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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Alphasoixante
    Thanks for the suggestion, but no love. I've decided that I'm returning them to Amazon . If they are giving me this kind of trouble within 2 weeks of purchase, I don't want to take my chances after the return period closes. I wasn't entirely keen on the sound, anyhow - The T3s had pretty sweet bass, but I wasn't a fan of the recessed mids or overall lack of clarity. What I would really like is the Galaxy Buds but with kick-ass bass and IPX5-7 rating. THAT would be a great TWE for me.
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  2. FYLegend
    Hmm, the Coolhere might have been a backorder during the Aliexpress mid-year sale two weeks ago. Outside of that they probably had real Anbes.

    Has anyone run audiocheck.net's benchmarks on their TWS? The Coolhere fails miserably at the frequency skip with artifacts and rattling throughout the range. Generally those artifacts won't be noticeable with music, but they ruin it for me especially with pianos. I almost never have problems with wired IEMs or over-ears in these benchmarks.
  3. Caipirina
    Maybe the old ‘hold both buds’ buttons down for 10-20seconds for a complete reset’ might work on the Tranya? Can’t say I have tried on mine.
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  4. vstolpner
    Just ran my 359 through it - no artifacts or anything of to sort, just clean sweeps and good central position.
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  5. dondonut
    Heyo, thanks for getting back to me, I forgot to reply as I've been so busy of late. Decided to order the QCY qs2 for 20$ as I really liked the qs1. Didn't find the lower end to be lacking at all (did tiproll + great seal) and for that price they're a steal. The tranya t3 would cost me €50 (~56$), I'm not convinced the price difference is worth it. Furthermore i got some great wired stuff.

    I'll keep my qs1 charging case as backup. May give the case + left bud to my mom though, so she can use it while running (I'm a cheapskate i know, but she likes to hear her surroundings and it's still useful if you want to use a running assistant).

    Generally though, this is currently the only head-fi thread I'm following when I have some spare time, love the rapid advances in bt gear and can't wait where we are 6-12 months from now! Keep it going guys.
  6. d3myz
    So, first impressions of the MPOW T5.

    Case is Excellent

    Build Quality is Excellent.

    Fit is also really nice. I like the Trayna's better, but the T5 is still great and less bulky.

    Pairing and sync was easy, the leds are nice and dim they blink white ever couple of secs and the buds are pretty compact.

    Note: They don't play well, when you have multiple buds connected to your phone at the same time.

    Compared to the 359, i'd say they are very similar sound quality wise. The sound stage is a noticeably more narrow on the T5, the mid range is near identical maybe a touch lower directly in the middle of the EQ, but I do feel like the overall sound of the T5 is more crisp.The T5 is brighter especially on the high end and DEFINITELY has less (sub bass). This and the narrow sound stage are my biggest disappointment to be honest. The bass is prominent and it's clean, responsive and really punchy! But it's crossed over to a bit high for my taste. Even the T1C has more Sub Bass, too bad the volume on the T1C sucks.

    Volume is very good on the T5 and The video sync in youtube actually works on my XS Max for most videos. Connecting in mono was a breeze. the buttons aren't great and they dig into my ears when i press them, but the 359s are the same. I can confirm My version of the T5 DO have volume control.

    *** I need to mention again the Sound Stage. Compared to the Tranya T3, QCY T1C or Anbes 359s, the sound stage is def. more narrow. This really disappoints me. compared to the 359's and the T3's it just really mashes up the beautiful mixing and layering of a really well produced track. These buds still sound awesome I've noticed a little fatigue after listening for an hour or so due to all the treble. However for audiobooks these sound incredible.

    One of my favorite tracks to play when I test earbuds is this. Check it out.

    This track is perfect. There's an assload of sub and mid bass and on the Tranya's This song is incredible. Also lots of mid range and high end synths and there are breakdown around 3 min. where everything cuts out except for the bass guitar and then it builds back up. You can literally hear everything in the mix rebuild. which is helpful to see how the buds handle. With the T5, you can still hear the layering, but it's much more smashed together coming more from the front than with the T3 or the 359. The 359's sound like the small synth noises are coming from far off to the sides in the distance, it's incredible. and the Tranya's, man, They just F'in crush it.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Overall I'm very impressed with the MPOW T5 and unless you already have the Anbes 359's and a pair of Tranya T3's I'd definitely get these bad boys. They are a little more than the Tranya's $42-45 on amazon, but they have the Qualcomm 3020 chipset and the battery life is meant to be 6 hours, also they are IPX 6. And they are built quite a bit better than some of the cheaper buds. So basically your trading sound stage and some sub bass, for longer battery life, better connectivity, build quality, better water and dust resistance etc.

    I'll edit the post in a couple days when I test calling connectivity range and give them a chance to break in a bit.
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  7. d3myz
    How long have you had them and what tips are you using? I honestly felt the same way. i got mine yesterday and was going to return them. I switched to a medium JVC spiral dot from a small and man, huge diff. the mids and treble are really coming out more. You using a wide boar tip?
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  8. Alphasoixante
    That didn't do it either.

    I've had them for about 2 weeks and was using the Final Audio E series tips. They are small bore. I don't have any wider-bore tips laying around, otherwise I would try your suggestion because now you have gotten me curious. Of course, I'd still need to figure out how to fix this issue I'm having with the left piece.
  9. dondonut
    Heyo, wondering whether you're using a galaxy S8 with the QCY t1c/qs1 as you mentioned low volume. I had that issue when using the QCY qs1 but turning off 'volume synchronisation' in the Bluetooth settings increased the volume by something like ~30% for me!
  10. d3myz
    Well, if you got them from amazon, might just want to swap them out for another pair. I got my JVC Spiral Dots off ebay, they only make them in japan. They are pricey, but worth it to me. There are also some decent ones from Radio Shack I believe @Slater told me about. They are a little longer then most earbuds, but the do the trick.
  11. d3myz
    Oh Wow. I use an Iphone and the volume at full is decent, but it's nowhere near the Anbes/Tranya/Mpow's
  12. dondonut
    For me with volume sync on, max volume was on the edge of comfortable to too loud for me. Then after turning of volume sync that changed to about 70% volume which is the phone's built-in 'safety treshold'. Then again, I don't tend to listen at high volumes. Figured it was worth mentioning though.
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  13. d3myz
    Well, I really appreciate that. I have two pair of T1C's/T1S or whatever they are called in the larger case. I really like them. Oddly enough the both sound slightly different. My black pair are way more broken in, so i'm a big believer in burn in.
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  14. snip3r77
    How much Anbes volume has increased if compared?
  15. hifi80sman
    Nice impressions. For me, the soundstage on the T5 is considerably better than the Anbes 359, HOWEVER, and a BIG HOWEVER, is because these are earbuds and fit in the ear canal, so anatomical differences I'm sure play a big role.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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