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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

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  1. tekwrx
    Just picked up the MPOW T5 on Prime Day sale for $36. We'll see if they can replace my Tranya T3's :smile_phones:
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  2. chinmie
    you can use this page to test the left and right one, then you can mark them for easier identification

  3. MrBiN
    Hope you like it, I looking forward for your review :D

    I have read your website, it's so awesome :D. I don't know I can ask you to help me compare the comfortable between QCY QS1 and Tiso i4. I appreciate the comfortable. Thanks.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  4. srinivasvignesh

    Sadly, their marketing people didn't even care to correct the name from Bose to Mpow when they probably ripped off their material. Screen grab from MPOW T5 website

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  5. Bartig
    Thanks! :D

    Fit of course is very personal. The Tiso is somewhat smaller in your ear than the QS1, however, pressing the button needs force on the Tiso, making controlling them in your ear a little less comfortable than the QS1.
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  6. Bartig
    Oh my. Just ordered it for 60 euros on Amazon Germany. Bit expensive, but hey, still pretty cheap for a Bose. :D
  7. DigDub
    And... the Aukey EP-T10 is in. Usb-c, wireless charging case, 7 hours battery life, touch controls, supports play/pause, volume control and skipping tracks. Supports aptx, aac and sbc, my Samsung S10 defaults to aac though, but I couldn't detect any difference between aptx and aac.

    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  8. Bartig
    Looks neat. Yet something from your description is missing. :wink:
  9. DigDub
    The sound is a very fun bassy sound with elevated highs. It reminds me somewhat of the qcy t1c sound signature. I'd have to let the earbuds and my brain burn in a bit before making further assessment, but I'm liking it so far.

    A few nitpicking, can't seem to turn on and off manually, it auto powers off if there's no connection after 5 mins, but no way to power on manually, so have to bring the case along. No beep indication when using the touch controls.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  10. billbishere
    The more I listen to my 1more TWS the more I wonder why anyone would look else. These are $99 - have some of the best connection tech made and they sound fantastic. They were expert tuned and a lot of time was spent to make them rock solid. They charge fast, hold battery well... I couldn't be happier. I have tested out teh Bose and Jabra and neither sounded as good as these imo. Not to mention the Bose have a horrible lag on youtube.... You get NONE of that with the 1more.

    I just haven't seen anyone talk about them at all and for the price to performance I dont see anything better!
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  11. Soreniglio
    I've talked to the chat customer service of Anbes Audiocart, and they assured me that they are legit Anbes coming...I'm still skeptical.
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  12. BigAund
    Anyone know anything about the Libratone TRACK AIR+? It appears they are being released as part of Amazons prime days - seems an interesting prospect with wireless charging and noise cancelling.
  13. clerkpalmer
    I’m not finding them. Do you have a link?
  14. sway212
    I'm looking for a pair of earphones which are like the Airpods in the sense that they don't completely go into your ear but rather sit on them. I'll be purchasing from Aliexpress.

    From the research I've done and from browsing this forum, I can see that the Sabbat X12 Pro are the best options for me. I don't particularly have any preferences besides that it should be the Airpods style really. I don't like them going into my ear and it makes my ear itch a lot. Oh and USB Type C for future proofing.

    Any other recommendations besides Sabbat X12 Pro?
  15. d3myz
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