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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    I actually enjoyed the MEE Cinema and find it woks great for, well, movies. :)

    Ended up giving them to my son for movies/games.

    Looking forward to the Klipsch T5 and the Bose 700 In-Ear, but man, those things are far off. They need to ramp up production like Sony!
  2. snip3r77
    What’s the sure way to get an OG anbes 359?
  3. hifi80sman
    The Jlab Air Executive is solid at $69 USD. The only thing, is the highs are a bit sharp (upper treble), so I had to EQ them down 5db or so. Call quality was decent enough, but some people said they heard a little bit of an echo.

    At $120, you could get a few nice pairs if you don't care about ambient mode. You could work the Chi-Fi trifecta of MPOW T5, Anbes 359, and Tranya T3.
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  4. hifi80sman
    Get the Kissral R18 and rub off Kissral R18. Pretty sure it's the same unit from the same OEM. Not sure "Anbes" and "Kissral" are real companies, likely just different holding entities for the same OEM in China.

    Sometimes, you'll have the same shell and the internals are different, but that's generally with a "name brand" re-brand (Raycon) vs. a Chi-Fi "company" re-brand (MEEGOOD or whatever).
  5. chinmie
    I dunked my Mifo o5 in a glass of water the first time i took it out of the box, and used them as my designated showering sessions TWS :o2smile:

    standing under the shower with music running in your ears is a great experience :o2smile::o2smile:
    the only thing that can beat that is actually swimming with earphones (i use the Sony WS410 for that)

    now I'm basically set with my current TWS collection, but the T5 is really tempting to take the place of my Mifo that i sold
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  6. wes1099
    The MPOW T5 seem like a pretty solid option. Also looking at the TFZ X1/Mifo O5. Can the BA drivers provide decent bass response? Only BA iem's i have are hybrid so they have a dynamic driver as well. Never heard a BA by itself before.
  7. chinmie
    single BA can have a good bass, but usually it will compromise by tuning it warmer and with less emphasis on the treble. the Mifo o5 pro is tuned to have a clean mids and treble, so the bass (while still adequate and present) will not be too big and extend too low
  8. HiFlight
    Are you getting both red rings when both phones are in the charger? If so, have them exchanged for a new pair. Mine work flawlessly and sound great. The app is also a huge asset.
  9. chinmie
    i bet the left side also charges quickly compared to the normal working right one? i have the same problem with my sabbat E12, turns out the battery is bad. you should better return it and get it replaced
  10. riodgarp
    did true wireless charging case has standby time? my mifo state its has 100 days standby time, I don't understand cause usually both tws and case are turned off if the battery are full on buds
  11. wes1099
    Yes, I get the red light on both ear buds when I put them in the charger. What type of poke do you use yours with? It looks like people might have better success with Jabras on android, but that might just be because most iPhone users have airpods.

    Yep, that is exactly what happens.
  12. BigZ12
    Tried another type of glue, but it was too "runny" so I ruined my Anbes... :flushed::angry::poop: (They still work, but don't look good with solidified glue "everywhere", and one cover got torn. Should've used a gel-type glue?)
    Are the rubber covers stuck for most of you??

    No comments about the Kissral / Anbes and Siri? Can anyone with Kissral confirm Siri works?
    https://www.kissral.com/products/tws-bluetooth-kissral-r18-ufo-headphones-black (this picture appears in this link)
  13. FYLegend
    Any recommendation for TWS that can be used for piano listening? So far most of the ones I've tried fail in some regard because piano notes cause clipping. The Earfun Free clips more on the left bud, it's obvious in Asience Fast Piano by Ryuichi Sakamoto, the Jabra 65t does the same thing but only on the left bud...
  14. snip3r77
    Wow you can handle the lag?
  15. Bartig
    Let's see what this does...

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