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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. d3myz
    I've used them in noisy enviroments around loud tv and crazy kids, but not out in the city etc. I got mine on amazon.
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  2. srinivasvignesh
    Great. Looking forward to your impressions. It would be great if you can include impressions on call quality, especially from noisy environments.
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  3. DigDub
    Fitted some spinfit cp350 on the t5. Sounds pretty good as well and able to get a good fit.

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  4. turbobb
    Precisely the combo I used when I got 'em last year, just too bad the connection issues were so bad.

    Thx to @hifi80sman for taking another chance on the reissued model, looks like they've resolved the connectivity issues.
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  5. d3myz
    Dang, it doesn't look like I can get any of these for less than $20. Thinking about the cp360's ever tried those? they look a bit deeper.
  6. DigDub
    I believe they have resolved the connectivity issues now. Mine has rock solid connection even in places where my other tws buds have problems.
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  7. DigDub
    I think the cp360 should work too.
  8. Caipirina
    what is this CVC? I recall trying to google that long time ago, not finding anything and ended up dismissing it as a Chinese ad copy fluke .. like '5D' :)
  9. Caipirina
    How is this not getting more traction? Wouldn't this be the first QC5121 ANC TWE out in the wild?
    Found this article in English, it also links to a press release

    They look funky :)


    From that press release
    "TRACK Air+ is available from 15th July and will be sold exclusively, for a time limited period, on Amazon retailing at a highly-competitive £179. The first 400 customers will also receive a free Libratone COIL charging plate, which will retail at £34. For further product information visit www.libratone.com or Amazon.co.uk/Libratone"

    Reminds me how last year I pretty blindly jumped on the Sony SP700N with 'anc' for 199€ and ended up regretting it ... in this case I will wait maybe for the next bunch of QC5121 buds .. or the Bose 700 earbuds ... or at least some in depth reviews
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  10. hifi80sman
    Apparently, according to some Russian review site posted a few pages back, there were 3 total revisions, so it looks like the version Amazon is selling is the most recent iteration. So far, so good. Completely happy, especially for the price. Definitely better than many name brand mid-rangers, not to mention the call quality is top-notch.
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  11. hifi80sman
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  12. Caipirina
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  13. srinivasvignesh
    But bear in mind that a lot of manufacturers claim CVC ratings, but have no real impact in daily use. Just a word of caution.
  14. Caipirina
    Good that I absolutely detest phone calls :) I order all my IEM without mic .. no one dare disturb my music listening :D
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  15. webvan
    Thanks for the additional link. I seem to remember a link here to a detailed preview where they did say that ANC worked well. The IPX rating is a plus over the Sony's for sure, as well as the price. They look a bit strange but the Sony's also stick out so...
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