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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. d3myz
    Day 2 with my T5's I'm LOVING them.
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  2. d3myz
    Well, they def. sound different. The T5 is has higher mids and highs and a lot less sub bass, but the bass is still really good IMO. They are built really well, connection is good, battery is excellent. I'm listening to them right now. and I just started using aptX. I have to force it on my mac. and WOW!! It's way louder and feels fuller to me. I got mine for $42 on amazon. and phone calls are excellent.
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  3. FYLegend
    Which seller did you buy from? My UFO came in a similar box but with a "Dream Sport" logo on the top right, on the back of the box it says the model is BE30. Your impression sounds like my right bud which barely has a thump and just a bit of mid-bass. To change volume, do you double-tap or hold the button?

    On Alibaba there's quite a few manufacturers selling the UFO TWS/BE30, but without them describing specific features like hold vs double-tap for volume control it is difficult to pinpoint where each is coming from. My concern is that Anbes might be running out of stock (they are no longer listed on Amazon.com, for example) and their storefronts are changing to these rebrands. Some of the Ali sellers manage multiple stores, I suspect Anbes Official might actually be the same person as Audiocart...

    Here's a demo (just recorded it off my phone with some EQ to compensate for the phone mainly picking up treble). The bass imbalance isn't as noticeable in the sample (probably in part due to position and recording equipment), but it's still there. https://instaud.io/3Wfn/delete/8e6106d9121dc9c7e52cdcd3f5f4800035e499e5
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  4. Caipirina
    Still looking for a way to get my grubby hands on the Nillkin Go, but seems that no version has hit EU amazon yet.

    But I found something called the Raycon E50 (but alas, only US shipping) ... and I just want to hear opinions if anyone knows / agrees that these at least look like the Nillkin Go ... what's inside .. we never know ...

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  5. d3myz
    Just a quick update. I used aptX for the first time today on my hackintosh with the T5's. Personally I feel like it makes a big difference in overall sound quality on spotify. it's def. louder and there's much more full bass. These T5's are excellent. I think I may like them as much as the 359's.While I was comparing the two in Mac OS I noticed that the 359's only support SBC. No matter what I tried I couldn't get them to play via AAC. Wow, I can only imagine what they'd sound like with a better quality codec. @Slater you know of any way to modify this? I also compared the T5's to my iBasso IT01's using some custom aptX cable from Penon audio. The T5 isn't as defined. The IT01s are very bright but they sound so good they make me loose my wits whenever I use them, the soundstage is incredible/ IMO the T5 is really close in definition and soundstage but not quite there. The T5 has more clean and punchy low end. I'm just super impressed for $42. Also the call quality is excellent. connecting to phone or computer is fine. One of my gripes is that two connections show up for the T5 and they aren't labeled R or L. Also, you have to hold down the right bud for 7 seconds to power off. This doesn't' always work without out FFWding your track. minor annoyances. The connection can be finicky when connecting to an apple tv or fire tv. but they sound great for watching TV and movies. If you can't get a real Anbes 359, want a little better crisper highs, IPX7 , a 5-6 hour battery life, aptX and a well built earbud, the T5 is worth adding to your collection. Also, if anyone find a real Anbes 359 with branding please let me know, I need to get a couple more pair.
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  6. vstolpner
    Raycon is the US brand that seems to be heavily advertising rebrands here. They had the Sabbat X12 pro first. I was wondering who they rebranded next. Could very well be these.
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  7. SuperLuigi
    Anyone own the QCY T3 and want to give an opinion on the ear tip? From the pics, it looks like a hard plastic that isn't a traditional IEM. I was ready to purchase it but I'm really unsure about how thats gonna fit.
  8. Caipirina
    Thanks for shedding light on that ... I saw in their shop something that looked like a Sabbat ... cheers!
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  9. d3myz
    Anyone have thoughts on the Astrotec S80? comparisons to the T5, T3 and 359?
  10. vstolpner
    I've had the 359 and S80. I find the 359 is more balanced and more neutral. The S80 has more bass but recessed mids and sometimes the highs are a little shrill / sibilant.

    Check out my reviews in my signature (sorry if I've mentioned this already)
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  11. actorlife
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  12. hifi80sman
    Correct, I had the standard version. The Mifo O5 Pro with the BA, I'm sure sounds better from a clarity perspective.
    Yes, the call quality was probably the most unexpected, but pleasant surprise. Definitely in the top-tier of ANY TWE I've tried or have, which includes the MTW, E8, MW07, RHA, etc. Probably not quite the 65t, but man, right up there.
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  13. vstolpner
    I see you've also got the 359 - which TWE would you say has better call quality than 359?
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  14. d3myz
    IMO the MPOW T5 is hands down the best i've used. I also have the 359's.
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  15. d3myz
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