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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. fleasbaby
    Could you link to the article? Haven't managed to catch any notes on it....just heard he was "...aware of who his market is..."
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  2. Amish
    I use the G cush on my 325is. I like them. I pretty much have to run the G cush on everything because the L cush hurts my little ears. I found the g cush to really help with the 325 myself.
  3. AudioDwebe
    Great news (at least for me and I'm sure many others): Just received an email that my HF3 has shipped.

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  4. Nick
    Test, sorry
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  5. Nickelodeon
    Hi fleasbaby,

    There is a series of ten articles, written by Grover Neville, covering CanJam SoCal 2019 published on the headphone review website inner/FIDELITY:


    The particular passage where the review of the Grado FH-3 occurs is in the fifth article published on June 27th:


    To quote the complete conversation (and review of the FH-3) that Grover Neville had while at the Grado Labs booth:

    "Next up was a company I had not expected to see at this CanJam, or really any CanJam ever. Grado Labs had a separate room outside the main event space, showing their third Head-Fi collaboration headphone, the HF-3, as well as a variety of the rest of their lineup and a few special editions. I have to admit the Harley-Davidson cups made from motorcycle pistons were kind of neat – at least from a design perspective – and I got to see their Oreo collaboration headphone, which while perhaps a little silly, was kind of fun as well. I spoke with Johnathan Grado a bit there and I get the distinct impression that he knows exactly how his headphones sound and are perceived, and that there’s some very intentional and focused product design going on here.

    I came away with a lot more respect for Grado’s design abilities, both after this conversation and after listening to the HF-3 Head-Fi collaboration. It looks much like a simpler RS headphone, and sounds nothing like any other Grado that I’ve heard. Theres smooth, balanced, bass, a relaxed midrange and open and very smooth treble. All of it does a great job of sounding both natural and clear, with a surprisingly good stage depth. No, bass didn’t extend to the most titanic low notes, it still had those awful foam pads and the overall sound profile isn’t going to give you HD800 levels of sound staging, but this thing certainly sounds like a headphone designed by folks who know what a competent modern headphone should sound like. While I feel I have a better understanding of what Grado’s target audience is, the HF-3 left me wishing they would do collaborations and on-off products like this more often.

    The folks at Grado mentioned that 100 per cent of the proceeds from the headphone will go to a charity selected by them and Head-Fi – pretty upstanding of them in my opinion. One of the Grado employees mentioned they were considering a foundation for hearing injuries and diseases, which seems like a perfect choice to me. Lots of respect to Grado labs and Head-Fi for doing a good thing with this collaboration, both in terms of sound and the charitable donation."

    The only correction I would make to what was written in the article, "100 per cent of the proceeds from the headphone will go to a charity selected by them [Grado] and Head-Fi", should insead read, "From each sale $100 will be contributed, in the name of the Head-Fi community and Grado, to a worthy charity to be determined." [The correction is quoted from the Grado FH-3 order page on Grado Labs' website.]
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  6. fleasbaby
    Ah! I read that one, but didn't think too hard about the inferences. You summarized it nicely....funny thing was, I heard the HF3 as well, on the first day, (was the first person into the Grado room :)) and I commented that it sounded brassy. Rich Grado said that they knew and were working on it. I wonder if a tweaked version was brought out later...overall I liked them, and also noted the better soundstage personally. I figured once they tuned them a little they would be pretty damn good.
  7. Audio Addict Contributor
    So who has ordered the HF-3?
  8. elira
    I have. I liked the sound and that it’s light weight. Seems like a nice option for a portable headphone.
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  9. Mightygrey
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  10. mks100
    Mine is scheduled to arrive Tuesday. I'll be away on Business so will not see them until Thursday.
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  11. Audio Addict Contributor
    I should have said I have.
  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    Those look awesome but the price is definitely in the high category. Can't imagine someone buying them for the wireless Grados.
  13. ProzacMessiah
    I have. I haven't received a shipping notification yet.
  14. Amish
    I have as well. And I too have not received notice of shipment. I assume those that ordered at canjam will get theirs shipped first. I ordered mine as soon as the link was posted on head-fi.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  15. ESL-1
    At least one of the three HF3 phones at the show did have significant playtime on them, I would estimate at more than 150 hours. Do not know on the other two, they possibly had little or none. That said, my experience had them quite good out of the box but they evolved a good bit in the time given. A superb value and a good cause.

    I am really looking forward to when the first buyers receive their phones and start to share impressions........

    Tick, tock..........
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019

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