1. 7hz i99 IEM

    7hz i99 IEM

    7 Hz 7Hz was founded in 2018 as a team of engineers and audio enthusiasts who came together to test their skills in the realm of audio. By focusing on quality drivers and using precise circuitry design, 7Hz aims to deliver the most efficient setups that best shine the drivers’ natural abilities...
  2. A

    [SOLD] Dunu Luna

    Hi all, Today I have for you the flagship beryllium DD IEM by Dunu. I'm the third owner of this IEM, purchased a month ago from another Head-Fier. The first owner had less than 5 hours of use and the second owner didn't get to use it before selling it; as the third owner, I put about 30 hours...
  3. C

    [WTB] Periodic Audio CA or BE

    Post or Pm me any offers of price.


    Luna was tuned to a reference sound signature — deep and natural imaging, even and smooth from top to bottom, and maximized for extension at both ends. The result is the most supremely detailed, transparent, sumptuous sounding earpiece ever crafted by Dunu. Specifications FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5...
  5. M

    Review of Dunu Luna

    •What is the hype of the First beryllium IEM? Well, not only is Luna the first beryllium IEM, it might remain the only full beryllium driver on the market. What about Final A8000? Well it is not full beryllium driver in that only three dome of the driver is made of beryllium, while both the...
  6. Giraku

    SOLD: Final Audio A8000 Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver IEM Mint

    I decided to sell Final Audio A8000 Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver IEM in mint condition with all the original accessories and packaging. SOLD: US$1500 or Best Offer Price includes shipping within CONUS via USPS Priority and PayPal fee. No trading, please.
  7. Final Audio

    Introducing Final latest flagship IEM A8000 featuring Truly Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver

    Final new flagship IEM, A8000 – Redefining the potential of dynamic driver Awards VGP Lifestyle 2020 Gold Award Winner for earphone between USD1800 to USD2800 VGP Lifestyle 2020 Innovation Grand Award A8000 series concept Newly developed final proprietary Perceptual Transparent Measurement...
  8. starck86

    DUNU LUNA - Impressions and Discussion

    LUNA by DUNU The LUNA is DUNU's newest flagship - and the world's first pure beryllium rolled foil IEM. I decided to start this thread after I purchased the LUNA from DUNU. After receiving the Luna, opening it up, and having a listen...a few hours went by, then days...of listening. I've...
  9. jwbrent

    SOLD: Focal Utopia w/Norne Audio Draug Pure Silver Cable

    I’m considering selling my Utopia in order to fund another purchase. These were purchased new on 10/2/17 from an authorized dealer, so there is almost 3 years of warranty remaining (Focal honors second hand purchases for warranty as long as the original receipt is supplied). In absolute mint...
  10. iamkn

    (SOLD) URBANFUN YBF-ISS014 IEM [New] [Price Negotiable]

    [Price: 75SG but negotiable] Condition: - New but unsealed to test - Working perfectly well with solid MMCX connectors - IEMs were tested with my own ear tips so stock ear tips (both foam & silicone) untouched - Everything that's in the box is included - Price negotiable & even more so if...
  11. rcoleman1


  12. DUNU DK-2001

    DUNU DK-2001

    The long-awaited successor to our acclaimed DN-2000 and DN-2000J is here! In 2013, DUNU changed the premium hybrid in-ear game with the DN-1000. It was one of the very first non-kilobuck hybrid designs around to offer a clean, clear, and balanced sound profile, Its successor, the DN-2000 and...
  13. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU DK-2001 - 3 BA + 1 beryllium DD hybrid: the long-awaited follow-up to the DN-2000 and DN-2000J!

    In 2013, DUNU changed the premium hybrid in-ear game with the DN-1000. It was one of the very first non-kilobuck hybrid designs around to offer a clean, clear, and balanced sound profile, Its successor, the DN-2000 and 'J' variant were even more successful. Today, the DK-2001 updates the DN...
  14. DUNU-Topsound

    Introducing LUNA by DUNU, the world's first pure beryllium rolled foil diaphragm flagship dynamic in-ear! (Page 18: Loan Tour Announcement)

    November 10th, 2019 Shanghai, China FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, EXCLUSIVELY FOR HEAD-FI PrefaceOver the years, DUNU has accrued a ton of experience building earphones and drivers; a few years ago, we reexamined our core technologies and thought long and hard about how we could make a major...
  15. DUNU Titan 6

    DUNU Titan 6

    Features Hi-Res Single Dynamic Earphones Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver (12.6mm) Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Housing DUNU Exclusive N52 Neodymium Magnet Ferromagnetic Circuit System OCC Copper Wire Mixed With Silver Plated OCC Wire Cable Metal Five Axis Precision Machined DUNU Catch-Hold MMCX...
  16. tomscy2000

    DUNU DK-3001 PRO - 2nd Generation 4 BA + Beryllium Dynamic Driver & Quick Switch Connector Cable

    Basics The DUNU ( @DUNU-Topsound ) DK-3001 PRO is the successor to the DK-3001 and the latest model in DUNU's DK series of hybrid in-ears. It is a 5-driver hybrid, with a dual BA tweeter handling the highs and super-highs, two single BAs handling the mids and upper mids, and a 13 mm dynamic...
  17. Vilfred

    Build a new pair of headphones?

    Hi I'm in the unfortunate situation that my expensive pair of headphones are broken. But Im almost 100 procent sure that the drivers still works. Is it possible to buy a 50mm inclosure I can put them.
  18. URBANFUN Transound ONE

    URBANFUN Transound ONE

    WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY. URBANFUN Transound ONE is made to work with Android, Windows and iOS system. It works for most of the devices in the market. With low impedance, you can get astonishing output without complicated set up PROPRIETARY 45mm BERYLLIUM DIAPHRAGM DRIVERS. With this...


    DUNU DK4001 Chi 4BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Aduiophile In-ear Earphone Description Patented self-locking quick replaceable plug Dk-4001 headphone wire rod is designed with self-locking quick replaceable plug, which has both high appearance level and reliability. Four plugs (3.5mm...
  20. IryxBRO

    Periodic Audio (USA) IEMs impression thread

    Recently got a chance to put my hands on 2 pairs of American IEMs from Periodic Audio brand. Created this thread for us to share the experience and knowledge about PA products. I would fill this first post with other IEMs from PA as soon as the reviews would be ready. Starting with their...
  21. Flare PRO 2HD

    Flare PRO 2HD

    This in-ear monitors are made from rhodium coated brass and based around 5.5mm beryllium drivers. They use gold plated MMCX terminated at splitter level. They're shipped with 3.5mm jack cable and a balanced bluetooth modul with aptX support. More information...
  22. italiandoc1

    Closed - [FS/FT] Periodic Be

    These are in as new condition...only used them for a few hours. Sound great, very weighty low end...just not my signature and I have a number of others, so they end up sitting unused. The little gold tin that they came in was bent, so I tossed it. Will include the case and tips as shown. I will...
  23. E

    Best IEM under $350? (Massdrop Plus, Orion, New Primacy, PA BE)

    Hi, so I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs. My last one was the Westone W10 which I felt needed a bit more bass. I've done some research and pretty much shortened it down to either the Massdrop Plus, Campfire Orion, Oriveti New Primacy or Periodic Audio Be. Can anyone give some suggestions on...
  24. tomscy2000

    DUNU DK-4001 --- Discussion & Impressions Thread

    Note: This post will be updated regularly with the latest information and commentary. Changelogs summarizing the edits will be posted periodically. Please keep in mind that the information presented in this post is a mixture of information provided to me from DUNU, as well as bits and pieces of...
  25. wormsdriver

    Periodic Audio Beryllium (Be)

    Up for sale is a pair of Periodic Audio Beryllium (Be) on good condition. Includes the original box and all accessories. Pm me if you're interested and I'll take some detailed pictures. $169 shipped in ConUS. Reviews: