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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Caipirina
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  2. david8613
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  3. oranelle
  4. slipstreamrider
    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice for my first true wireless set.

    I prefer a slightly warm sound signature with nice clarity and transparency in the mids that really bring out the details in vocals. Comfort is super important. Having volume control, a low profile design (not jutting out of ears too much) and a smallish case would be nice, but secondary to comfort and sound. I do not need the best mic quality or IPX rating.

    What's my best bet among these options? (Under $100, roughly sorted by price)
    • Creative Outlier Air
    • 1More Stylish TWS
    • TFZ X1
    • Sabbat E12
    • Astrotec Motivation (S80)
    • Mpow T5
    • Tranya T3
    • TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53
    • Anbes 359
    • SoundPEATS TrueCapsule True Wireless
    I'm sort of leaning towards the Mpow or the Tranya. The Anbes seems like great bang for the buck but I don't want to wait several weeks for them to ship from aliexpress.

    Cheers for all the great info in this thread ^^
  5. FYLegend
    Yeah, Astrotec S60 doesnt distort as much for pianos using AAC but if want a stable connection I need to use SBC which adds distortion especially on the left driver. It's still liveable for busy tracks but in certain situations it sound like waters running lightly on the left bud. It could just be my unit but the AAC disconnects still happened with the store's demo unit.

    It does make me wonder how much beyond the limit of a driver the amp and DSP EQ are being pushed on some of these TWS and whether this is causing the clipping to occur.

    I mentioned Earfun stuttering or "aliasing" in sound before, similar to how a TV signal sometimes echoes or stretches instead of actually cutting out. It seems this mainly happens only if your device is connected to multiple Bluetooth devices at once. I had my phone paired to both a speaker and the Earfun Free and it started doing this every few seconds. Otherwise the connection is very stable, even more than the BE30 UFO and Jabra 65t.
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  6. Caipirina
    You can get both the Tranya and the Mpow TOGETHER for 100$ :)

    if AptX is important for you and you like a nice faux leather case, go with Mpow ... i think the Tranya has a tad more bass over the Mpow ...

    Then again, the Anbes has the most sleek 'not cork sticking out of ear' design and a very pocketable case ...
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  7. Caipirina
    Do I need to get the Nillkin Go?

    I recall faintly someone here was very vocal about them ...

    yes, I don't have enough TWE yet :D
  8. disfiguredlabrynth
    I would like to retract my statement about the mifo sounding muffled. They broke in a little bit more and the vocals sound much cleaner and fuller. Plus I got the S10+ and the mifo's sound changed for the better. My lg v20 did not have good bluetooth at all apparently (not even any bluetooth developer options available What LG) and connections would drop even when I was holding the phone mere inchesfrom my face. It was extremely tattered so I can't complain.
    - Separation and soundstage got even better and the treble is more open. Bass has a greater impact but not uncontrolled. Connection never dropped. I haven't been able to listen in depth as I only had my new phone with no music on it but I'll comment later. Pretty immersive experience for a tws. And you know what? Dolby Atmos isn't half bad when activated.

    Fit is rather good but ear tip dependant. I have small ears and they fit pretty flush and I sleep with them on (fourth of July in America- apparently noone has run out of fireworks). 15636826680299087989831577034097.jpg

    One sad note is the case is scuffing a bit. (See pic) I like my aluminum pristine, but I suppose I can live with this.

    I gotta export all my music to my phone now it is an enjoyable but rather tedious process. At least the s10+ has a sd slot (unlike the note 10- no Jack ,no slot?!) so it isn't that hard.

    So yeah. Mifo o5 is a less regrettable purchase. I've gotten compliments of the way they look from coworkers, so at least i know I don't look completely ridiculous lol.

    Edit: some people say these don't get loud enough. Turning them up all the way on the tws themselves and THEN on your device will give you a louder and fuller sounding experience. They get pretty loud, but since the sound isn't generally in your face (like the bassy but fun haylou) they won't sound AS loud as those.

    Idk what my next one would be after these. I would love a more fun/ bassier one, hopefully with the same good battery life as the mifo o5. Maybe one with red designing (I'm sorry I just love red). There seem to be some cool looking ones on Amazon. Off I go again!
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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  9. vstolpner

    I don't think that Astrotec is pushing the limits of the driver. Must likely they're held back by the Bluetooth chipset.
    That's why I'm so excited about the Shanling TWS coming out soon.
  10. vstolpner
    Yeah I've got the GS8 and I actually really like the Dolby Atmos setting turned on too.

    Go for the red TFZ X1/X1E
  11. chinmie
    and who might that be?

    i think you still have room in your TWS collection vault :ksc75smile:

    same here. i usually don't like eq-ing or adding digital effects, but the Dolby Atmos sounds good on most of my iems, so i ended up turning it on all the time
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  12. Boreaquis
    I'll post my thoughts on the Nillkin Go when I receive them (shipping may take a few weeks), though I only have the Sabbat X12 and Havit i93 to compare them to.
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  13. disfiguredlabrynth
    Will check them out!

    Admittedly Dolby Atmos makes the CCA C10 sound so much fun when activated. Slam is unreal at times. I wasn't expecting the s10+ to sound any better than the lg v20 (especially for tws- but I admit I was wrong. It sounds pretty good if you ask me. LG was good and natural- but tames any iems you hook up to it. Ofcourse with the s10+ the bass in line with Samsung's ouse sound. My sister has the gs8 I believe and borrowed one of my first iems and hasn't given them back! Can't blame her, they are pretty good and cheap (swing ie800)

    Back on topic. The mifo o5 responds well to EQ and I believe you can get any desired sound (besides basshead levels) from them.
  14. vstolpner
    So maybe look for balanced armature TWS for your next pair for a different sound? (I believe you have the O5 Standard, right?)
  15. disfiguredlabrynth
    Haha don't know how to quote reply on this danged phone yet oops

    Yeah I believe so these are the standard. It says so on the box.

    It sounds very controlled however. I think I'll go for a bassier dynamic driver because it's better at blocking noise.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
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