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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. d3myz
    OK, i'm seriously thinking about the anker soundcore liberty neo form $40.99

    And the 1more Stylish for $59.99 at gearbest

    Thoughts on the Ankers? from what I read the stylish are pretty nice, but are they worth $60 when I already have, my T3's, T5's, 359's and btw @actorlife I got the 359's from the link on ebay you sent for $20 they are PRISTINE and they are legit Anbes' looks like they've never been used, so thank you. So what say you masters of sound?
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  2. FYLegend
    Anbes were mostly hyped up here while Kissral got some hype on YouTube along with Letscom BE30. Seems to me like BE30 is the proper OEM registry, but several manufacturers of it are listed on Alibaba, so there would likely be some variation and knockoffs.

    Outside of the bass imbalance, the rebrand has a detailed sound, but this defect really puts me off seriously evaluating the product outside of some occasional listening. I'm also somewhat appalled the seller is blaming the defect on "possible damage while travelling". Not sure how this dispute will play out but the seller seems to be only willing to give a discount on a future purchase. The rest of their store is mainly audio accessories and lower-end TWS...

    On my Note 9, sound is still outputs sound, but the next time I go back to the developer options menu I can see it has been switched back to whatever the proper, previously-set codec was.

    It does make me wonder how manufacturers can "cheap out" on AptX - support the codec but not the proper bitrates etc. I remember buying a Maceton receiver which has AptX but the bass just sounds downright distorted and volume clipped too high. Impressions seem less than stellar for the XPods3/YTOM T1 as well...

    A few deals I found recently:
    Astrotec S60 5.0 is down to 67$USD/89$CAD on Aliexpress
    Sabbat E12 is 85$CAD on Amazon.ca using a 10$ coupon. Not the cheapest but reasonable if you consider it's Amazon shipping/fulfillment...
    Jabra 65t Silver is 170$CAD, but it did go down to 150$ on boxing day/week...
    Jabees has a 20% discount on their earbuds for the next few days, so 65$ for the Firefly Pro. Coupon only lasts 2 days. I'm wondering if anyone has tried these, as I've tried the original Firefly briefly in Taiwan and wasn't really impressed with the sound quality (then again, the store carried S60 4.2 which pretty much blew everything else out in SQ).
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  3. bronco1015
    Honestly, i've never heard anything from 1more but have always been a bit curious about some of their offerings, E.G. the tripple driver inear. And i wouldn't be surprised if they potentially sounded better than the jabras, but they're $99, have bt 4.1 micro USB. My Anbes359 cost $32, have USBC, bluetooth 5, have a good implementation of SBC Imo, have crazy good range in my 100plus year old house and at work, then at the other end i have the MTWs. 10 times the price, not quite 10 times the SQ of the 359, but pretty impressive none the less. This thread has trended towards the low end for quite a while now, and while it does have posts highlighting some real dudds with forgetable names, it also shows the value you can find in cheaper alternatives E.g. QCY T1C, Mpow T5. There have also been plenty of posts about the Sennheiser MTW, M&D MW07, B&O E8 EarinM2 etc. The 1more's may very well be a compelling option, but imo they compete in the most difficult price point to distinguish themselves. it's to bad they were delayed, they likely could have gotten solid footing in the TWS market. Since they took time to get issues with this first TW iem addressed, I'll definitely look into future releases. In the mean time, if these went down to say $40 or $50 i'd posibly consider them.
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  4. d3myz
    Great input, I appreciate it. You def. have a point, they are kind of in no mans land. unless of course they sound exceptional.
  5. vstolpner
    I'm with you about the 1more's. I've been so close so many times to buying them but then considered their future TWS earphones (the hybrid ones that they announced done half year ago), consider the Tranya T3's and Anbes 359 that I already have, and they just no longer make any sense. Maybe that's why they've been steadily increasing the discount on them - trying to move old stock before they release their new ones.

    Oh and I totally agree about the price point being a tough sell - it's just enough of a premium that people looking at high quality, inexpensive options don't consider them, but at the same time it's too cheap for people looking at the higher end of the spectrum. Hopefully their future release won't be priced towards that higher end

    Either way - what new releases is everyone looking forward to?
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  6. bronco1015
    i'm looking forward to the WF 1000X M3, I'll be checking out the Bose 500s, and looking for those new TWs from 1more. plus whatever sleeper hit someone discovers haha. On a side note, i'd love it if V-Moda took a stab at the True Wireless market. Had an old pair of trusound iems forever ago that i loved, and currently use my Forza Metalo Wireless a couple times a week.
  7. DigDub
    I'm on a roll! :D

  8. vstolpner
    For anyone in Canada - Amazon.ca is having a prime deal on Tranya T3's in the morning!
  9. YBAcoustics
    Anybody know what does "passive transparency" mean in "earbuds use passive transparency so you can hear your surroundings" ?
  10. Caipirina
    After hearing all the positive rave about those here I refrained from ordering those ... even though the case design is kinda nice :D
  11. Caipirina
    Also genre, time of day ... oh, and it needs to color coordinate with your outfit!
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  12. FYLegend
    I wonder what's taking 1More so long with that. I don't remember seeing a big anouncement at the time though. I do recall when the Stylish were announced, it was only BT4.2 and no codecs mentioned, so they might have taken the time to address some of the complaints , though it seemed like there wasn't quite as many people complaining about no type C until after their official release. It does seem counter-productive considering that hybrid TWS already shows type C.

    I'm looking forward to a Jabra 65t successor, considering the 85h has included Type C among other things. They should try to go for a TWS with ANC as the 65t's isolation is terrible. I also hope Audio-Technica offers a more balanced TWS that has USB-C charging. Maybe something like the E40 or IM70 in a TWS package...

    As an aside one thing that I'm somewhat surprised is there seems to be more budget TWS with Type C than budget over-ear ANC/wireless headphones. Off the top of my head I only know of *coughcough* Bluedio and Femperna (which uses a Type-C for charging and audio-out via 3.5mm). Been trying to look for a budget 1000xm3 killer...
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  13. Bartig
    So yeah, the Honor FlyPods Lite. The good news is I got them in a one day sale for only 21 euros. The bad thing is that they normally cost 3-4 times that.

    Sound is thin with shaky highs, touch controls don't work very well and the Bluetooth connection isn't very stable. If you still want a review, here it is.

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  14. Caipirina
    Finally some keepers:

    Not much to add about the Mpow. Yes, those are really nice, and I have not even tried forcing my mac into AptX mode (i usually only play from iPhone, will try at some later point)
    I will never understand amazon logistics, first it said 'arriving Friday', then 'Wednesday' and then I get an email 'today' ... well, not complaining :)


    Now, the other one i got is this ANYFUN (K10) which I got with a 3€ off coupon for 16.99€ ... and for that these actually sound really nice ... I would put them in the same line with the Blitzwolf FYE5 or the Haylou G1 (both which I like) ... and I have not even tried different tips yet. Need to find some that will still make the buds stay in case ... they might end up as good as (or at least close to) the Anbes 359 ... they share a very similar case design, albeit the buds are different (hope that comes across in the pics) ... there is nice bass without being overpowering (or Tranya levels), though this might still change with better seal. The highs are sweet and detailed. Have not listened too critical at mid centric tracks, but I did not find anything lacking so far.


    Also no problem with pairing nor connectivity ...

    And is this quite a wide soundstage I hear there? Still listening to them ... this SQ at 17€ makes me happy ...

    They claim play time 6-8h (we shall see) and quick charge 20min gives you 3h ... oh, and IPX5 (totally forgot about that) ... so, will test them on a run later.

    Those kind of buds make me order and return from / to amazon ... only way to find the few gems out there. Yes, I called this one a gem :)

    (I am usually not testing phone calls / video lag, as that is not my usage area)

    Oh, and ONE more keeper (edit: nope, they are not!) ... that one took me a while to make up my mind ... these LATOW LUNA i had mentioned here earlier.


    As I had gleaned from some customer pictures, the sides are indeed some nice rubber-y silicone which makes for a secure fit. Overall, they fit snuggly and comfortable and unlike Hifi80sman experience, I did not encounter any drop out problems (need to double check on noise floor, but did not notice right away)

    (edit: I just did a walk and this is where I noticed the complete and utter connectivity fail! If there is no direct line of sight, the right bud keeps dropping out.So, they, too, are going back.)

    Sound is bass forward and looks like great running buds (if they had any IPX rating, which I don't see ... so, maybe just for un-sweaty walks)

    Here is where it gets a tiny bit hairy and I was wondering if that warrants return ... power management ... you have to turn them off manually!!! otherwise they stay connected and drain, even in box ... and I am still not sure, it appears that the red (and white charging indicator) LEDs stay on all the way through charging ... there is a button in the case that I can double tap and then all lights go off, but no clue if that means they continue charging ...


    In the end I decided this to be a minor matter and at 20€ I am pretty happy ... (not as happy as with the anyfun, but I like the sound and the feel enough to keep 'em)
    (edit: and no, they are boxed up and ready for mail drop)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  15. Mouseman
    That seems to be a common issue with cases. I have a pair of KNZs that I got from Kickstarter, and the case is a mess. If I don't turn it off, it cycles constantly and the buds randomly reconnect to my phone until they die. Otherwise, they're not a bad pair (besides the less-than-promised battery life), but the case makes me hate them.
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