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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. drawun
    I'm sure moms would be more than happy to receive presents from their children.
  2. Soreniglio
    Yeah, but I was asking sound-wise, LOL
  3. vstolpner
    Damn, if Mavin implemented TWS+, then I wonder which source devices they tested....
    Would be good if they had a list of all confirmed TWS+ devices. Especially since it's a bit of a network dilemma - the more devices support it, the more will want to support it
  4. d3myz
    Man, that suuuuuucks!!
  5. vstolpner
  6. Alphasoixante
    billbishere likes this.
  7. Caipirina
    Funny, did the exact same thing ... did not feel like waiting around for if / when they might be a bit cheaper ... this might be might last order for a while ...

    Got 2 new ones today and 2 more (incl the Mpow) on the way .. might do a mini review later
  8. FYLegend
  9. Caipirina
    Before going to bed, I wanted to share a few insights regarding THESE , the generic name ones with the cool blue / black metal case ...


    I really really wanted to love these ... as I had expected, the case (and the buds) are tiny ... the case looks and feels great: Here in comparison with some other small cases:


    And the buds fit my ears very well, connection and pairing does not seem to be an issue ...



    (too bad)

    They sound beyond TERRIBLE!!! Seriously, I don't think any of my TWE sound that bad!

    You know how when you crank up some headphones to 110% and it starts getting really distorted? well, this is what they sound like at all volumes, even the lowest ... to the point that I am wondering if my pair is defective. Might try to research if I still have time to get a replacement ... the seller appears to be eager, at least the way they outline the warranty in their sales blurb, but this could also be blah blah ...
  10. Caipirina
    Thanks, I used one of the many youtube videos available to check ...
  11. vstolpner
  12. vstolpner
  13. hifi80sman
    You need a pair for every mood. Every. Single. Mood.
  14. hifi80sman
    Yeah, Monster is basically dead now. Once Beats left them, they came out with some "meh" stuff and now they've been relegated to re-brands. Sad, really, if you think where they once were. Even if you didn't like the sound, they were still one of the top companies the typical consumer thought of.

    Once Beats left, instead of competing for the "urban" market, they should have reinvented themselves as a "serious" audio company.
  15. webvan
    As posted earlier today the reviews here https://item.jd.com/100003423995.html appear excellent overall based on the output of Google's translator, are you really talking about the same device ?
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