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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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    Wow I am sorry to say it was too expensive than in Japan (¥25800).
    What a Sony!
  2. david8613
    I am waiting for these to show up an local best buy, you gotta tell us how they sound!!!!
  3. Caipirina
    Well, if he is a Challenger member he only paid 331 SGD, which is 26365Y , so, 500Y more ~ 5$ or 100K VND :D
  4. jasonb
    Still very happy with my Galaxy Buds with a Pixel 3a. Sounds great and with this phone there are no connection stability issues at all.
  5. DigDub
    The good thing with the Sony is that they come with an app that has equalizer settings. So the sound can be tuned to my liking, I like the clearbass option.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  6. Bartig
    Oof. Both the Bluedio's, the T-Elf and the Hi, have this problem. So frustrating, it's enough to trash them instantly.
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  7. Caipirina
    Sharing a bit of sonic happiness ... well, I said I don't have much to add to the overall positive Mpow T5 impressions ... but now that I discovered / realized that my Shanling M3S player does Apt-X, I am really psyched about them and for 'critical' listening I prefer them now more than the Tranya T3 .... the Tranya's are still the better combo with iPhone while running .. .pretty certain the Shanling is not sweat proof :D

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  8. disfiguredlabrynth
    I got the Mifo o5 a few days ago. Very long battery life and i didnt even charge the case when they arrived. The case still charges them though!

    Sound is a toss up to what you may want. I found vocals not to sound as good as on the Haylou GT1 (which sound incredibly fun and clear for the price), the bass is more natural so it doesn't sound as 'fun'. Can sound muffled but i believe that is the fault of the eartips. Treble can almost disappear so i have to use eq to bring it back up.

    Does anybody have any eartip suggestions for the Mifo o5? I can tell these have potenetial but as with most chinese chifi they miss the mark with the danged ear tips. I think if the Mifo o5 had vents this would fix the muffled sound and muddy vocals.

    On a plus side, these look and feel amazing. And battery is a dream. No drop outs or resets that ive experienced. Just wish the sound was a bit better :frowning2:

    Sad how the Haylou GT1 nailed this for over half the price. I highly suggest those if you want a bassy sound.

    Edit: These respond outstandingly well to EQ. Pretty much fixes the muddy vocals and non existent treble. It really must be the fit! Vacuum seal = bad muddy sound. The separation is amazing for tws- like wired levels which is impressive. It presents the music in a more natural way and the bass is so controlled i would have sworn these had beryillium drivers like the astrotec s80.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  9. actorlife
    Thank you that was fun. I'm still waiting for the top 15. :p
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  10. falang
    Tranya T3 now $25 off on Amazon Canada for prime members.
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  11. Caipirina
    For now you have to go with my two highly scientific categories: Keepers & Trash :D
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  12. JimmyR
    That's enough for me for the moment.. Thanks for all the "scientific" insights you brought over here in a so funny way. Keep up with it, boy!
  13. JimmyR
    Wow! Sounds like a really sweet deal.
    Been using mine for almost a week and I really love them... and for those interested, mic quality is good for business calls as long as you are not on a quite noisy place. Their sound is making me not to miss the Sabbat E12 at all, that I also love SQ-wise (though the mic is terrible, for sure).
    Solid connectivity, comfy while in the ears (too bulky to sleep with them thoug) and looong battery life. Might get them a better eartips (Spinfit 360 likely be my choice)

    Considering these buds, albeit being Chi-fi, are not for sale on AliX and the like, this price is the best you can get for a while.
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  14. actorlife
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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