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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
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  1. ruhenheiM
    sr60 for me. if you only focus on non-i models, it is possible sr60 and sr80 shared the same drivers especially since from the old grado website from the "features" specs basically the only difference just the earpad. if you want to go cheaper and just want to try mod some grado, igrado would be one of the options since grado stated igrado utilize sr60 driver
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  2. zombywoof
    The title of the thread is "Grado Fan Club!" You appear to be a fan, so this topic qualifies.

    I purchased various SR60 and SR80, and even an SR125, on ebay a couple years ago as my first attempts to mod. Never cared much weather they were e, i, or no letter. A former coworker with a small machine shop in his garage and I put together a half dozen or so pairs with aluminum cups...have given them all away since then...modded some of them with new cables, added and removed dynamat (and other acoustic materials), and never had an issue with breaking anything...and we were absolute newbies. Had to re-solder wires to the drivers on a couple pairs. Always found the best way to take the cups apart was with a hair dryer and gentle persuasion. Not sure we ever payed any attention to which model we had. We bought the cheapest we could find on ebay at the time and never had any issues. Not sure if we really improved anything, but had some fun. I still have the SR125's and have since switched then out with some wooden cups...still use them regularly. I recall paying $90 for the SR125, and they were in ratty condition, but they worked. If you are patient, you should be able to get the SR60 or SR80 below $50. I recently bought a pair of SR80 for $50 (no e on the buttons, don't know the model), plugged them in to be sure they worked, and immediately took them apart. I am sanding and painting the outer most section of the cups with deep a red pearlescent (spelling?) paint and clear coat. Why? I thought it would look cool. Will also replace the plastic screen with a metal screen. Will they sound better than when I got them...probably not. I like to tinker. Will probably end up giving these away eventually and the recipient will have a one of a kind awesome sounding pair of headphones.
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  3. audiobomber
    I like the sound of my SR60 more than a friend's SR80e.
  4. ParaLoganGrado
    SR60 original? I’d love to hear some of the prestige series.

    Does anyone remember which drivers were the most valuable in the early ones? I remember hearing something about black ones maybe. Either way, I am afraid to pick up a used pair of SR60s or 80s to play with and then end up loving them.

    Knowing me, I’ll probably love the HF3s when they get hear from the loaner program and want to buy them (I’ll justify to to myself as a ‘Christmas gift for my son’ for when he gets older, haha.)

    At the same time, I imagine a nice DAC/Amp combo could help me get the most outta my current cans, not that they sound bad. Ive been thinking about a way to build an adapter to run them directly off my power amps. I’ve got:

    Parasound Classic 2125v2: 225w x2 @4 ohms
    Adcom GFA-1A: 350w x2 @4 ohms
    Carver PM-600: 300w x2 @4 ohms

    I know the noise floor will be higher on these amps because of the higher gain, so was thinking of a sort of L-Pad that you use to quiet down a tweeter for instance in a two way speaker. I know I’d need to apply some parallel resistance across the terminals, plus some series resistance to lower the volume but figuring out the correct values for each leg of the “voltage divider” requires some math I’ll have to look up. In doing so however that additional impedance would be decreasing the damping factor significantly (I know it’s not as important as sales brochures imply), but would that negate the benefits of using a high power amp? Another option would be to find a matching transformer. But one that can handle that much power and current would be ridiculously big and/or expensive for 20Hz-20kHz and would add its own coloration to the sound.

    Ok now I’m rambling, I’ll have to research this more unless someone has tried it before.
  5. ruhenheiM
    black star and pink driver. rarely cheap though

    maybe you want to check this one out
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  6. trellus
    Well, I'm really behind on this thread lol... but I think the question was which ones do you use, not which ones you have :p Of course, I haven't used my beloved SR325 in a few months... but I did use the Alessandro MS2i just two nights ago.
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  7. HungryPanda
    I actually just recieved the RS2e and that is getting a lot of headtime. Vocals are just superb.
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  8. ParaLoganGrado
    I was pretty much dead-set on buying a new pair of RS2e, but I saw a pretty good price on the GH2s on fleaBay and figured the extra bass couldn't hurt! I work from home often and on those days, they are literally on my head the entire time besides conference calls. I'm still curious about them, though!
  9. ParaLoganGrado
    Thanks, @ruhenheiM

    I'm pretty familiar with the L-Pad / voltage divider circuit -- just wish there was an easy calculator to do the math lol. I'm also still curious if the additional impedance will make a noticeable impact on the damping factor, which again when you include the impedance of the driver and cables themselves into the equation amounts to a negligible delta, seems like it might not matter much. On the flip side, there still might not be much of a benefit of using a big power amp with the circuit anyway other than saving a couple hundred $$ on a dedicated headphone amp.
  10. dr cornelius
  11. bozebuttons
  12. audiobomber
    I purchased SR60 headphones over 20 years ago. They came with soft pads, but the original soft pads were much softer and don't pick up debris like the current Grado S-pads. The original SR60 pads are still in good physical condition. but faded to ugly brown and black. I bought new Grado S-pads last year but I prefer WinnerEco pads because they're more comfortable and sound better. The old pads still sound best but live in a drawer, because they've just gotten too ugly to wear.

    Even though I have much higher quality headphones, I still use the SR60 because they're so damned comfortable, a good rest from my more clampy and obtrusive headphones. I travel with them because they're so easy to drive, and I don't worry much about them getting damaged or lost. They sound way better than my Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic IEM's, even with my tablet or Samsung phone. Also, they sound really good with lossy compressed music. The punchy sound of the SR60 makes up for lack of impact in MP3 and AAC files.

    Corey Greenburg quote:
    "I'm finally starting to field some outstanding budget products—the $230 NHT SuperZeros and $650 SW2P powered subwoofer, the $299 NAD 502 CD player and $379 304 integrated amplifier, and the $62 Kimber PBJ interconnect. Now I can add the $69 Grado SR60 headphones to the list."

    In its time, that was one hell of a list, and the SQ would easily stand up to today's comparable gear.
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  13. Billylights
    I have the original SR225s (no I or E, bought in 2008) that I've only recently started to appreciate. Probably less than 25 hours on them so I'm hoping they'll only get better with more use. Been reaching for them for certain types of music - acoustic and classical (mostly vocal) and enjoy the detail. Also researching some of their other offerings.
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  14. gregorya
    Quote from review:

    "They set the standard to beat in every area but one—comfort! They grip your head like the T. Rex gripped the lawyer's head in Jurassic Park."

    Seems that they didn't know to stretch the headband (if needed) back then either.... some things never change... :wink:
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  15. ParaLoganGrado

    Welp, I'm officially old (for someone in his mid 30's I suppose). I frequently get the "Grattle" (or so I thought) due to a piece of dust or something inside the headphone, or even worse. I tried giving a solid thwack to the back of / front of the ear piece. I tried blowing into the back of the can, and shaking them to get rid of it and put them back on and be fine for a while. Then I realized that it was the hair on my ears that kept poking through the cloth grill onto the driver that's making that noise.

    Is this what it's like when you start aging? My knees already crack fairly often. Can't wait for whats next! At least my hearing is still above average and I can enjoy them...
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