ever heard from an IEM. The only minor thing that takes away from the experience is the size and shape of the wooden shells but then again they wouldn't perform as they do if designed differently.

    A bit above your stated budget but check the FS listings here. Apologies in advance since you are asking for TFZ but I just haven't had the best experience with any of the cheaper Chi Fi stuff. Hope you find what you are looking for!
  8. Nabillion_786
    Hi,I need serious help. Im looking for an upgrade over my rock jaw Alfa genus V2. My preferred signature is alot of bass with thick mids, not vshaped and relaxed treble. I also have dunu titan 3 but don't like it due too a very thin midrange. Is the kc09 the answer or any other recommendations? Thanks
  9. D3soLaT3
    May I ask where you saw the ex700LP for $80? I found one that wasn't a fake on eBay and it just sold for $125+. having problems finding another. Thanks in advance.
  10. harishmirror
    Same boat as you, let my friend borrow my EX700 and he misplaced it. He is ready to buy me one, unable to find one now
  11. audiohol
    Any thoughts on the campfire Audio Atlas? Heard its bass is even better than vega.
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  12. warrior1975
    What's up guys? Been off the forums for a while. Both my parents we're very ill, and unfortunately my mom passed away. I obviously took it pretty hard and kind of turned into a hermit for a while. I'm back now (obviously)...thought I'd pop in on my favorite head-fi thread and say hello, see what's new in the basshead iem world. Read some reviews, watch some solid reviews from a guy named @Hawaiibadboy, I really enjoy that guy's video reviews a lot. Lol

    Some nice new gear out I see...so rather than waste any more time, figured I'd update my audio gear. Empire Ears Legend X is incoming, will be here Monday. Universal, 2.5mm jack.
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  13. talan7
    Welcome back, we missed you! Sorry to hear about your parents. I lost my younger brother earlier this year so I understand. I picked up the IMR R1, it’s basshead for sure, but I’ve kind of switched back to over ears with the purchase of the Klipsch HP3. Awesome headphone. The iSine 20 is also great, as well as hifiman he560.
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  14. warrior1975
    Damn, that sucks. My condolences bro. Parents you know it's inevitable but siblings, especially younger, and when we aren't at that age, hard. I'll take a look at your suggestions. Thanks bro.
  15. vincent9669
    Hi guys, looking for a pair of IEM to be used without amp/dac my budget is 500$ (maybe more if needed). Listening mostly EDM Hardstyle.
    I’m also an owner of a pair of fidelio x2 and I’m looking for something with more bass (I often found my self pushing the speaker to my ears haha) .
    I don’t really care about fidelity I’m all about that bass for this buy. Regards!
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