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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. chinmie
    what wired iem do you use? if you have a single DD or a not so sensitive IEM, try the BT20S route. i now mainly use it for my EDC (and my trusty Nillkin Go when isolation is not necessary). charging is a bit of a hassle that i cut the rubber flap and put those magnet charger on it, but the battery practically can go a day of use (always on standby and 8 hours of play)
  2. chinmie
    there's slight noise with the included micro driver iem? have you tried it wired to your DAP and check the sensitivity /volume level? with the cheaper TRN BT20/BT20S, there is no hiss at all with single DDs, but there's quite noticable hiss with my DM6, and a very faint /barely noticeable hiss with my Hisenior B5+. can you please try the TM2 with your other IEMs to see about the hiss level?

    i was planning to buy the TM2 a few months ago when i went to Japan, but they're out of stock. i was planning to stick my ER4XR with it, so i would love to hear your feedback about the hiss level
  3. clerkpalmer
    Looks like the Klipsch have been delayed to 10/1 per amazon. Must be experiencing issues getting them ready for the public.
  4. jeffri
    Yeah, I'll give it a try. Sensitivity-wise on the TM2, the included IEM is only slightly less sensitive than my U12, I use it just one or two click more volume than U12.

    I have FD01 and FX850 for another dynamic driver to try. Maybe Flares Pro too, but I'll see if their mmcx male end could fit the TM2 base.
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  5. Caipirina
    People in white dancing in Paris are almost never wrong :D


    I am actually quite impressed by this, it beats the crap out of the shoddily photoshopped buds onto generic models crap we have gotten so used to ...

    Could also mean that all the money from QC went into marketing :D
  6. Boreaquis
    That's not what I meant by sleek, but you're right. :D

    The rounded shape and the strong magnet makes it a bit tricky to get the lid off at first. I'm getting better at it as well.
  7. DigDub
    The Klipsch t5? We have boxes of them lying around in shops here in Singapore. The Sony wf-1000xm3 ran out fast though.
  8. AnakChan Moderator
    So I've finally put my Fostex TM2 review up. You can find it in my sig below. These are the top tier of true wireless especially when one can pair with whatever IEMs they like. For me I'm likely to have these paired my Titans, and if I get a chance to pick up a 2-pin, then with my Traulcent Audio 1Plus2.2's.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
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  9. igorneumann
    I actually use wired bluetooth for all of those (ok, I actually dont exercice)... TWS is for work only, because I can use just 1 or put it / remove it very quickly.

    That said, I would buy a buttonless featureless TWS earphone with great SQ in a split second, even if battery life was 1,5hours.

    All I want is a good SQ in a small practical package, and nothing else.
  10. clerkpalmer
    Yes. That’s bizarre. They have not been released in the US to my knowledge.
  11. AnakChan Moderator
    They're definitely available in Asia. A Hong Kong friend of mine just asked me about it (but I've never tried them so couldn't advise her).

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
  12. igorneumann
    Trying the KZ T1... They are objectivelly good, not "good for a TWS" but good IEMs and do sound better than many wired IEMs.

    For me, we finally got there.

    Ps.: Havent tried the Sony nor the 1more, but for me, the search is over.
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  13. clerkpalmer
    Sweet. Just need mine to get off that plane. Let us know about the battery life.
  14. crezo
    Good to hear, I've got eyes on these as I usually listen hybrids so these sound like they'd be good!!

  15. jeffri

    So I'm just about ready to test various IEMs with the TM2... after taking a bunch of photos, I started listening and...

    It appears the right MMCX adapter for some reason, didn't want to output sound correctly. It happens the night before when trying it into my friends FW01, but I dismiss it as oddity as it works on the included pair.

    Now, it also didn't work with the included pair anymore. The right side just won't output sound to my ear, I can wiggle it a bit and I can hear the sound on and off, but never got into a resting position where it would work. I don't see anything bend on the pin inside... oh well, I ordered a replacement adapter with Amazon Japan, so my test will be pending until that arrives.

    For now though, I give the TM2 IEM a test with cable and compare it to a few IEMs at my arsenal. This include the Fostex TE04 on the low end, JVC FX850 on mid end and JVC FD01 on the higher end. All of these are dynamic driver.

    General impression I had with the TM2 IEM is that it lacks a bit of bass, but otherwise pretty balanced. It's a bit of the thin side for me, however with great details and coherence. It might be a touch too much on upper mid for my taste, but it fell short of being sibilance, so that's good. This does reminds me of Andromeda a bit signature-wise, but of course it wasn't at that level...

    Now for comparison, first against the old sibling, Fostex TE04. Right away, I can tell that the TE04 has more bass, boomy bass. There isn't much quality in TE04 bass, so I prefer the leaner TM2 here. TE04 has a rather V-shaped sound, so it does has somewhat piercing treble, with the mid dipped quite hard. For me, there is no comparison, TM2 won.

    Next, going against FX850, it's a bit of a closer match. The FX850 score with bigger boomy bass, but with a better quality that I like. The mid is also thicker, giving a good body to vocal that I also prefer. However, FX850 fell short on the timbre which is slightly odd, maybe a bit plasticky? Not sure about the correct terms. I found the TM2 to be better timbre-wise. Technically, I think TM2 is slightly better and I do enjoy TM2 more despite me liking FX850 bass and mids.

    Finally, against the FD01, the JVC do have more bass, but it wasn't boomy. This is a cleaner, well extended bass, that the TM2 somehow lack. The mids are slightly thicker on FD01, but neither is on thick side. Treble on FD01 is just right for me, TM2 is slightly more elevated I think, but still within my tolerance. Now, FD01 is also a better IEM in terms of technicality and details, so here I do prefer FD01.

    Tldr; FD01 > TM2 > FX850 > TE04

    Both FD01 and TM2 are harder to drive, I'm hovering around 45/60 on my Onkyo Granbeat at normal gain. The TE04 is around 41-42, while FX850 is around 38.

    In short, I think the TM2 included IEM is really good, well competitive at this price even without the Bluetooth module. However, I didn't expect it to sound this way with cable, I don't remember it sounding thin when using the Bluetooth set, not thick either, but just about right. I can't confirm right now though with my right adapter busted.

    Oh well, I'll enjoy it with my U12 for the week. :)

    Also fun fact: the TM2 MMCX adapter won't work with Fostex TE04. It won't click into place. Further investigation shows that the TE04 cable has slightly longer MMCX head, maybe like 0.3mm or something. This is weird to me because... both are FOSTEX! :D
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
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