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  1. DavidA
    I think you mean change the ear pads, if so then I would suggest some cheap generic G pads from ebay for $4-6 / pair
  2. George Taylor
    There you go. I pretty much have over ear cans besides the new Grados. But yes, that's what I did mean.
  3. joseph69
  4. ruhenheiM
  5. joseph69
    Very interesting. I like the fact that these hang near the ears...I like to listen with my Grados as with the headband fitting as loosely as possible, as if their just hanging on my ears. When I had the Abyss here, I actually enjoyed listening to them with the cups angled away from the front of my ears, just being held on my head from right behind the ears as if I didn't have anything on my ears. Thanks for the heads up, I'm tempted to give these a go!
  6. ruhenheiM
    yes. it's the principle of jecklin float headphone. and this one just like akg k1000. the designer and engineer who made this actually the one who working for k1000. this is probably the one headphone in years that i really anticipate. anyway they going to be in RMAF show, you should give it a try. also i think it's already the final product. they already started the production if i'm not mistaken

    and yes the price.... i know i know
  7. ruhenheiM
  8. joseph69
    Yeah, it's a bit pricey for sure. If I decide to make the purchase I'll need to ask about their return policy.
  9. ostewart
    My SR60e woody was not sounding great with my OTL amp, so bring in the desktop O2 amp I've just built, this is what I was looking for :D

    from headnhifi:

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  10. clundbe
    Hi. As being addicted to collect limited edition of Grado, I have posted a wanted thread for the thailand edition HP. Any thai speaking folks here that can get me in connection with a seller? Thanks !
  11. joseph69
    How's the Libere X sounding?
  12. clundbe
    Their still in transit. Somewhere across the pasific.
  13. HungryPanda
    The wait must be torture :)
  14. clundbe
    The x liberte arrived today and I had 1 hour listening with them. Superlight and with the red driver. I was playing Biosphere, Marconi Union and Loscil and on electronica they was fantastic. I prefered the flat deluxe on these headphones. Gave more bass. Will try out other pads after heavy burnin through the night. With no surprice, they had the Grado sound. Forward. Emailed Grado, but they wouldnt give me any info about these. Only that they were limited and not for sale .
  15. ruthieandjohn
    I am giving serious consideration to putting up my collection of the four versions of the top-of-the-(Prestige)-line SR325s for sale.

    WHY??? And why me, who has accumulated a collection of nearly every Grado I can get my hands upon???

    I will be moving across the country in about 2 years, and I want to trim down my headphone collection prior to the move. Of the Grado SR325s, the one that I use almost exclusively is the SR325i (the gold one created in 2003 for Grado's 50th, or Golden, Anniversary). I was fortunate to find a SECOND one of them, which I will keep and use, but I will include my original one in the sale.

    I have the original SR325 of 1993, the 50th anniversary SR325i of 2003, the version released in 2008 to "correct" the brightness of the SR325i, called the SR325is, and the current SR325e, released in 2014. There is a black anodized aluminum version of the original SR325 that predates the one that I have, but I do not have that one.

    I took particular care to build this collection of SR325s, as some are particularly hard to find. For example, the SR325is that I have happens to be the rarer shiny chrome one, rather than the satin-finished sandblasted one. The SR325i Golden Anniversary headphone is the brightest sounding of ALL the Grados (not just the SR325 series), and is not often available, and the original SR325, being nearly 25 years old now, is rarely found for sale.

    The question that I have is... is there any additional value for someone obtaining the four versions of the Grado SR325 as a set, rather than just four separately-sold SR325(x) headphones? I'd appreciate your advice.


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