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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. hifi80sman
    You might like the Astrotec S80. They remind me a bit of the Galaxy buds, but with a little more bass.
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  2. hifi80sman
    Any of those would be a great choice for SQ. The Bose, however, are semi-open, so they'll let in some outside noise, which I find distracting if you're not in a quiet environment or don't need to be aware of your surroundings.

    The MTW have an app to EQ to your preference, so you may like those the most. However, they do have case drain issues with the battery, so if you don't mind plugging the case in every 72 hours, they're a winner.
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  3. FunctionalDoc
    Nice sample track. Check out Infected Mushroom the band form Israel.
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  4. jant71
    Tried out the Bluedio for about a half hour...

    What does $14.99 shipped get you? Cheapish plastic as you might expect but looks fine and is solid. They are USB C and have a good design. The oval ear tips are interesting but the sound bore are also oval shaped and short. Makes for a quick and easy and comfy fit. Buds auto on and connect only if you press the button on the case and they power on and pair while in the case and connect when taken out. If off they have to be manually turned on with the buttons.

    Simple controls. Left and right play pause with one press, double press left for FF and double press right for RW. No volume control. Lady with an Asian accent announces your power on/off, connected, redial, etc.

    Auto pause seems to work just fine. Player/phone starting in pause when you put the right side in it plays instantly. Take out the right side it pauses but with a 2 second delay. If you touch them near the sensor they will play again so you can't really wrap your fingers around them. Does make a cool remote if you are just listening with the left.

    Connection seems rock solid so far. About 5 secs to connect. Tried the next room, player cupped in my hands(using these with a Ruizu X51 for sports stuff), all the front and back pocket positions and not a blip. Sound seems nicely balanced and a good size stage from the 13mm drivers. Some run in and finding the best tips should get some improvement. They have the highest volume I have heard from any BT device I have had so far. Volume output is not an issue with these.

    Only niggles are the buttons could be easier to press but they are clicky buttons instead of soft press style, depending on tip there can be a little driver flex when pressing the buttons and they sit a little deep in their case so could be a smidge easier to get a hold of when removing them. Preference for some but the LED on the buds is quite faint. Won't bother you in the dark but you won't see it at all outside in the daylight.

    Have no complaints as they came quick being in the US, guess Bluedio US would support it as they say 1 year from the date purchased, and are certainly worth the price. Great for what I want them for. A cheap knock around that is easy to fit, comfy, has buttons lower for wearing hats in the winter and not worrying about weather since they are cheap whether sweating when it is hot or shoveling snow.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  5. vstolpner
    Thanks for the review!

    How do they compare to other TWS earphones?
  6. d3myz
    I'd say probably 30-35% louder.
  7. d3myz
    It's funny that you mention that, I've been playing around with different tips and different tracks. The stock tips make the T5's sound like utter garbage to me and the T5 kind of has a weird fit, but I did notice on certain tracks the sound stage is in fact very wide. I do also love how quickly the turn on. I've used these for at least 2-3 hours and i'm still at 75% battery. impressive. The Anbes don't fit well in my ears, I just haven't found the right tips i guess, but no matter what tips I use, the sound stage is really wide. Another thing i've been wondering is quality control. I mentioned to someone earlier that I have a black pair of QCY T1S or QS1's whatever the model is that comes with the larger battery case with the lid. and a pair of white QCY T1S' and they do sound different. it's not night and day, but the black ones which i have had longer, seem to sound better, the bass is more responsive etc. Any thoughts on that?
  8. d3myz
    I've heard them, but it's been a long time, you have an album or track recommendation?
  9. vstolpner
    Could also be due to changing suppliers for the driver. Could be they used high quality ones in the beginning to get good reviews and build hype and then switched over to just slightly lower quality ones where majority of people wouldn't notice.
  10. DigDub
    Got mine too. Initial impressions - warm sound signature with good mids and highs and good detail retrieval. Mine has volume control. No disconnections so far walking on the street and in the subway. The volume is pretty loud, probably one of the loudest tws I've owned.

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  11. igorneumann
  12. vstolpner
  13. FYLegend
    I was able to do this with my Astrotec S60 on my Note 9 until a software update in May, now the media volume sync option is greyed out, and "disable absolute volume" also does nothing. Now it's permanently stuck in the low volume state... There is noticeable distortion at max volume down to around 85%.

    Speaking of which, going back to the S60 is like a sense of RELIEF after the Coolhere fiasco. I was loathing the disconnects of the S60, but nothing is worse than imbalanced bass, and comfort is on another level from the UFO. Considering getting the BT5.0 version but then again there are other alternatives at this point like the upcoming Mifo O4 and Shanling...
  14. vstolpner
    If the BT5.0 S60 is anything like the S80 (Motivation), then at least you can rest assured that connectivity will be just fine.
    I didn't find them the best, but very similar to mifo O5. Ironically Anbes 359 still have the best connectivity
  15. igorneumann
    Thanks, I currently have the TFZ X1 and the Sabbat E12, will pass on this one then.
    Im itching to buy the Syllable S101.
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