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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. d3myz
    Thanks for the info on the T1-pro, have you happen to have heard the MPOW T5? I have a branded Anbes 359 and my bass has detail and thump, but it's not like the T3's bass. I've also found i very much depends on what your listening to and the tips i use. I have to use larger tips with the 359's to get a better seal due to the way they fit.
  2. vstolpner
    The standard is a dynamic driver and pro is balanced armature. It's whether you want bass or clarity.

    Check out my review in my signature.

    It's all about the seal. If the existing eartips give you a great seal then you should be fine, otherwise try something else. SpinFit are great.
    That said, mifo O5 have fantastic tips and I use their tips with my Anbes 359.
    I talk about this in my mifo O5 review - see signature.

    They're called Astrotec Motivation in the US. And they're on a deal!
    See my signature for my review.

    The pro is a single balanced armature, not hybrid.
    I don't believe there is any hybrid driver TWS earphone right now. That's why I'm super excited for the new 1more TWS earphones.

    The standard has more bass. The pro's single BA has a great and clear sound, but you have to get used to it. Not everyone like it. Having said that, I'm one of the people who prefer BA sound.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  3. srinivasvignesh
    Great details. Thank you. Is the 1more a hybrid?
  4. Alphasoixante
    Hey, thanks! :beyersmile: Just placed an order and should have them tomorrow afternoon. :metal:
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  5. vstolpner
    The new one they announced this year. The stylish / E1026BT is a dynamic driver.
  6. RobinFood
    There is the Kong X here in Japan that is a hybrid, but it is too big to be useful as a TWS.
  7. vstolpner
    Haven't heard of it... Do you have pictures/link?

    And I know there's also the BT20(S)/Fostex+IEM pairings but that doesn't count due to their size. In my opinion anyway :)
  8. igorneumann
    Old wong comment: (The images clearly shows a dynamic driver and a BA...)

    EDIT: Holymoly, I was all this time thinking the battery was a driver... Sorry.


    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  9. Judge Buff
    I’ve found that KZ’s eartips seal better for me with most IEMs. My new Mifo o5 pros are no different. They definitely sound “cleaner” than the stock tips to my ears.
  10. Highfiver
    Question for you, I have the standard Mifo 05’s and just ordered the Pro’s (got a deal on Amazon for $67). Is there a difference in terms of max volume levels between the two models? My Standards are typically at around max volume when listening to Spotify on my iPhone (without eq as I don’t like the distorted effects). I’m worried that if the Pro’s don’t have the same max volume level, I’ll run into an issue. Also, being that the Pro’s utilize a BA vs DD and will likely have noticeably less bass, on the rare occasion I want to boost the bass, can a good EQ app boost the bass levels to sound close to that of the Standard? And one last question, (I apologize for all these!), regarding the tips, do you know which model of spinfit will fit the Mifo’s and if the buds will fit in the case with them on? And what are KZ tips? I’ve never heard of them...? Thanks so much in advance!

  11. igorneumann
    I dont have the standard to compare, but BA drivers usually use less energy than DD, resulting in higher volume, I didnt had problem with volume on those.

    KZ is a brand of super cheap great sounding iems. (Im talking about a 12$ unit sounding way better than any TWS I tried, there is compromises on going full wireless) and no they will not fit in its box with a regular eartip.

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  12. igorneumann
    Oh and about the bass... Yeah, they lack a bit of bass, and no, they will not have big bass equalizing.

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  13. vstolpner
    I use the mifo eartips with it as well. Since they sit quite shallow, I find they need a larger eartip. Whereas my Anbes 359 sit deeper, so a smaller eartip is sufficient.
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  14. hifi80sman
    I had those. The sound was an acceptable, bass-forward signature. If I remember correctly, they may have had a slightly louder noise floor, but it's not noticeable when music is playing (unless you're listening to classical). I probably would have kept them for gym earbuds if they didn't have connections issues. One of the buds (can't remember which one) kept dropping connection. Hopefully, you won't have that issue. :)
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  15. vstolpner
    Basically what's been said:
    - BA drivers typically don't need as much power to drive them, so you shouldn't have any issues with volume
    - EQ likely won't help if you're looking for thumping base as the BA's just don't have the mass/inertia to provide that. They're are dedicated bass BA's, but you don't see that until you get into 2 or 3 BA IEMs. This is the reason you see so many hybrid IEMs - BA for the clear highs and mids and dynamic for the base.

    Keep in mind that BA will still deliver what I would consider melodic base - piano/cello all sound fantastic. It's the impact that you won't get - so drums etc won't have the rumble/thump that you can feel.

    Oh and the mifo case is quite small, so if you want to use SpinFit you'll have to trim them down a lot for them to fit. Which defeats the purpose as they will again no longer sit very deep.

    Someone on here cut their case to allow more space for the eartips. Could be something to consider.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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