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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. Sound Eq
    yeah but there two types isolation or comfort
    why no wax guard
    how long do comply tips last
  2. jmills8
    I actually not sure, most likely isolation. Lasts like 6 months but I am alternating iems each day.
  3. thejammonster
    I use Tx-500 (isolation + guard). I tried Tsx-500 (comfort + guard) and they hurt my ear canals. So much for "comfort".
  4. peter123
  5. peter123
    Here you go guys, complete with all that audiophile mumbo jumbu that I know you all love [​IMG]
    Jackpot77 likes this.
  6. oldmate
    Everyone seems to be going for the harmony - no love for the Forte's. The review of the Forte's by @Koolpep was much appreciated. Still unsure of which way to go. I wish there were more reviews.
    Snowing in Michigan?? 41 degrees C yesterday at Lake Maquarie  - a 6 pack of 500ml Heineken's did help however.[​IMG] 
    Just had to be that hot when moving - still, as you can see, there is a pub close by!!
  7. Jackpot77
    The Forte are the next pair of AS on my wish list to try as well, really liked the sound of that review. If anyone knows any good links for sale or trades going on them please post on here - might have some new ASG-1Plus up for trade in a week or two if anyone fancies a swap?
  8. mikaveli06
    I got them for $420 used, couldnt find used forte until after i got harmonys.

    Well, we got appx 12inches snow here last night. It was crazy, 45deg mon and 49 wed, then wed thur 12inch snow and back up in mid to upper 40s for weekend
  9. leafwise
    Greetings, all^^
    Proper Aurisonics fan here, having heard ASG1.5, ASG2.5, and Kickers thus far and with a AS2.5 order on the way (cheers, Andy!).
    Love the house sound and the gnarliest bass I've ever heard in IEMs of any type-- enough, in fact, that I have switched away from full-size cans almost entirely (except when needed for mastering/playing out etc).
    Much respect to those who love Dale & Co's work!
  10. thejammonster

    What color/options did you go with on the AS-2.5? I went with clear smoke gray body, clear red faceplate, and ambient port/dial.
  11. leafwise
    Clear housing / clear logo / ambient port / MMCXi connector swap; Getting antsy!
    I see you're in the Queen City-- great place =) I'm in Asheville, but I get out your way a few times yearly.
    Interested to see how the ambient port will fare when I use these for recording vocals for sure.
  12. leafwise

    Nice review-- makes me want to get the Rockets as my 'wear and tear' pair even more than I did before, no doubt.
  13. thejammonster

    Nice! I wanted something a little showy but not chrome or anything. I already have a pair of brushed nickel ASG-2.5 :) By clear logo do you mean faceplate? Andy never mentioned the logo specifically. I like the connector swap idea as well, I didn't even know that was an option. For me I didn't like the way the single pin connectors can spin freely as it felt like that would wear down the connector over time.
  14. leafwise
    I actually chose to omit the faceplate, which would result in an embossed 'AS' logo being on the surface of the shell. Usually, this is painted black or red if not hidden by the faceplate entirely, but I asked for it to be left completely clear such that the whole unit is 'ghostly'.
    The MMCXi swap was something I requested for greater interoperability with cables that I already possessed-- also cool that the Bravo series and later all use them, so when and if I try other models I can just use the same cable (Linum BaX and Super BaX).
  15. leafwise
    Also, for anyone interested, SpinFit eartips are amazing for all flavors of Aurisonics UIEMs. Revolutionary type amazing.
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