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DUNU DK-4001 --- Discussion & Impressions Thread

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  1. phthora
    Isn't it generally the case that companies roll out their products regionally first? My understanding is that this is so that any QC issues can be ironed out more easily and cheaply. Then, once that's all settled, they roll out to more far-flung markets with a better prediction of the sort of return and warranty costs they will face. They may even make changes to design, packaging, or production in the meantime. Anyway, I don't mind the wait if that's the case.
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  2. stenog
    Thanks for this information, saves me a bit money at the moment, but will probably buy it when its available.

    And thanks for all the detailed impressions about the DK-4001 :)
  3. stenog
    I got a nice package from Penon Audio a few days ago.

    I think I have around 15-20 hours on them. Not enough to have the complete picture but enough for a few first impressions.

    I had the DK-3001 long time ago, but sold them, primarily because of bad fit. I generally liked the sound signature. For short time listening sessions the fit was acceptable but for longer sessions I constantly had to adjust them.

    The 4001 is different. They are surprisingly small with a very deep fit. They disappear in my ear. I have a perfect fit with my left ear and almost perfect fit with my right ear. My left and right ear are a bit different, i often use different size tips so generally not worried about this. I am sure my right ear will adapt over time. If I didn't knew anything about the 3001 I don't think I would even mention this. Again these shells are small, they are about the same size as the New Primacy.

    My first thought about the signature was a "mature tuning" with an elevated low end. My thoughts have matured since then but I don't think they are basically wrong. The low end is present and north of neutral. I remember the 3001 to be much more balanced. The more i listen to the 4001 the more i fall in love with the bass. I don't think they have more bass quantity than the M7, but it's definitely better textured the notes are much more accurate. The low end are definitely present but also with very high quality. It adds body/warmth to the lower mids and maybe take some of the clarity away. I don't have a problem with this, maybe some will!

    I don't have any problems with the upper mids/treble, it's near perfect for me. Both male and female vocals are spot on.

    I need to spend a lot more time with these but overall I am impressed and so far very happy with the purchase :L3000:
  4. Hanesu
    Heard them today and I must say these are definitely not my cup of tea. Tuning of the heighs was way too dark for my taste. Agree the bass is nice though...
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  5. stenog
    Ouch. I would not call the heighs dark, more like neutral/bright. The IER-M7 have darker heighs.

    We all hear different :)
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  6. cfc7
    How is the tuning for the upper midrange?
    I didn't like this area with the 3001, female vocals were too intense.
  7. Hanesu
    Interesting! I am wondering if maybe the set I was listening to (at E-Earphone in Tokyo) had a defect or so? I listen to a lot of phones that day (and also had my Andromedas with me) - and in comparison to almost all of them the DUNU sounded super dark...

    I agree we all hear different, but maybe there really was something wrong here...

    By the way, I agree the M7 also sounds quite dark.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
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  8. tomscy2000
    I'm really glad someone else can start chiming in!

    The M7 doesn't have the best bass out there -- it lacks low level detail and texture, even compared to lower priced products; the M9 has much better bass quality than the M7, but I like the overall tonal balance of the M7 much more. But as I mentioned before, I think the 4001 has better bass quality than even the Andromeda, so the 4001 is on a different level in terms of bass quality. As for quantity, I also felt the 4001 had more quantity than I would normally prefer, but because its control is so good, I came to "forgive" it. The quantity comes out more in the sub-bass and low mid-bass, rather than mid-bass proper, so it doesn't sound bloated. As for how it compares to the 3001, I find the 3001 to have more mid-bass and less low-bass. The 4001 is able to articulate more detail in the sub-bass, and thus feels better fleshed out in the lows, while maintaining better control of the mid-bass. The 3001 has more upper midrange presence than the 4001, which makes it better for hearing vocal harmonics and is better for patent clarity, but can get more fatiguing more quickly, and I've found that it's not necessarily more transparent because our hearing is most sensitive in this region. There's enough upper midrange in the 4001 that makes it not sound overly blunted. I always know when there's not enough upper midrange because I tend to like my vocal harmonics, but I find the 4001 to be acceptable. Honestly, I just feel the 4001 is a much better refined IEM than the 3001. There's nothing wrong with the 3001, per se, it's a perfectly good IEM albeit with fit issues for many people. But the 4001 is better with bass extension, better with treble extension, smoother in the treble region, and more detailed. DUNU really weren't kidding when they said the 4001 went back to the drawing board for a complete redesign because the original 4001 wasn't significantly better than the 3001. I believe this final version easily outpaces the 3001, and I feel almost everyone, unless the 3001 signature is perfect for them, will prefer the 4001 to the 3001, on sound alone. Add in the ergonomic improvements, and I feel it's a no brainer, lest there be budget constraints (in which case I'd suggest holding out and waiting for the 3001 Mk. II).


    It might be a good idea for you to go listen again, @Hanesu --- Looking at your collection of IEMs, I find it difficult to understand that you find the 4001 to be darker than the Andromeda. I haven't heard the Sirius, but its FR definitely makes it seem warmer than the 4001 as well.
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  9. ConcreteSnake
    What about these little metal grills on the sides of the earphones? Is that only an imitation or are they there for a reason? If so, is there noticable level of sound leaking out? I am looking for a daily iems and I see dk-4001 as serious contender for this role.
  10. tomscy2000
    They're there as the outlet for the bass reflex spiral. Look at the pictures on the first post of the thread:

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  11. stenog
    Enjoying the 4001 :L3000:
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  12. tomscy2000
    Is that the DX200? Not familiar with iBasso DAPs. Edit: Nevermind. Just read your sig.
  13. claidler
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  14. Finale
    Dk4001 user here. If you think the sound is dark, simply switch to the included clear ear tips. The black Spinfit ones just make the sound dark. With the clear tips the sound is much cleaner and brighter.
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  15. tomscy2000
    Hmm, just saw that Audio46 has the 4001 in stock, which means that people in NYC can probably go try it out.
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