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DUNU DK-4001 --- Discussion & Impressions Thread

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  1. tomscy2000
    Apparently, the Audio46 people wrote their own review. As did Major Hi-Fi. Honestly, I wouldn't take too much stock in these cursory reviews --- there seem to be more pictures than words --- but they are additional data points to consider.
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  2. Ethereal Sound
    Dang, I've been looking to spend about 1k on a hybrid iem and was about to lock down an oriolus mk2... Now I'm gonna have to wait for more impressions an hopefully a demo in the near future!
  3. afreekindazone
    The Oriolus MK2 is already a safe bet, IMO if you heard and love the Oriolus, there's no need to search for a newer grass without the assurance that it will be greener according to your preferences.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  4. Ethereal Sound
    I haven't heard the oriolus. I was going to blind buy. I live in a place where it is impossible for me to demo any of the units that I am interested in.
  5. afreekindazone
    Yep that's a big issue, but before proceeding on a blind purchase, I would suggest to read at least 5 reviews (mostly 10 as we aren't talking about $50 pairs) and get a conclusion about the pros and cons according to your taste
  6. stenog
    You can read 10 different reviews from 10 different persons and I bet you will still hear something different. This hobby is very subjective!

    There should be coming a lot of impressions, and maybe reviews, the next few weeks from CanJams in New York and Singapore.

    I have never heard the Oriolus so can't help you there. I bought DK-4001 blind and have not regretted it. It's not perfect but it's one of the best iems i have heard for my preferences. But that doesn't mean anything for your preferences.

    Read tomscy2000's impressions in this thread, they are very accurate and should give you an idea about the DK-4001 and always ask a lot of questions. :)
  7. Ethereal Sound
    I've read everything and asked around on the oriolus for 4 months now lol. I just wish I could customize the aesthetics..
  8. tomscy2000
    I’m hoping people can compare the 4001 against the upcoming Meze RAI Penta, which is also a 5-driver hybrid and priced a little higher but still within the ssme realm of comparable affordability. Should be an interesting comparison. Both will be on display at CanJam NY
  9. Dobrescu George
    I should have both in the future and should be able to do an in-depth comparison :)
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  10. stenog
    Yes indeed, it will be an interesting comparison. I have also kept an eye on the Rai Penta for a while. With the ever increasing prices for iems and headphones 1000 USD/EURO can almost be seen as a bargain these days! But let's see when the impressions start coming and what kind of signature it has. It will probably be on the warm side but hopefully not too warm and laid back. I already have the M7 which for me is kind of a lounge iem :). Warm, smooth and coherent with a laid back treble, but great tonality.
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  11. tomscy2000
    460DE5C0-C129-4FDF-AA33-530D1C9EA12D.jpeg 68A8428F-CB69-40A2-A0BD-02B5BAFFE547.jpeg DFB01A28-1882-4DB8-90FE-461D7677B197.jpeg 2C241D57-96E8-4ED7-BA8F-CBE16B0A9123.jpeg 30D517F6-E267-42F5-B2A6-B88B075C2023.jpeg 04400232-E67A-4986-BA8A-AB65B6741724.jpeg

    Size/Angle/Build comparisons between the 3001 and 4001. Small changes add up to big improvements.
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  12. Raketen
    Just saw Crinacle posted measurements & early impression: https://crinacle.com/2019/02/19/dunu-dk-4001-first-impressions-and-measurements/

    Aside from horizontal scaling and a upward tilt on the treble peak, appears fairly consistent with Dunu's own graph.
    Looks appealing, bass maybe a little north of where I was hoping- Seems he is restarting his measurement database again (kind of miss the graphs with less smoothing), so I only have EX1000 and ER4S as reference points.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  13. tomscy2000
    Unless you're looking for dead neutral, I wouldn't worry about the bass quantity. It's so well controlled that even someone like me, who's very used to Ety-like bass quantity, can get used to (and enjoy) the 4001's bass.

    While the EX1000 is still an enjoyable listen for me I no longer view it as a benchmark performer. The 5K peak is too distracting for me these days, and its bass resolution is no longer top tier.

    I agree with crin that its imaging characteristics are pretty average but I find it to be quite enjoyable with live recordings. It doesn't render a completely accurate rendition so it's not a recording studio monitor but rather exaggerates certain elements like reverb and lower treble heavy instruments like violin.

    The 4001 is quite insertion depth and tip dependent; I'm able to suppress or elevate the upper treble quite obviously with different tips. Soundstage and imaging also change with insertion depth. It never quite gets to stellar imaging but it can be tweaked to a good sweet spot.
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  14. Raketen
    Just realized he targets his measurement positioning for an 8khz resonance which probably explains this difference.
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  15. Brooko Contributor
    This is a pretty early impression - so please take with a grain of salt - only had them for a handful of hours.

    First up - the frequency response. Usual disclaimer:
    I'd encourage anyone who questions my measurements to also check:
    This post - especially 3rd graph (https://www.head-fi.org/threads/dun...mpressions-thread.888107/page-4#post-14626195)
    And Crinnacles measurements (https://crinacle.com/2019/02/19/dunu-dk-4001-first-impressions-and-measurements/)

    dk4001 freq.png

    Channel matching is incredible!

    Very quick and early impressions:

    • Bass response => excellent. Extended, clean, but doesn't over power, and definitely not muddy or undefined. Those who are worried about the flatness, just remember that this is a DD, and there is more impact than a BA. Sub bass has rumble, but its not overdone. Enough to hear it clearly - but not there as a "main course".

    • Lower mid-range => clean, portrays male vocals quite well, but I'd neither call it overly cool/lean, nor rich or lush. For me personally this is a perfect pairing with a well tuned upper mid-range. Could be termed slightly lean (its not IMO) when taken with the relativity of the bass and the lift in upper-mids.

    • Upper mid-range => slightly emphasised. Gentle rise from 1-2 kHz. Makes it cohesive and easy to listen to - no dissonance. Female vocals have a slight emphasis and euphony. Quite a typical Dunu colouration, but in a good way.

    • Lower treble => definite peak around 6-7 kHz (the area which gives cymbals presence). You can hear it heightened, but for me its not overdone. Cymbal decay has a nice tail, and its not a blob - more of a shimmer. Of course personal canal shape and insertion depth plays a big part here. I really like how they've tuned this.

    • Upper treble => a little subdued, but for me as long as everything else is well balanced, I never really worry about +10kHz. It makes so little difference to real music anyway - and too much becomes painful.
    Perceived sound-stage - too early to say really. Seems on the intimate side (what I would expect from most IEMs). I'll know more when i get more time with them. Tip for those who want expansive stage with IEMs => DSP (its not that bad if implemented properly - Neutron does a reasonable job)

    Overall - nice balance. Very clean and clear, but not sharp. I like them from my short time with them.

    More to come as I get better acquainted. I'm tied up for the next week with biz, but will try to report in as I get time.

    Oh - and they are comfortable :wink:
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