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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. Soreniglio
    I just bought QCY T2C on Amazon for 20 $, they're coming in a week or so.

    If my Anbes are gonna be legit, I'll give the QCY to my mom, probably.

    Did I make a good choice by buying them?
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  2. actorlife
    Only 6 hr battery Bah. :) 8hr or more. :)
  3. d3myz
    The MPOW T5 has the QCC3020 chipset and has TrueWireless Stereo
  4. billbishere
    I see that - just looked it up. That is impressive. Well, guess I overlooked those. Under $50 is pretty fantastic for that. I am not thinking my ears would love that design tho, I need some sort of hook.
  5. billbishere
  6. vstolpner
    Is it True Wireless Stereo, or TWS Plus? From what I understand only TWS Plus does the individual connection to each earbud?
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  7. vstolpner
  8. billbishere
    It's not the plus - i did see that.
  9. actorlife
  10. d3myz
    It has both. https://www.qualcomm.com/products/qcc3020
  11. d3myz
    Yea, i'm at the point where if it doesn't have Volume control and/or Qualcomm True Wireless Plus it's going to have to be Cheap or really amazing like the 359's to get me excited.
  12. d3myz
    Bummer, that's one of the deal breakers for me about the Pamu Scroll, they look and feel nice, sound good and have 4 hour + battery life, but you can't turn the stupid things off.
  13. d3myz
    man, for $32.60 shipped, i'm very tempted. but i've literally bought 5 pairs of earbuds this week. Granted 3 of them are being returned, but i'm keeping two and my wife, well, let's just say, she's been happier. LOL
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  14. d3myz
    They fit great with the right tips. I twist mine vertically and they stay in place really nicely. I'd recommend at least giving them a go from amazon. I also bought the Tranya T1 Pro and I think it sounds a little better as far as bass is concerned, but the soundstage is smaller and the mids are more recessed. The T3 sounds better to me. and the T5 is it's own animal. really balanced great mids and highs, phone calls are excellent. my only grip is powering them off. you have to power them off individually and if you are listening to a track it always moves forward or back when holding it down before powering off. other than that, they are a strong 4.75/5 for me.
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  15. actorlife
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