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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    Those look like army tanks. I bet if a car or truck rolled over them they'd be fine. Hopefully the SQ is great.
  2. Luchyres
    For those of you at home keeping track, here are my updates :p

    Tranya T3 are going back - I can detect a very very faint metal resonance on some songs when volume is 2/3 or higher on my pair - and they are prone to position-based cut-outs. The bass kicks the butt of the Anbes, but the issue for me is that the mids are recessed but the highs seem very harsh to me when you turn up the volume. In the end, they're pretty great, but the Anbes are a better all-rounder for me for now.

    Otherwise, my bet (and therefore money) is on the Sony WF-1000XM3 - I ordered on Amazon right when they were listed - so I'll let ya'll know when I get 'em. :D
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  3. vstolpner
    Oh wow, they're more like BT20/Fostex.... But look really cool!
  4. FYLegend
    The UFO has very stable connection, yes. Very rarely the left bud will drop out and immediately reconnect, it seems to happen more with my laptop than my phone. B9Scrambler said the connection of the S60 BT5.0 is more stable but disconnects on a laptop. What's holding me back is that Astrotec might release another run with a newer chip or S80 with a Type C case soon.

    Just as you mention that they're sold out I start to see the listings disappear. Looks like they're endangered of extinction! The seller seems reluctant to refund but offered me discount on future purchase, but I don't want another Coolhere or rebrand if it ends up defective again. They said they couldn't get back to me in time to say that the product might be under a different brand, and that it might have been damaged during shipping (...).

    Anbes Official still has them listed but has not yet replied to my question whether the product is a rebrand or not. It seems like the same person in the message center though...
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  5. vstolpner
    I did hear of both changes coming from Astrotec, I believe sometime August was the expected release for the new S60.

    If I'm not mistaken the mifo O4 will use a Knowles BA. Might be a good alternative
  6. FYLegend
    August would be the next batch of S80 but they didn't mention any updates about a new S60.

    Mifo O4 uses "hybrid moving coil" dynamic driver. Shanling's TWS will have the option of either Knowles BA or graphene DD.

    O4 has been out since June in Thailand but haven't seen any listings yet.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  7. RobinFood
    The ear hook part was removable. The plastic is made of though felt like plastic-cup plastic.
    I am not sure they are durable...or practical...but they sounded alright, maybe one of the best when they came out, if you like heavy bass.
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  8. hifi80sman
    Agree. In this case, cVc 8.0 actually means something.
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  9. d3myz
    I was able to get AAC working via my Mac. sounds even better now. :)
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  10. Bartig
    No they are not. These are clearly rebrands from the Anomoibuds Capsule TWS, which are excellent and can be had for around 20 dollar.
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  11. d3myz
    Could be, same charging chage, but the housing is exactly like the Tranya T1 Pro and T5
  12. SilverEars
    Are the TW mostly dynamic driver based? If so, one thing that would make the most difference for dynamic drivers are lots of power to control the driver much better, and quicker. I get a sense that in order to save battery, the amps inside the TW earpieces are likely weak-sauce amps. That would make the most significant difference first, the amping.

    That's the big caveat with the TW, not being able to have control over what to amp the drivers with.
  13. vstolpner

    Oh I thought mifo did BA as well, my mistake. Well then the Shanling. To be honest I thought they were just rebrands like the TFZ X1/X1E.

    I did find SBC to AAC does improve things in all TWS earphones I've tried so far.

    Most Bluetooth earphones use the same SOC for connectivity, DAC, and amp. This is why you get audible noise floors and such. Especially in TWS earphones, there just isn't enough space, and most people would find the short battery life unacceptable.
  14. riodgarp
    did you feels like you're swimming or something similiar using kz's eartips with mifo o5 pro?
    nah I have tried largest one, not fits well as I'm using others eartips
  15. srinivasvignesh
    Encouraging. Have you used these in noisy environments? What is the most reliable place to get the mpow t5?
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