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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. thejammonster
    B&H Photo Video
  2. Antihippy
    Oh hey, looks like the aurisonics site finally just redirects to the fender site.
    Anybody knows who to contact if we want warranty on aurisonics products now? Not that I have any need to, but just in case.
  3. thejammonster
    I would contact Andy Rowley directly until Fender puts something on their site in regards to Aurisonics products.

  4. leafwise
    From what I gather after speaking with Frank and co., that's a resounding no. Only new and newly engineered products will be in the Fender supply channel, meaning the cessation of customs ordering and no more AS/ASG/Bravo/Rockets whatsoever. They will support those models for warranty reasons, of course.
    Wicked cool frosty white^^
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well, I would have loved to see/hear a potential ASG-3 one day.

    Hopefully Fender make some great alternative.

    Mmmh... ASG-3.
    Jackpot77 likes this.
  6. thejammonster
    Looks like Andy's email is now:


    The Aurisonics email forwards to him but who knows for how long. I've mentioned a few times how I think it's a mistake to stop producing CIEMs, though they haven't truly stopped - I sent out my impressions today for some AS-2.5 CIEMs.
  7. Antihippy
    Cheers for the info.
  8. leafwise
    Should also be able to reach him at in-ear@aurisonics.com.
  9. Jackpot77
    Just taken delivery of some Rockets from Dubai (that actually sounds like a good name for a middle eastern rock covers band) and the forgotten child of the Bravo line the Eva's (from Lancing - not quite as catchy) so looking forward to spending a bit of quality time with them to continue my Aurisonics education. Just need to shift some of my existing gear now (or a kidney) to make some space! :wink:
    Very intrigued to find out what signature they went for with the Eva line, as the only review I have seen on the tuning was by the Hifiheadphones team on this thread a little while back, so wondering if there will be any similarities to the Rockets...
    jmills8 likes this.
  10. peter123

    Nice! I'm really looking forward to your impression on the EVA's and if they bring anything new to the table Ione already own the Rockets and 1plus. I'm also wondering how rolled off the treble is compared to the Rockets.

    OT: congratulations on the front page with the Atlas review :clap::clap:
  11. Jackpot77

    Thanks - will try and get a handle on both over the next week or so and then let you know my initial thoughts about the treble. Congratulations to you too - didn't know I had made the front page, but when I checked, your Rockets review was sitting there as well!
  12. peter123

    Thanks, I'd appreciate it. Ha ha I hadn't noticed myself, just saw yours there earlier today.
  13. LionPlushie
    Looks like there is no way you can order the customs anymore..
  14. thejammonster

    Email and ask. That's what I did. :)
  15. ads1107
    Apologies if this has been asked but anyone know where I can purchase an assortment pack of the Sureseal tips?

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