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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. jant71
    House of Marley coming with one by next month:

    LIBERATE AIR is a completely wireless earphone featuring a bamboo design on the face plate. In order to cope with the marine plastic waste problem, it was developed using environmentally friendly materials, and it uses REWIND fabric consisting of natural wood fiber composite material made from bamboo and sawdust, recyclable aluminum, and plastic bottles for the main body.
    The charging case is also eco-friendly. Bamboo is also used for the plate when the case is opened

    It is equipped with φ5.6mm driver, and Qualcomm "QCC 3020" is adopted for the Bluetooth chip. The Bluetooth version supports 5.0+ BLE and the codec supports SBC / AAC / aptX / aptXL.

    The housing has a built-in sensor that allows you to use touch control to play / stop music, send / return music, answer calls, and call Siri / Google assistant functions. In addition, IPX 4 waterproof specification that is resistant to sweat, it can be used during exercise.

    The earphone can be played continuously for up to 9 hours on a full charge, and can be used for about 32 hours in combination with the charging case. When initial pairing with the device is completed, pairing will be completed automatically just by opening the lid of the stored charging case from the next time.

    Eartips come with S / M / L sizes. Others Include the carrying case and USB TYPE-C charging cable. The mass is approximately 14g for the earphones and 58g for the case.

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  2. actorlife
    These are top 4 My TWS Overviews: Click here
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  3. hifi80sman
    $249 seems a little steep when the WF-1000XM3 retails for $229.

    Like other HoM products, this will drop in price.
  4. actorlife
    I like the wood look on the Earbuds and case. I have some wooden ones as well on a Sivga headphones and 2 IEMs. Those are gonna be Bass canons. Too expensive for me. My limit is $80.
  5. jant71
    Converts to $147 for me :)

    Even at CES..."pair of true wireless earbuds. Called the Liberate Air, the new headphones will feature seven hours of battery life, and are IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance. Bluetooth 5.0 and touch controls are built into the headphones, providing what should be great stability and ease of use. They will retail for $150, and will be available in July 2019."

    Seems they were able to up the battery 2 more hours

    Just doesn't seem to have volume which is a no-go for me.
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  6. HiFlight
    Sounds like your left earbud is not charging properly. Did you check to see if the contacts still have the small piece of clear tape still attached?
  7. oranelle
    Functional comparison: adv model x, creative outlier air(black), mpow t5
    Received t5, and gave couple of tests.
    gears: sumsang note 9(Soc 845, APTX or ACC output)
    surface 3 pro (win10)
    Garmin va3m(BT4.0, SBC?)
    Akg nc60(APTX)
    model x: my first tws. An indiegogo funding product. Supports to AAC. The reason I bought is yet negative feedback online. And their "sleeper earphone" is the top2 best sale on e-earphone.jp . My thought was if they sell earphone for sleeping and can provide customizing IEM. It will be comfortable as well for other products. The experience of pre-purchase is super. Clear nevigation on the website and msg update for the shipping. But the happiness lasts short.

    pros: 1. compact and comfort.
    2. small unit, you can still notice there are in your ears when shaking your head. So every 10min I will put em deeper when running.
    3. auto pause when remove from ears.

    cons: 1. The touch control on the left ear is defective. So difficult to hard reset, cos the left one is either unsensitive or complete no respond. (fully charged). I read the thread and found someone's another brand tws from indiegogo has the same issue. Then I knew the trick,they may original from the same place but tuned by different audio company later.
    2. My Garmin watch uses old bluetooth chip. Only works when tws master is on the left side when you wear your watch on the left. So I will not blame the tws if the master side is on the right like model x.
    3. sound is clean. I'm not an audiophile. I could only tell the sq is between sumsang's free oem earphone and the free ones from AA flight. It's not pleasure when you use only one earbud or under a high volumn. Cos the highs will be broken.
    4. price is $79. I thought it worth only $30 when compares to the latter ones.
    5. No way to turn off the earbuds and pairing a second device. You have to put back to the case, and pull it out, and turn off your first device's bluetooth.
    6. Most important. There is NO post-purchase service at all. No one reply you no matter you leave a message or send email. There is no phone# you can find on their website. That makes return service a joke. Yes, it's truely no hassle return when there is no one reply you.

    Creative outlier air
    late june batch, come with two different sizes eartips. ppl solved the connection issue. But
    1. Sound is enjoyable and close to you.
    2. The price is good by using aptx chip (QCC 302X) from a reputed company.
    3. No dropout when set left as the master to connect to my va3m.
    4. Very good service. responds within 24hrs, usually around midnight EST.
    5. I feel isolation is good which is against soundguys score.
    1. Tons of dropout when use outdoor with my note 9. Indoor is robust. But put phone in the left front pocket, set right as master. The sound is not hearable at all. Set left as master, it will be slightly better than right.
    2. comes with medium and small size tips. The left ear is good, the right tip keep scratching my ear canal. The body is pretty big and feel headache at the beginning and ear fatigue after a while. Last time I feel bluetooth headache is sony anc over the head. Also I was surprised to feel Stethoscope Effect when use this creative tws.
    3. You can set up left or right as the master. The ad says you can use up to 7hr/9hrs depending on the codec. But the pain is, your master will be dead way sooner than the slave. I have no sound of left master, but remains 40% battary for the right slave.
    4. Lights on the earbuds are horrible when you stop playing and talk to some one.

    Mpow t5
    Thanks to this thread. Let me pick up this out of numrious similar ones.
    First impression:
    Size is between model x and outlier air. This lot (order during prime day) has been well printed QCC3020 (not 26), and 5hrs life per charge(not 7). Volume control works like a charm.(only on some app/os, garmin watch cannot be remotely controlled).
    1. Enjoyable sound out of the box. more like model x, colder than creative air. More details than model x, outlier air and akg nc60. I use the same accapella to test em. First time, hear a whistle sound in the middle. Got a goose skin and jump from my chair. confirm another 2 times.
    2. No dropout in both pockets outdoor (note 9). The connection is rock solid indoor as well. You will suffer occasionally dropout when change tracks by model x.
    3. Put garmin on the left hand, the connection is ok. Start to run, you can hear some bubble's sound. I know it's beginning to throw me away. Then I slow down from pace 11.30 to 13, and it's better. But something happened after 5min, there is no dropout at all since then. I need test more time and post back.
    4. no sync issue when use youtube on ipad.
    5. fit and sealed really well by the large tips. When shaking my head and running, the earbuds like melted into the head.
    1. When I play, there is a white light flash but pretty dim.
    2. two "mpow t5" on ipad and garmin. one on note 9.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  8. hifi80sman
    Actually, I missed that it was in AUD. For me, that converts to $176. Still steep considering the WF-1000XM3 retails for $229 (will likely have frequent sales at $199, $179).

    Now, that being said, that's based on my experience with HoM in the past. Solid mid-range brand, but at 4x+ the cost of the MPOW T5 ($40), for me, I'm not too excited.

    But hey, don't get me wrong, I do appreciate new releases as you come across them!
  9. hifi80sman
    LOL! The MPOW T5 have been my daily drivers for over a week and I still love 'em, particularly the call quality.
  10. wes1099
    Yeah I've already done all of the troubleshooting. I think the battery is just bad. If I leave it charging overnight i get about 30 seconds of use before the left side starts to dramatically drop in volume.
  11. wes1099
    Do you think the Funcl W1 sound quality can compete with the Jabra?
  12. jant71
    Yep, no skin in the game. HoM has always seemed decent but not that good. Not upset if anything is ignored or panned just good to get things known.

    Doubt I'll ever go truly wireless over my SBH60 since they are much more convenient and the in-ears don't have that size soundstage and the controls are much more complicated.

    Maybe one that has a small remote so I don't have to go under a hat or push buds into my ears and the earpieces attach to each other magnetically that you can break apart to turn pause/on/off so you don't need the case at all if you so choose esp. since battery life is going closer to 20 nowadays. Oh and onboard storage to put some tunes and podcasts on without needing a device at all. Oh, and a leash attachment so you can hang them around your neck if you want. A decent EQ w/o any apps would be nice as well(Mee Cinema Ear is quite decent). :)
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  13. actorlife
    Never heard the Jabra, but from that list I think the Anbes can sure compete.
  14. Bartig
    Soundstage and especially instrument placement are ridiculously good for the price, with things like drum solos moving from left to right and proper separation between the different drums. The highs don't extend that much, yet they resolve a fair amount of detail. Heck, if you turn down the bass in an equalizer, the XG-13 actually seems to share its sound signature with the T5 and T1-Pro, but this maybe too early of a conclusion.

    First, see if you can charge them by changing their fit in the charging case. If that doesn't work, do by all means try to get a replacement. The Elite are great when it comes to comfort, battery life and call quality.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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  15. FYLegend
    Unless you care about features like ambient sound or good call quality, I'd look elsewhere. There's the Galaxy buds which is 130$ USD, but unfortunately here in Canada they're stuck at 200$ CAD.I just ordered the Jabees Firefly Pro the other day which has similar features but has Type C and wireless charging. JLab Air Executive is another budget option with ambient sound, although it is a "stem" design with a built-in type A cable.

    I get imbalance regardless what device I use (Note 9 and ASUS Zenbook Pro, both of which have BT 5.0). Sometimes it starts out badly imbalanced and settles down somewhat after a few seconds of playback. Connection is quite solid on my phone but on my laptop it has been pretty bad lately. The left bud clips and also hisses louder above 70% volume. There's a number of other durability issues with the 65T that might not be noticeable depending on your usage:
    - If the case is dropped, the buds will fall right out as they are not magnetically mounted. However, the case uses magnets under the rubber housing to turn off the buds when they are stored - once these get dislodged you'll need to take off the rubber part and reposition the magnets into their slot or else your buds will not turn off automatically when stored.
    - Once pressure vents and the nozzle get stuff inside, sound will drop substantially, not just due to the nozzle being blocked, but this also seems to affect the driver pressure. You'll need to take a toothpick or needle and pry out any lint.

    After about a day with Earfun Oluv's, the closest-sounding IEM I can think of is Audio-Technica ATH-LS50 - neutral-warm with somewhat muffled bass. It handles bass in lofi tracks decently, but once you listen to something with ambient soundscape like Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto or Lose Yourself To Dance by Daft Punk it falls short and sounds sloppy. You can hear some detail retrieval, but it ends up somewhat splashy therefore the soundstage becomes a tad congested. Still, overall I prefer the sound to Jabra 65T which is just bright without actually retrieving much detail (similar to ATH-E40 but not as refined).
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