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Judge Buff
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Sep 10, 2019
Dec 3, 2008
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Retired County Magistrate and Retired School Social Worker

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500+ Head-Fier, Male

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Sep 10, 2019
  • About

    Retired County Magistrate and Retired School Social Worker
    I have a bunch of interests... from building computers to ancient coins to golf.
    Golf, fine liquor, ancient coins and computer hardware. Did I mention fine liquor?
    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently, I have a ton of IEMs from an ie80 to a T2E to an A151 to a DT2, VSD3S and KC06A. I've got a K612 Pro, a Top Pop modded HA-RX900 (somewhere), a Superlux HD681 and a Takstar HI-2050.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Project Horizon II, Indeed G2 & G3 Hybrids (modded), Mini^3, Fiio E12A, Fiio E11, JDS cMoy vBB2.02, several of fred_fred's designs and an RA-1 18V cMoy from ampedup.
    Source Inventory:
    xDuoo X3, FiiO X1, a 4th Gen iPad, iPhone 6S+ 64GB and Zune 30 (retired)...
    Cable Inventory:
    PlusSound Dionysian, Athena 8 ie8/80 cable, several other "custom" cables out of China/Hong Kong.
    Music Preferences:
    I'm as eclectic as hell...
    Vizio 4K 60", Hisense 4K 50" and Samsung 9730W (tube) 7.1 Bluray home theater, Samsung blu-ray upscaling 4K player
    From Navy electronics and line officer to clinical social work to being a Magistrate, it's been fun!


    Too Old to Care, Too Young to Die.
    If All Men Count With You,
    But None Too Much...
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