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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. vstolpner
    Try one of the balanced armature ones, especially ones that use Knowles BA drivers
  2. clerkpalmer
    I have a nib box of Anbes 359 incoming that were purchased on eBay that I don’t need. If anyone in the US wants em pm me. I can do 40 shipped which is exactly what I paid.
  3. snip3r77
    Sorry but I think ppl can get it for $29 at ali
  4. clerkpalmer
    That’s fine. I’m not looking to do anything but hook someone up who wants them. No need to criticize. If no one wants them, I’ll keep them. No biggie.
    I grabbed them for someone who didn’t want to wait and then that person found a pair and I wasn’t going to stick him with them. Just trying to be a good headfier.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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  5. falang
    If you were following this thread you'd see that original Anbes appear to be hard to find, especially on Aliexpress.

    Also, this guy, Mr Palmer, purchased these for another person and was just trying to help someone find an original pair by purchasing and shipping it to them as they could not.

    So, I'd cut him some slack.
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  6. actorlife
    Why not keep them? Did the SQ not suit you? Just curious.
  7. actorlife
    What are those? are they available in blue? and how much?
  8. chinmie
    the Femperna, only available in black and red though
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  9. actorlife
    That's a great start comparing the mpow($45-50) to the anbes($10). I mean ten bucks I might have to break budget next week. I'm praying for good news next week. I forgot to mention beside the wired bt mpow earlier this year maybe Feb I bought the one piece Mpow EM1 bt 4.1 for phone calls, but never really used them. The SQ for call/music is fantastic.
    Bartig likes this.
  10. clerkpalmer
    I’d didn’t plan to open them. I have multiple tws and really don’t need them. But if no one wants them, I probably will.
  11. actorlife
    I just wanted your take on them since you only buy over my budget TWS. ✌️☕
  12. WesennTony
    I owned Anbes 359 as well, but gave them to my wife. They sound OK, maybe great for their price, but lose a lot of details in sound comparing to higher priced options like mavin air-X and Nural NT01AX. They have the best sound isolation from what I owned/tried, which I miss, but with foam tips on NT01AX, I can achieve the same isolation.

    To me the best sounding pair are NT01AX, neutral sound sig, great sound stage and imaging, and extremely articulate yet visceral. The only complaint is their size, but they may need that echo chamber for the sound stage, so I'm learning to live with that. I happened to find that the foam tips from Earin M2 fit NT01AX perferctly, so that I can use them for yard work with improved isolation.

    I tried a lot of <$100 buds, Sabbat X12 pro and E12, Mifo O5 pro, AsctroTec Motivation, together with Anbes 359. Ended up returning or giving away all of them now. They all sound good for their price, but I can still clearly tell the difference comparing with air-X and NT01AX. To me the best solution would be to find the "high end" pair with good fit and comfort, then do the tip rolling and EQ for different genre/mood. Just my 2cents.
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  13. Bartig
    Yes, that's the Femperna. But you can leave them be. The total genericness of the item makes them feel and look cheap, even though their red outside shells are marvelous to look at. The sound is even worse. A hollow, mid bass bleeding mess with a proper left right imbalance.
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  14. Bartig
    Happily, we're moving on fast today. The QCY T3 appeared! :)


    These definitely need more testing. Touch controls require some getting used to and because the ear tips are made to fit the stem rather than your ear, getting the optimal fit and thus sound quality are extremely challenging.

    More soon.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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  15. chinmie
    yes, it's quite the looker, even in the real photos from reviewers in AE. but a couple of things that stopped me from buying it is because of the touch controls (meaning i can turn it on without the case, which is essential in my everyday use), and because the shallow tip model, whih i figure won't fit regular sized eartips in the case. add to that i read a review that said the sound is disappointing.. thank you for taking the bullet and confirming, because i trust your reviews and that most of your reviews are really similar to what i concluded in my own experience with the said products.

    now this is interesting. I'll be waiting for your conclusion. is this can take standard sized eartips?
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