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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. thejammonster
    You're going all professional musician on me :wink: I'm using mine strictly for listening to music. SpinFits or Comply, the nozzle on the ASG is just too big for me and hurts my ear canals. I actually tried to pay for some sort of nozzle swap but the Bravo nozzles don't fit.

    RE: NC - Asheville is a great vacation spot nearby but unfortunately no job possibilities for me. Charlotte is a great modern city that is close to a bit of everything. I've actually been seriously considering a headphone shop as the closest is Moon Audio in Cary. I think a city of a million would support it.
  2. mikaveli06
    ill give them a try....i always used spiral dots with my asg2.5s when i had them
  3. leafwise
    I used the JVCs as well and like their sound slightly more than the SpinFits, but the comfort and fit afforded by the latter win out-- particularly when moving around, when I found the Spirals slipping out of place. Can't stand still when that much bass is in your face!
  4. mikaveli06
    Agree, however i only have 1 pair of spinfit whoch is large or xl. I need one size smaller i believe
  5. thejammonster

    I've got a set of medium SpintFits unopened that I'm not using any time soon. I can send them your way if you want to pay shipping on them. :)
  6. mikaveli06
    That would be awesome or i can trade a pair of large spiral dots. PM shipping cost or address if u want to swap
  7. peter123
    Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it!

    Yeah, the Rockets are just perfect for that kind of usage.
  8. Jackpot77
  9. Jackpot77
    +1 for the Spinfit comments as well - the only downside is trying to get them on the nozzles of the ASG series without some form of nervous breakdown, but once they are in place it's magical! :wink:
  10. peter123
    Thank you Jack!
    Did you manage to find a pair of Rockets already?
  11. Jackpot77

    No worries. Yes, did find a pair - should be delivered next week. The Samma3a website (Aurisonics distributor in the Middle East) had them on for around £110 UK including international delivery - almost as good as the hifiheadphones deal (hoping I don't get stung at customs now!). They have got some new ASG 2.5s on sale for about £360 UK including delivery if anyone is looking, too.
    leafwise likes this.
  12. Koolpep

    Was just about to post that:
    I bought plenty of things from them, they are very good seller/distributor and reputable.
    Be quick, there seems to be only 1 left in stock!!
    leafwise likes this.
  13. Barndoor
    Think I might have to get a pair of spinfits and see for myself.
    Do CP100 fit the Harmony?
    Does the sizing come fairly normal. I'm ussually M and use that size in the Comply.
    Will perhaps order some spiral dot at the same time.
  14. leafwise

    I've found that the M SpinFits and the M Spiral Dots are very similar in size, with the SpinFits being very slightly larger in terms of circumferance.
    There is an awesome Head-Fier, @Dopaminer, who will ship individual pairs of nearly any type of tip anywhere in the world and at a very reasonable price. I've ordered all of my recent tips from him, and he's great-- just shoot him a PM and let him know what you'd like. He'll even do mismatched pairs, like one small/one medium and the like.
    Barndoor likes this.
  15. leafwise

    An avid amateur musician, my friend :wink:
    I've had similar thoughts about a little headphone/audio boutique that would cater to our kind... we should powwow at some point!
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