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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. Barndoor
    Which size for the Harmony?
    CP100 spinfit ?
    EP-FX9 JVC Spiral Dot?
    These are the main two that I've seen mentioned recently. Anything else worth trying (already have comply)?
  2. Antihippy
    Having tried both the spinfit and the spiral dot, I'd say the spiral dot is a better fit for the Harmony. The spinfit works but you have to jam it down to wrap around the base while the spiral dots slip in like they were built for it.
  3. leafwise

    The Bravo series (Eva/Kicker/Forte/Harmony) accepts both styles of the tips in every size. While I agree the the 'snugness' of the SpinFits is a little weird, they will not come unseated under normal use.
    I apologize for not knowing the model numbers specifically, but when I ordered my tips via @Dopaminer, I simply specified the sizes and type and he took care of the rest. For reference, I ordered one pair of M SpinFits with one red and one white nozzle along with one pair of JVC Spiral Dots with one ML and one M size tips (yes, there is a Medium-Large between the Medium and the Large sizes). $10/pair, shipped just about anywhere.
  4. peter123

    That's a good deal, congratulations.

    I'm looking forward to hear what you think about them.
  5. leafwise
    Thanks to both you and Jackpot77-- just put in the order for a pair of Rockets!
    Much respect^^
    peter123 likes this.
  6. Jackpot77

    Glad to be of service! Mine have alreadt cleared customs in the UK apparently - that is ridiculously quick service if that's the case. Just a shame they are being delivered to work!
  7. mikaveli06
    I loved the sound of the rockets, chord was just overkill for me, wasnt comfortable unfortunately.  Harmonys are awaiting me to pick up from mail box
  8. oddidude
    I've been enjoying my Kickers for a while now but recently I've had an issue with them. I've found that my stock ear tips keep falling off whether they were the ones supplied or the new ones that I just bought. I've already lost two buds from the same earphone so I'm guessing it's a nozzle defect. Anyone else had a similar problem?
  9. leafwise
    I've not had the same problem with my Kickers, and I've worn them as 'daily drivers' for some time now whilst swapping around tips of all sorts.

    Under what circumstances have they come undone? I hope not coming out of your ear canal...
  10. thejammonster
    If it is a defect, Aurisonics has great customer service.  Just open a warranty claim on their website and Andy will contact you.
  11. oddidude

    I've just been taking them out of my trouser pockets and found that the tip has disappeared and is not in my pocket (my trouser pockets aren't tight so the tip wouldn't get caught)

    I've already contacted the site where I got them from so I should be getting a response soon 
  12. gikigill
    Will we ever see another rerun of these by Fender?
  13. coco8579
    Really love that frosted white finish.
  14. Antihippy
    So for awhile I've been thinking "man, I kinda wish there was more bass on the harmony". Then I bought a HD600 and listened to the harmony after.
    Oh yeah, the harmony definitely has bass. Big bass.
    It's nice to have something neutral to reset your mind after awhile.
  15. totoyuen
    I am visiting NYC next week. Are there any places for Aurisonics/Fender IEM audition? Manhattan would be the most preferable.
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