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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. BigZ12
    I really didn't like the Syllables. So narrow soundstage I felt the voices were in the back of my head. Almost made me dizzy...
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  2. jlcsoft
    I have sold my syllable S101, can you reccomend me a better tws under 100$?. My principal point is the sound quality.
    Thxs for your help.
  3. vstolpner
    Try the cheaper ones: Anbes 359 or Tranya T3. Alternatively try the 1more stylish or the TFZ X1E/mifo O5 Standard
  4. srinivasvignesh
    What is the difference between Mifo O5 Standard and Pro?
  5. Caipirina
    Found those yesterday on amazon.de for mere 20€ (while they still sell for 36GBP on amazon UK) and well, since I can return them, I thought I give them a try. Could not find out too much about them .. at least they are BT5, unlike that last Latow I tried. And on some customer photos it looks like the outer shell of the buds could be some soft rubber-y silicone material ... we shall see ... anyone know / has / tested these? Shall arrive Monday

    Latow Luna: (and no, that lady in the last picture was not the convincer :wink: )
  6. SilverEars
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  7. RobinFood
    The lion convinced you, right?
    Just to put my mind at ease, do you get paid for reviews of the cheapest buds imaginable?
    You could probably have the Fostex TWE adapter thingies with custom IEMs for all the money you've been putting down on these.
    It makes me a little nervous seeing your new purchases.
  8. Caipirina

    I wish I was get paid for that ... but nopes ... the closest to this would be the one 'freebie' pair of i7 TWS (those really crappy ones, first AirPod clone) that I got via the AliX Freebie program :D

    Thing is, and I might have mentioned that before: Because of various reasons / living conditions, I can only take advantage of online ordering during the summer months, when I visit the 'civilized' world. So, first I raid AliX, and when that delivery window closes, I go for Amazon.

    And yes, I get a total kick out of finding a cheap pair that actually rocks (Anbes 359, Tranya T3, ZagZog (more on those later) ... or getting those Havit i93 for 24€ (listening to them right now, still deciding if I keep them)
    Looking back that for my very first pair of TWS, the Jabra Elite Sport, I paid 250$ and they had terrible battery leak issues, were only good with ONE of the supplied ear tips, which broke after few weeks ...
    Like the ladies like their shoes, I enjoy the variety :D

    Oh, and I do have those BT20 and rotate my IEMs on those as well. I spend a lot of time running & walking, that's when I get most of my music listening done.
  9. jlcsoft
    Thxs for yor replay. I´ve got the Tranya T3, they have a 10€ discount on Amazon. I will comment my impressions. Dou you recommend to buy another ear tips to enhance the sound quality?

    Best regards.
  10. Alphasoixante
    Thanks for the suggestion. How is their track record with connection and battery?

    Also, I looked around the net yesterday and it doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere in the US. Matter of fact Audio46 lists them as a pre-order(?). I'm going to give them a call later to clarify and see when they are expected to be in stock. I'd love to pay a visit to demo the Astrotec and any others of interest they have.
  11. Bartig
    Up up here we go: three new items (of which two generic popular ones) to test. :)

  12. igorneumann
    A BA driver.
    The Pro is a hybrid, the standard is dynamic.
    I have the Pro, but no idea why the standard one was suggested.
  13. d3myz
    Just noticed this Tranya T1 Pro. Looks like a Version of the MPOW T5, I can't find any details on it's chipset and whether or not it's the same QCC3020 as the T5. they are only IPX 5, but touted to have the same 5-6 hour battery life. gonna snag them to try. should be here tomorrow.
  14. d3myz
    I believe it's because some people feel the Standard's dynamic driver has better sound quality for less money. If you search the thread you'll find it mentioned several times.
    igorneumann likes this.
  15. Bartig
    The Tranya T1-Pro are great, just like the Tranya T3. Some more air and presence in the highs, although the soundstage is a bit smaller on the T1-Pro.

    Just got the Anbes 359, without a branding on the product. It sounds airy indeed - however, the bass lacks any detail and just delivers a slow thump. For the ones wanting to compare the Anbes to the Tranya's, now that the latter sound way more detailed.
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