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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. actorlife
    So anyone gonna try these? I mean great features and favorable reviews.
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  2. d3myz
    Maybe if they had 10D sound, but they only have 9D sound. :darthsmile:
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  3. falang
    1more stylish true wireless have a $30 off prime deal going on right now. Regular 99 on for 69.
  4. d3myz
    How do they compare to the Tranya T3, Anbes 359, MPOW T5?
  5. albau
    For $70 on sale there could've been at least volume controls and USB-C, no?
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  6. falang
    Amazon is powerful, but not that powerful that they could physically change a product while discounting it at the same time.

    The 6.5 hour play time and aptx/aac support interests me.
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  7. vstolpner
    That's their regular price on AliExpress. In fact I've seen them many times around $60 mark. Of course Amazon has free returns so there's that.

    Though I'm holding out for their next gen TWS earphones.
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  8. hifi80sman
    I have those in my current stable of TWEs. I like them, although I do wish they had a bit more sub-bass. Other than that, the sound is great. Also, calls perform well.
  9. actorlife
    You crack me up. I might have to get them then and if i do i won't be back on thread till Oct. I'm warning you. Wahahaha
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  10. billbishere
    I think these are fantastic. Best connection on ANY bluetooth device I own, rock solid. Most devices if I put my phone in my back pocket it would start to drop out, not with these. and they also sound great, have nice clicky buttons on the backs so u dont push them in your ear. aptx on android is the best going outside of aptxHD, just read something about that. better than LDAC.

    anyway, the 1more's are really great. I paid $80 on sale a couple weeks ago.
  11. DigDub
    The connection on the Aukey is strong too, haven't encountered drops so far. Do you know if it is possible to power on and off the buds without the case?
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  12. billbishere
    I have compared against Bose, Sabbat e12, Anker Liberty Sound Core and the SoundPeats tws.

    I started with the Bose because overall I have had pretty good luck with Bose bluetooth for my mobile stuff and I am a big fan of having the Multi-Pairing with my devices. However - the Bose were laggy on youtube and I watch a lot of YouTube so that was a no go... It was so bad, it was also instant no matter what I did on every connection. It was frustrating because they sounded the best out of the ones I tested.

    I had connection issues with Sabbat...some weird stuff actually, like they were out of sync and then even connecting to the phone wasn't all that smooth, had to reset a couple times. I didn't appear to be the only one.

    The Anker had drop outs - a couple in a short period of time, didn't care for sound or fit either but... dropouts.

    The soundpeats were pretty good with connection in the short time I used them, they actually sound pretty good too but they don't stay in my ears at all so I didn't use them much. I haven't returned them yet if anyone wants to buy them! haha

    That is my experience and sort of where I am coming from in my comments. Till something changes my mind I will only be interested in TWS that has this technology as it's a full solution of connectivity for whatever product it's needed in for TWS. So you don't have to depend on the headphone maker to reinvent the wheel and hope they get it right.

  13. hifi80sman
    Actually, no, I don't. :frowning2:
    d3myz likes this.
  14. falang
    Really? Good to know that it's not a super deal. Just saw they don't have an IPX rating either. Also, it also says AA battery included Huh?
  15. hifi80sman
    On Prime Day sale for $39.99. USB-C and wireless charging. Someone grab them and let us all know! :p

    The look like a re-brand of the Anker Zolo Liberty, which I thought were pretty good (sound, fit), although the call quality was not good.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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